Creative verision of Film Poster

I did this by putting in all my information into a powerpoint presentation and taking screenshots of each slide. I felt that this was the best way to present this information clearly as it is a means of collecting all my information and condensing it into several slides. This also allowed me to organize my points so that each heading was a point that I was making rather than having large blocks of information to read through. As well as this when the PowerPoint was being played this would mean that I can read through as each slide progressed, allowing me to see each page quickly and efficiently. I designed the points with a creative but simplistic design because the slides are so text heavy it would make it more difficult to read as the PowerPoint progressed. I enjoy using PowerPoint as a creative and educational tool as it allows me to quickly and easily put together my information. I added the pictures of the posters on each slide in order to make it easy to reference back to the images I was referring to as I read it










3 thoughts on “Creative verision of Film Poster

  1. It is good to see a creative post, but you must show how you made this. Explain why you choose to use this software and why it was effective. The explain the stills you have taken and what they show. You need to talk the examiner through this process.

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