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As I am creating a whole new film opening, I will also be creating a whole new mood board. This one was designed using an online software as I felt that creating it digitally allowed for the board to be more polished and professional in appearance. It can be seen in full below.


The images I chose all had different connotations and signified a certain aspect in the film trailer I am creating. The background I chose was something I felt fit the theme of my trailer as it appeared to be very feminine to me with the purple tree branches. It is also relevant to the film as it appears somewhat romantic with the purple and white and there being a hint of sunlight appearing to be shining between the branches of the trees. I felt that this was perfect as it highlights the romantic storyline in my piece, both with the breakdown of the relationship between Callie and Jess and the interconnected storyline between Callie and her boyfriend. The trees with no leaves on the appear to be autumnal, and as this is the time that I wanted the film opening to be set in as autumn is a beautiful season to film during, but also has signifiers of gloom. Finally the sunlight beaming through the trees is a signifier of the happy ending that the film has, despite the fact that the opening is rather depressing.

The image below signifies how heterosexual relationships have been made illegal as the cross through the couple signifies that they are not accepted in society. The cross through the couple appears as if they are illegal or are considered to be unwanted. It appears to be a sign that may be displayed in a shop or in other public places, further signifying the isolation and hatred towards straight couples throughout society.


This picture signifies my couple. It shows a very significant moment in their life as it is clear that this is a wedding photograph, I chose to use this image instead of one of a couple fighting as I want it to be made clear that they were happy together at some point before the relationship broke down. This adds to the drama element of the genre of my film and its trailer as it is very much focused on the relationship of the couple. As well as this it shows how the dystopian society expects the ‘average’ couple to look like. The couple in the image do not look awkward or out of place, they simply look like a normal and happy pair who are prepared to spend their lives together, this further supports how homosexuality is considered the “norm” or even the “right way” to be within my dystopian society.


This image suggests jealousy and infidelity. It seems as if one partner is suspicious of her partner, as she looks over her shoulder to see what she is doing. This is similar to what happens between Callie and Jess in my film trailer as Jess seems to know that something is going on. It also is an ambiguous image as it could be interpreted as either the woman in the image being the partner of either the man or the woman in the foreground. This links to my film also as it seems at the beginning to an audience in our current society where heterosexuality is the norm that Joe is the partner Callie, however as the film opening continues the true storyline emerges. The drinks in the foreground also have significant meaning, although a slightly vague one, as in my film opening the couple discuss their relationship while making a drink, a cup of tea.


My film idea was heavily inspired by George Orwell’s 1984, which is why I decided to use a quote from the man himself as the only text in my mood board. As well as this I felt that the quote fit the themes of my film, as media is used as a device to control people, mimicking what the hypodermic needle model states. The image itself shows how respectable people are being controlled by what the media tells them, their minds have literally become the media they consume, even within the image we see that no matter what type of media they are consuming, they are constantly being shown a singular idea, as shown by the single hand acting as the puppet master.


is looked like a very lonely image to me, how the heart sits alone with nothing around it. In other pictures during my search for images to use often times there were two hearts side by side, this is why the single heart seemed sad and lonely to me. This symbolizes the character of Callie in my film as she feels isolated as she is not accepted in society due to her sexuality. Jess, her wife, also feels lonely as she knows her wife no longer loves her. They are a couple who are supposed to be in love but instead are emotionally separated from one another.


I felt that this image was something comical, but significant. It is from the board game Monopoly, and is a card that tells the player that they have to go to jail. This signifies how people are being imprisoned for petty reasons such as having ‘illegal’ relationships. As well as this it shows how jail is being treated too freely as a punishment and people are being imprisoned for crimes that shouldn’t be crimes, morally speaking. The image was the most obvious a signifier of the other images I was researching, with images of police officers, handcuffs and jail cells being the most obvious, but this image was the one that I felt captured the futility of the jail system in a society that uses it to scare people into a mindset.


The above image signifies the couple‚Äôs marriage, and how up until recently everything seemed perfect. On the inside of the golden ring it is engraved with “my everything”, which seems sad in hindsight as the couple’s relationship breaks down. It shows how the relationship and the marriage was genuine. It also shows how their marriage is an important factor throughout the film and the opening, for example, with Callie’s brother being the emotional support Jess needs through the time where Callie has been imprisoned. In the trailer there is a small glimpse of this when Joe hugs Jess as she cries, signifying that the marriage has created family bonds that will not be easily broken.


Within Celtic mythology Ravens were believed to by spy-like, a symbol of someone watching you. They were said to be deceitful messengers who would watch people from the distance and then relay information. This is significant as it mimics the law enforcement of the narrative, as a being that will watch people. This is also similar to themes in 1984 of “Big Brother is watching you.”

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