Draft Character Evaluation.

Each of my characters are fairly important to one another as my film centres around a man (Harry) and his boss (George Gates). At first it seems that Harry is simply stressed out. He believes that he cannot quit his job although he has just faced a pay cut that means he has to work more hours in order to provide for himself and his struggling family, although he works at a big firm he has been led to believe that he cannot work elsewhere as he has worked at this particular place for ten years and has little experience anywhere else. With the stress of his bills to pay and his children and wife to support he feels the stress is getting on top of his life. He has been talking to a therapist (Lacey Roberts) for some time about his struggles and had been put on benzodiazipenes, and recently after was put onto the antipsychotic drug Phosphoryloxy3 for his vivid nightmares that seem to follow him through his waking life. Little does his know that these drugs are causing his mental disorder rather than helping them. Its this story that drives the narrative forwards as in the opening scene we see his untidy work room and how after being given more work he turns to his prescribed medication. At this point it is obvious that he is struggling through a very different problem than most as he is instantly faced with nightmarish hallucinations. As the protagonist Harry should receive sympathy from the audience as through his clothes being casual and his struggle central to the plot the audience should feel some empathy for him as most everyone can relate to workplace stress.

His boss, George Gates at first seems very sympathetic, but after a phone call to his college we see that he knows more than the audience once thought. His description of Harrys symptoms and how he knows about his medication as he talks on the phone gives the audience the idea that something more is going on. George is a CEO of AlphaLife, the company Harry works for, that tests, makes and markets a range of medicinal drugs, with labs all over the UK. However, it is clear that they have started testing on unsuspecting employees, such as Harry. His formal dress makes the audience at first respect him, but later when his plan is evident, they should feel a sense of mistrust, as if they have been lied to, just as Harry does. It seems at first that George is the antagonist however it is later clear that he is simply a helper to the true antagonists wishes. What he doesn’t understand is that if this new drug works and becomes patented by Lacey Roberts AlphaLife will suffer giant losses due to this new ‘miracle drug’ reaching the market.

Lacey Roberts is Harrys therapist who we only hear about in the opening scene via the telephone. She is responsible for prescribing illegal and untested drugs to Harry under the word of her boss, George Gates, though it seems the two are on more informal terms, showing the audience that they have a plan together. She also works for AlphaLife and is interested in getting her new drug onto the market, but it clearly is not working as each new formulation has a host of problems, which are seen through Harry as they continue to test on him. She is seen from the onset as scheming and malicious and perhaps even a tad sociopathic in her determination to get what she wants, which feels incredibly wrong as she has been put into a position of trust to help so many people who have been affected by this negligence of care. Lacey Roberts is the true antagonist, planning on manipulating both her boss and people like Harry in order to become rich off of selling and patenting this new drug. She is a scientist, not a therapist and is truly a good person in disguise as she ‘helps’ these people through their problems but is knowingly ruining their lives.

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