Stars in Sci-Fi Films

Tom Cruise  Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bruce Willis  Sigourney Weaver

Matt Damon  Harrison Ford 

Will Smith  Lucy Liu

  Choose one of these stars and find out:

  • Which sci-fi films have they appeared in?
  • What are the sci-fi films about?
  • Do they have a particular style, or type of film they act in? (e.g. violent alien sci-fi)
  • What sort of characters do they play in these film (e.g. a scientist or professor)?
  • What qualities do you generally associate with the star (e.g. an intelligent hero)?

(These qualities are probably evident in all their films. For example, Harrison Ford is an intelligent hero – this shows in most of the films he is cast in.)

Stars are used to help market the film. They draw in their own fan-base and reassure fans it will be a good film.

Marketing Case Study Research


Prepare a case study of one movie’s marketing campaign. Choose one of these films. Use the links as a starting point.

Blair Witch Project; Inception; The Hunger Games;

The Dark Knight; Guardians of the Galaxy; Lucy; Godzilla;

Transformers: Age of Extinction; AI; Cloverfield; The Matrix;

Avatar; Tron Legacy; The Avengers.

11 innovative movie marketing campaigns

Some best movie marketing campaigns

6 best movie marketing campaigns

10 best movie marketing campaigns ever


  • What is the film and what is it about?
  • What high budget marketing was used and what did it involve? Trailer for TV and cinema, Big billboards, Posters on buses at bus stops, Elaborate website, Merchandising, Expensive events, Famous stars on chat shows, e.g. Graham Norton?
  • How successful do you think the high budget marketing was?
  • What low budget marketing was used and what did it involve? Website, Social media, Cheap event marketing, Viral marketing , Guerilla marketing
  • How successful do you think the low budget marketing was?
  • If you were responsible for the film how would you improve the marketing?
  • Come up with an event marketing, viral marketing and guerrilla marketing campaign for the film