Stars in Sci-Fi Films

Tom Cruise  Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bruce Willis  Sigourney Weaver

Matt Damon  Harrison Ford 

Will Smith  Lucy Liu

  Choose one of these stars and find out:

  • Which sci-fi films have they appeared in?
  • What are the sci-fi films about?
  • Do they have a particular style, or type of film they act in? (e.g. violent alien sci-fi)
  • What sort of characters do they play in these film (e.g. a scientist or professor)?
  • What qualities do you generally associate with the star (e.g. an intelligent hero)?

(These qualities are probably evident in all their films. For example, Harrison Ford is an intelligent hero – this shows in most of the films he is cast in.)

Stars are used to help market the film. They draw in their own fan-base and reassure fans it will be a good film.

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