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During my audience feedback (that I described during a previous post) I had my target audience watch a ‘premier’ of my film opening. Next I had my audience write on a piece of paper 1) their initial thoughts after watching the opening, and 2) how they would constructively criticize it. This means that I had a better idea of what my audience likes and wants from my film and how I can better tailor it to them. Below are images taken of the audience feedback I collected. I collected the data by having my audience write it down and afterwards I took pictures to put onto my blog.


This one says “audio dialogue needs to be lower, it is drowned out by the music”. This is an area I can improve in as the audience member found that the dialogue was not loud enough and the music too loud, making it difficult to listen. I can fix this by going back into post production and editing the sound.


“Amusing” this was a first thought of one of my audience members. I didn’t expect the film to be considered to be ‘amusing’, however this suggests that this audience member enjoyed the film and was entertained by the film opening, so I believe this was a compliment.


This says “fear for safety of children”. This is reference to something that is inferred to within my film opening, that a public safety announcement needed to stress the safety of children within it. This individual obviously remembered that particular part of the film opening, meaning that it was a very prominent and emotional part of the film for some individuals.


This says “intense” suggesting that the film was emotionally intense to view. This is more the reaction I was hoping for from my audience as the film was intended to be ‘intense’ and emotional.


“It was great” This individual clearly enjoyed the film, which I am glad to know as a media producer, as you want your audience to enjoy your projects.


This is another statement on the sound quality stating that this is an area of improvement as 2 of my target audience mentioned it. an improvement would be resolving issues with sound as some actors were loud and some were fairly quiet” This can be resolved in post to an extent by editing the sound, however as a media producer I have no control over my actors and how they portray their role.


I liked this feedback, it says “interesting topic it brings to light issues that are prominent in society” I like this comment, which was a ‘initial thoughts’ answer, as this is exactly what I wanted in producing this film and becoming a media student, to create content that matters and reflects real issues to my audience. This comment suggests to me that I have succeeded.


This was written during the ‘discuss improvements’ section of the feedback. It lists a few things I could improve upon and what the audience member would like. “acting. Smoother scene changes. Camera angles.” This suggests to me that the audience member would like to see easier transitions between scenes, which could be fixed in post by editing transitions and using small sections of related footage to ‘bridge’ to two scenes together. They would also like to see more interesting camera angles. This is something I could have done during filming, however now that the filming has been completed I can’t change that element of my project, however I can keep this in mind for my next piece. Finally the question of the ‘acting’ being a little off. However as a director and media producer I can’t change what the actors do and how they perform their roles.


“Different. Good concept” This tells me that this audience member found the piece unique, which is always good as a content creator as there is no point in creating something that has already been done.


This one was also complimentary “I liked it. The opening shots set the scene well” This audience member stated that they enjoyed the film in general, but also that they enjoyed my use of camera angles in reference to “opening shots”.


This is another comment on actors and scene changes “You could improve the actors and maybe have smoother scene changes” the scene changes is something I can go back and improve by editing scene transitions to make them appear smoother, something that a previous audience member suggested. With the number of people complaining about actors this makes me believe that in future I should hire more skilled actors should the budget allow.


“Sad” This is a ‘first impressions’ response, suggesting that the film made this audience member feel sad. This is a good sign as it means that I portrayed emotion well within the film in order to move my audience to feeling sad.


This one is a more constructive comment on actors performance “Add more acting, less interruptions, less music” This person suggests that I as a director focus on the role of my actors more and have more dialogue build up throughout. This is understandable as an audience wants the chance to bond with the characters on screen, and can’t do this if the director isn’t focused on the actors during production as this leads to there being less of them on screen. I’m not sure what ‘less interruptions’ means, perhaps this is suggesting that I have longer scenes that are more in depth rather than cutting between scenes once my point has been made. This could be fixed to an extent in post production, but in order to do this properly I would have to go back and re-film to have more depth in my scenes. “Less music” suggests that the music I used was too noticeable, suggesting to me that I need to reduce the non-diegetic music as more than one audience member has commented on the music now.


“better camera quality” This suggests that the film was in low quality picture, however the footage was shot in HD, the reason why this audience member believed that the camera quality was low was due to it being shown on a big screen where the pixel number is reduced, making the film appear as if it has been shot in low quality. Perhaps in future tasks like this I should take things like this into consideration in order to make the footage as true to the original as possible.


This is a comment on the structure of my piece “needs to be more structured, actors need to be familiar with their lines” This suggests to me that the structure of the piece was confusing, this means that in future my scenes should be a little longer, making the structure of the piece more clear to the audience as they have time to understand what is happening. As a director it is very frustrating when actors do no know their lines, and this is picked up by the audience. However, as a director and content creator, I can’t change how well my actors know their lines.


“creative” This suggests that my film was unique and interesting to watch as this individual complimented my creativity on the project. This doesn’t tell me exactly where I was creative (within my choice of shots? Music? Concept? I wouldn’t know), however it does suggest that it was enjoyed by my audience as they found it creative, and therefore interesting.

To me I believe that the audience feedback session was a success as my audience was clear about how I could improve, meaning I can make the relevant changes now I know what my audience want. As well as this I now believe my film opening to be a success as many people within my sample audience complimented the film opening, suggesting that it was emotional and creative. If I were to do this again I would use a more structured format of collecting information to understand exactly what my audience wants, for example using a questionnaire format so I can ask more specific questions and collect more specific answers.

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