Draft Media Evaluation

The use of a modern day thriller set in a workplace environment is a fairly original idea unique to my piece, the theme of using madness in order to drive my narrative forward has been seen before however, often in horror films such as The Shining as we see an abusive husband sink into madness due to his new job and the hauntings at the hotel he has moved into. As my film is a thriller it is uncommon however to see this in the way I have portrayed it. Its often viewed in film that those that struggle with mental illness are evil or ‘insane’ such as the Joker in the Batman series, he is often portrayed to be deviant from society, with twisted world views and an unstable and cunning mind. My Character Harry is nothing like the stereotypical ‘mad man’, as we see his struggle we see he is actually very normal, with some difficulties coping, I feel that my film is much more sensitive to mental illness in this way, as Harry is seen first as a normal person at work.

I feel my film looks at the social ‘chain’ of a work office, with the boss (represented by George) at the top, who at first seems to be just like everyone else is later revealed to be cold hearted and somewhat sociopathic, expressing how big companies often do not care about workers or customers but more about how much money they make and remaining powerful. Harry represents a lower class worker, he is clearly educated and obviously works hard but his own sanity and career is in the hands of his boss.

I think a more British based company like Film4 might distribute this as it is very tied to British culture (British actors, locations, ext) and it is also rather symbolic and close to reality, if being a little overdramatised like the type of film Film4 like to produce. I like to think my film is creative and original so they would like to broadcast it. The more realistic locations I used along with the heightened dramatic characters is a lot like the style Film4 prefer to distribute.

I think mostly adults would like to watch my film, as it becomes darker as it starts to build up I would like to be able to give it an 15 rating for drug use and I feel the plot is rather dark so mostly young adults up to those in their 30s would watch this. The film has a very psychological element so people who enjoy thrillers would enjoy this the most. My audience is likely to be attracted to the dark comedy and storyline of my film, as well as having a main character who looks similar to most young adults through his costume choices. Younger adults are more likely to see this film also because its plot centres around a rather scientific, somewhat futuristic form of authority taking control.

I’ve learnt about editing skills and how films need the right pace and the right type of editing to work. I’ve learnt to critically watch my own work and always strive to improve, I’ve learnt how to use sound and sometimes silence to my advantage when making my film and using imagery and sound to affect the audience. At first I found filming difficult, I had struggled with angles and cinematography, I struggled to picture what I wanted and once I had my footage I had no idea how to make it into a film in Final Cut, but slowly I started seeing gaps in my film, things I needed to film and things that needed refilling. after 2 days of trying to edit the film I had I realised I had to refilm everything. I assembled my actors and filmed everything in a single day which was difficult and tiring but after a few hours I had so much footage to choose from. The problem with my first lot of footage was I thought too much about editing later, so I made lots of small, disjointed clips to ‘stick together’ haphazardly, not really thinking about how I could put them together, so once I got to edit, everything was a mess. The second time around I filmed in large chunks, over and over again from multiple angles, meaning to edit later I only had to cut out what I didn’t need, giving a better sense of continuity, I stopped thinking about what I would have to take out and filmed everything I needed. I learned from this that though much of the second round of footage was ‘junk’ it was much easier to remove the useless video than to stick together lots of small clips.

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