Preliminary- The Exchange

The film was recorded by Mathew and was performed by myself and Nathan and later the editing decisions fell onto all three of us. This was a great way to learn the basics of filming and editing as a group as we all managed to put our own skills into it and learn from one another. We learnt some valuable lessons too from hindsight, such as not filming with the camera facing the sunlight and because it makes the characters look dark. Also the printed jacket I was wearing tended to look blurry and difficult to see when I moved so I decided to make my actors wear more plain clothes for when I film originally, with the camera facing away from the direct sunlight to avoid shadows. Something interesting I learnt while making this was how to zoom in using Final Cut, meaning I wouldn’t have to do it with the camera. We all made creative decisions regarding the shot types, such as a POV shot as the exchange was done and I was leaving. It was good to have the whole group work on a small project before we went on to film on our own because it allowed us to transfer the sills we had learnt together to the films we had to make alone. We had over the shoulder shots which we had to film and film again because it had too much of Nathan’s head filling up the shot and we learnt from this how to make an effective over the shoulder shot. Overall however it was a good experience because from it we learnt what to expect from a filming session and had practise in directing actors for when we did it later, making us more comfortable and knowledgeable when we filmed our piece.

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