Production Diary – Final Thoughts

My theme of a couple experiencing relationship issues such as a cheating partner is not unique or original at all, especially for Drama genres such as television Drama’s such as Easterners where relationships are a big part of the tension throughout, cheating partners and the dynamic of relationships are often used as a plot device. However, I feel as if my theme of homosexuality, by using a lesbian couple, as well as the theme of law and government restrictions are less used by typical drama genres. Often in film gay couples are shown using stereotypes in order to make them appear more comical, they are rarely shown to be exactly the same as any other couple, for example in 2010 film ‘The Runaways’ Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning portray a lesbian couple, however their relationship is shown to be rebellious and short lived. My theme of control and law surrounding relationships came from the George Orwell novel 1984 which was a giant success and best seller, however few films have used his theme of a dystopian, ultra controlled society.

I feel my film looks at the influence of media in a way that the Hypodermic Needle theory would suggest, that the media has great power to change and inject society with the views and morals that media creators hold, and if a totalitarian government were to control media, this would lead to media being used as a tool for mass control. We see how Callie is bullied for her views when she suggests that ‘illegal’ couples do not harm anyone, showing how she is a minority in a society where the majority is influenced by the media.

I think a more British based company like Film4 might distribute this as it is very tied to British culture (British actors, locations, ext) and it is also rather symbolic and close to reality, if being a little overdramatised like the type of film Film4 like to produce. I like to think my film is creative and original so they would like to broadcast it. The more realistic locations I used along with the heightened dramatic characters is a lot like the style Film4 prefer to distribute.

I feel as if my film would be enjoyed by young adults, around age 15 and up as the themes used within the film are themes that teens around this age are becoming aware of, for example the themes of government control are seen to an extent in The Hunger Games, which was a giant seller toward young adults, but I also feel as if this film would appeal to the LGBT community as it showcases a realistic gay relationship. I have certified the film a 15 due to the use of discriminatory language and behavior used throughout the film, as well as its use of strong language.

I’ve learnt about editing skills and how films need the right pace and the right type of editing to work. I’ve learnt to critically watch my own work and always strive to improve, I’ve learnt how to use sound and sometimes silence to my advantage when making my film and using imagery and sound to affect the audience. At first I found filming difficult, I had struggled with angles and cinematography, however in my second time around doing AS I’ve found it much easier to film as I know exactly what I want and what I’m doing.

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