Film opening draft and final

This was the first rough draft for my film. It was filmed and edited in two weeks and was edited using final cut express on Mac. I enjoyed the majority of the film but felt that it needed some editing in order to appear a little more professional. From there I made these small details a little more interesting and professional in appearance by making small changes. For example the production logo was initially a black screen with the company name typed onto it. From there I decided it needed to look a little more interesting and therefore edited this so that I had an interesting background with interesting text type. This goes to show how much a small change could effect the overall ‘feel’ of the film.

This was the second draft for my film where some of it has been changed and edited in order to fit well with what I think would work better. Only minor changes had been made to make the film work a little better, for example the final credit was edited in a way that the watermark could not be seen. As well as this the transitions on my credits were made much smoother so that they appeared more professional and were more interesting than being stationary text. Minor changes were made with the imagery so that the cuts in the second half of the trailer had a little more context and the final cut of the television rounded the film opening off in a way that made it feel that it was the right time to be ended. Minor adjustments had to be made with the music timing as this added to the emotional tone of the trailer, so that the second song (the piano solo) came in sooner after the initial electronica song so the shift in mood was more obvious.

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