Draft Mood Board post


This is my mood board. I feel like the way I used it to create a feel of my film is very close to what my film is.
The large scan of a brain shows how the film is very psychological, and how it is based on the thoughts of the actor. The blue and black x ray of the brain has a medical feel to it as well as looking very professional, and it looks good alongside the other colours I have used. The image of the colourful lab equipment is used to show how my main character Harry works at a lab, and how he has become a lab experiment. I felt the bright colours suited the light and dark theme throughout my mood board as well as bringing a sense of brightness to the board, making it more interesting to look at and symbolic that Harry once loved his job at the lab, however now he works on computers all day working out finances he has begun to hate it.

There is an image of a man climbing a large stack of paper, this was supposed to metaphorically symbolise Harry’s struggle to climb to the top of his career, but he is finding it difficult as he is constantly being given new stacks of paper to climb. This was shown in my film as George walked in having seen Harry was working late and gave him more work to do. It is also symbolic of how much of a struggle work has been for him to the point he feels like he is constantly working with no joy in sight. The sand timer is there to suggest that something is running out, it could be Harry’s life working at a company that doesn’t appreciate him, the time it will take for the drug to completely alter his mind until he is no longer the person he once was or the time Alphalife has as a respected company once the news of its giant breech of trust has changed their reputation. The shadow image I used is to signify the feeling of dread, of being cornered and being stalked by your own mind, it is also shown in the image of a pair of feet following someone. This is a clear link to Harry and his struggle with his own mind, as all of the images on there are directly affected with his mind. It shows how this paranoid feeling has taken over everything, from his ability to do work without feeling trapped, to how he feels in day to day life.

The heartbeat graph shown in green is a tie to my video, where you hear a heartbeat towards the end, the visual and auditory imagery together show it is important as a heartbeat can express fear and tension, or panic. In this case it is ambiguous which further interests the audience. There is an image of a bright orange bottle of pills and the link to the tic tacs scattered over the page is a clear indicator of the tablets eaten during the high stress point in the opening scene, I felt having the tic tacs to symbolise the pills instead of having images of them gave the mood board a little more texture and having the tic tacs there it gave it a little more interactivity as you could pick them up (and eat them). The use of the crumpled newspaper was mostly a creative decision, how it gave a little more interesting imagery as well as giving it more texture, however it also shows a type of journalistic media being ruined, showing how not everything you are told by “reliable” sources is unbiased or true, as Harry had been decived by his boss and job, at a company that is supposed to be trustworthy, somewhere that has been reported in media as being somewhere that helps people through its breakthrough labs and medical research.

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