Final Evaluation

Below you will find our verbal evaluation which goes into detail about the production sequence as a whole and the negative and positive aspects of the filming and editing stages, aswell as an overall conclusion about the project as a whole.

Final Production

Overall, my opinion on my final production was completed to a good standard ,although, I do believe that I could have improved certain aspects of the production such as the sound and the editing as i believe that the effects that i would have liked to achiever were almost impossible in the time frame that remained for the deadline of the final production.
However for a first attempt at making a final production i believe that it was to a good standard as i am not an expert on filming and editing however i did enjoy doing making the production as it allowed me to gain new technology skills.

Audience feedback

1)       What are your initial thoughts on the production?

2)      What did you enjoy about the production?

3)      What didn’t you enjoy about the production?

4)      How, in your opinion could we have improved it?

5)      What genre would you classify the production as?

6)      Was the storyline easy to follow?

7)      Were the locations suitable?

8)      Is the age classification of 15 suitable?

9)      If no, why?

10)   If yes, why?

11)   Was the editing completed to a good standard?

12)   What improvements could be made on the editing?



These are the questions which i will be asking on audience feedback.

Please see the link below

Audience Research

Audience research

Audience research is when producers use the public to research what certain groups of people would like to see in productions. Audience Research is important as it helps media producers to study the characteristics of a certain target audience for various media productions including demographics of the audience. It also helps to provide feedback on ideas for the media piece so that producers/researchers can get an idea of whether their production will have a positive or negative impact on society and can also give them an idea on whether the production will be successful or not.
Audience research is carried out in a variety of different ways and can be interpreted in a variety of ways aswell.







Demographics are based on age, gender, class, interests, social life etc.
Demographics can help producers as they can then categorize audiences as to which their media piece is most suitable for. For example if there was a action film which involved cars, guns fighting etc, they would target the film at males, as this would be the main audience of this genre of film with the odd exceptions.

Key audience theories:

The uses and gratification model;

This theory focuses on how audiences react and take on media pieces. It states that there are five main reasons as to why audiences participate within media products.
1. To be educated
2. To be entertained
3. To identify with characters and situations
4.To socially interact with others
The age rating which is most commonly used is 12 which follows the guidines set by the bbfc.

However my production will be at a classification of 15, as it contains strong violence etc.




5. To escape from their daily troubles.

The theorists from which this idea originated were Blumer and Katz.

Hypodermic needle:
The hypodermic needle uses the analogy of a needle to describe how audiences are influenced by the media. In this theory audiences are seen to be gullible as it states that us as viewers, readers, listeners etc, do not question the pieces of media that they are viewing.
The needle analogy comes into it as it states that the media injects certain beliefs, images, values etc, into audiences.

In my opinion the uses and gratification model applies more within today’s society as even though we are influenced by media as the hypodermic needle theory states, there are reasons for which we do so. The gratification model explains these reasons.


Production Diary

week commencing : 14th January

Unfortunatley we were not able to film as we did not have the correct props and did not have any actors available. However for our next lesson we will have all both the props and the actors so we can get upto date with the filming.

week commencing: 21st january

– change to suit wheather

different from story board


We have taken the images from the storyboard and separated them, shot by shot using photoshop so that we could clearly edit it into a moving image. To create movement within each unique shot we also used photoshop so that we were able to comprehend an idea of realistic timings and the actual film opening.

In my opinion our animatic is succesfull as it shows a clear synopsis of our film opening as we can see from the images what the plot is and how each shot comes together to create a sequence.

To improve the animatic we could have made the images clearer using paint so they were more eye catching however due to time restrictions we were unable to do this.

We included music from Garage Band as the sound does not have copyright attached to it however in my opinion it could have been to a better quality and standard however it takes time to find the ideal sound and we were under time restrictions. When it comes to our final film opening i hope to have all the sound effects eady to put on so that it flows.