Audience feedback plan

Now that my first draft for my film opening is nearing being completed I would like to take some feedback from my audience so that I know what changes to make in my second draft. I would like to take a sample audience of 5-10 people of my chosen demographic (young British adults) to come to a viewing of my film. I want to make this as if it were a real cinema showing, with the film shown on a big screen while my audience watch, as I want my audience to really believe that this is like a real cinema viewing. I may even have a concessions stand to add to the realism of this being a cinema showing.

My demographic will be young British adults, as this is the demographic that I want the ‘real’ film to appeal to and this would mean that I get similar feedback to what my general audience would give. I will advertise through posters to get people to want to come to the showing. I will be showing the film inside the academy in a large classroom that has been designed to look like a theatre or cinema and the film will be shown on a large television to mimic the big screen at the cinema.

During the showing I will be taking footage of the audience watching and reacting to the film and after the showing I will be setting a small task to my audience where they tell me what their initial thoughts were when they watched the film opening and how they would like to see it improve so that I can make these changes for my second draft. This is something often done in the film industry as producers want to make sure they have gotten the film ‘right’ for their audience so will often invite a sample audience to view the film and give feedback. I used this flyer to promote the event using the website Canva that is designed to create greetings cards.

flyer ad 2016

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