Draft Final Decisions

Sound: I liked the effect of having the diegetic sound of the filming with the non diegetic music and sounds I added later. I felt the music I chose fit well with how I want the audience to feel throughout my film.

Costumes: The costumes of choice were good as they fit the characters initial stereotype, but later became a counter type as the audience understood the characters better. For example the male ‘boss’ in the suit fit the perfect stereotype of the ‘relaxed boss’ as his costume was formal but felt rather casual for a workplace environment, giving the initial impression that he would be more lenient as a supervisor and a better person to get along with. However later on in the play the audience almost feels deceived as they realise that he does not truly fit the stereotype that his clothing suggests due to the much more sinister personality he hides behind his kind demeanour.

Props: Props such as the computer and similar setting items were already available in the building we used, however, later on in the production when we use various props such as a large workload of paper were simply collected from my own home to use as I knew I wouldn’t need any close ups of them only the papers to give an effect. The pill bottle containing Phosphoryloxy-N was created using a pill bottle, filled with harmless sugar pills to prevent damage to my actor, and childproof lock to add to realism. The label was made separately and stuck on later.

Lighting: We often used daylight, such as in the first scene as it gives the best natural brightness, however the natural blue in daylight and the quality of my camera was making the actors face’s look very dull, so we had to use a yellow tinted fill light in order to correct this. We used a dimmer natural light by using shadow into the scene where our actor was walking down the corridor as I wanted to use some foreshadowing using the darker colour to signify that this is to be the villain.

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