Planning: a basis in science

Whatever the brief, the film must be science fiction! Using news website (e.g. BBC news, Independent, Guardian) research each of these and write a summary of recent developments in science and technology:



–Genetic engineering

–Artificial Intelligence

–Human / machine interface

–Drones and other weapons technology

–Space exploration

–Androids and robots


There should be a paragraph of fat responses for each.

Please complete in Word – size 12 font (Times New Roman).

Audience Profile – Film Selection

Find a Science Fiction Film for each of the following demographics and explain why:

Person 1 – Amelia

Age: 3

Gender: Female

Location: Solihull

Ethnicity: White British

Social class: lower


Person 2 – Mohammed

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Location: Glasgow

Ethnicity: Pakistani

Social class: middle


Person 3 – Doris

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Location: Paris

Ethnicity: Bangladeshi

Social class: upper


Person 4 – Yin

Age: 63

Gender: Male

Location: Singapore

Ethnicity: Chinese

Social class: middle



Final Decisions

You must now add a section to your blog for your final decisions. Try to justify your decisions by mentioning the connotations of each and why that is important for your film opening:

1) Soundtrack: diegetic (part of the narrative) non-diegetic

(music added) – What sound will you use? (you may wish to search youtube)

2) Sound effects – What effects might you use? (e.g. screams, churchbells)

3) Costumes – What costumes do you need for your characters?

4) Props – What props do you need?

5) Lighting – What lighting will you use? (e.g. Night time, daytime, dimlight)

As always you can add images/videos/clips and so on to help make your blog more creative