Final Decisions

As it comes closer to my time to film I have had to decide on some final decisions for my film opening. This includes my actors, my costumes, the props needed and any post production effects I will be needing. I made some changes to my initial idea, namely the choice I stated earlier in my blog that I will be depicting a gay couple. I decided to change this slightly into a lesbian couple as I feel that lesbian couples are highly sexualised in the media and are rarely shown to be just average couples. As well as this my two actresses I chose worked well together during auditions for the role and performed rather well alone. I felt that this would be the best choice for my piece also as they performed very naturally together as a couple.

Characters/ Actors.
My main actors are three females and one male. All aged 15-21 and all have some experience in performance. I liked these actors for a number of reasons, firstly because they were experienced, meaning that a filmmaker with less experience like myself will find it easier to work with them as they know what to expect from a filming session. As well as this I liked their ‘look’ so to speak. My actresses playing young married couple Callie and Jessica Bennett are young adult females who work well together on camera and appear to be a convincing couple. My actor playing Joe Cole, Callie’s elder brother is another young adult who is older than than the two girls, making it obvious that he is an elder brother when he comforts his sisters distressed wife later on in the opening. Finally I have a authority figure police figure who is played by a baby-faced teenage girl. This seemed like an odd decision at the time but I like how youthful she appeared to be as this shows how hatred and “hetrophobia” exists in the younger generations. I will also have a few extras for the TV scene.

Mrs Callie and Mrs Jessica Bennett.
Callie is a normal young married woman who studies at university. She will be dressed a little more fashionably than her on screen wife as she is portrayed to be younger, as she holds more up to date world views and is less hateful than her peers. As I want to get across that this is a young couple, both partners will be wearing an everyday and fashionable ensemble which would be considered youthful and fashionable for today. This also helps to portray the idea that gay people are just as ‘regular’ as straight people to my audience, as they dress and act in very much the same way as most women today would. This is also an easy costume to use for a drama piece such as this one as the idea of drama is for it to look like something that could happen every day. For example TV Dramas such as Emmerdale use casual and normal clothing throughout as it enhances the realism of the text. For women outfits such as skinny jeans and leggings have become popular clothing for the past few years, I want my actresses to be wearing them as this is something the audience could relate to. I have a few ideas for clothing and costume below.


Joe Coles
Joe is a normal guy who works a basic job at a technology firm, however he is still rather young and during this scene he will likely be wearing casual clothing as he has popped round to his sisters and his sister in laws house for a cup of tea. In this context the average British male would wear something casual and everyday. Today matching tracksuits are popular mens wear even when not worn for working out. I was torn between having him wear a tracksuit or a plain T-Shirt and jeans. I felt that the T-shirt and jeans would be a more appropriate option as it connotes that he is plain. Outfits such as tee shirts do not have logos on them like tracksuits do and therefore this allows the audience to identify with him. Even though he is a ‘hetrophobe’ (a term coined specifically for the film to mirror the term ‘homophobe’ used today), he is a genuinely kind character who is level headed and calm, this is an aspect people like to see in themselves as they would rather identify with a positive than a negative character, and therefore the plain clothes will help to make him more relatable to my male audience.


The police officer

As the officer isn’t strictly from the police force but is actually a ‘Family planning and safety’ officer, to make her wear a stereotypical uniform for a police officer would look odd, instead I’m having her wear normal clothes as if she were a ‘undercover’ officer, but with distinct props to show that she is in authority such as handcuffs and a badge with her ID on it. This would portray that this is an officer without having to wear the uniform. As well as this I want her costume to include a dark overcoat, so to make her appear normal but somewhat shady, as if she cant be trusted.


I will need some basic props that suggest either a normal living situation at home, and the props the police officer uses to show that this has been disrupted. Mugs of tea suggest a happy and typical British family situation as tea is something that is a somewhat understated staple of the typical British home. Using a mug rather than a teacup connotes a typical and comforting environment, however, this strongly contrasts with the actual living situation of the partners. As well as this a kettle of water will also be used as there is a scene in the production where tea is being made to help calm the social tension. A sofa and television are also going to be used to connote that the room the family is sitting in is a living room, and the television will also be used as a plot device as it shows the news report on it. The police officer will carry an identification badge that has been made for the purpose, as well as a pair of handcuffs.




As much of my piece is shot in the day and some of it in external settings it would be most logical to use natural daylight for the daytime and exterior scenes. This is because it is accessible and looks good on camera. Interior scenes are also being used for my film with the majority of it taking place inside of a house, for this naturalistic lighting can be used by using lamps and fill lights to create a homely setting. I may also be using a night time clip for effect and drama, in this shot I would want the majority of the scene to be dark to connote that it is night time but also to suggest drama while the headlights of traffic work to break up the darkness. I think if I were to use a faded filter on this shot it could look very dramatic and artistic.


The above image is similar to the footage I would like to film while I have my filming underway. I love how the image gives a soft but dramatic, almost romantic type of look, I would like to include something so interesting into my film and it will give some variety as my piece is majority daytime shots.

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