Forgetting – Final Production – Soundtrack fixed

This is our final piece of our trailer forgetting. Our last version of our trailer had a few improvements to make which we realised after reviewing it we had a few mistakes. A problem that we had with our production was that the soundtrack had clicking noises in it which we tried to fix to our best ability of using final cut, we feel that this is a technical problem with final cut as once imported we still had problems with the soundtrack making clicking noises.

Location Scouting

A busy Public place – Town

Our group chosen this location of a busy place in order for Lauren – main character Kelly to be in a scene where she is standing alone while people walk past her but having the scene sped up which create a passage of time, the fact that she is standing alone while people are walking past her suggests that they isn’t normal therefore using town as a location for filming a particular scene in our trailer is appropriate as we will get the full affect of people in the background walking past her.

A family Home – Group Member Lauren’s house

Using the location of Lauren’s house within her bedroom is used to create a normal day life of a young adult but also the environment which overall creates realism to the audience of a typical family home. Within Lauren’s house we will have scenes within two environments such as the kitchen and Lauren’s bedroom which is used for our trailer as her own space and that the plot is based around her which is appropriate to use her bedroom as a location for filming. Using Lauren bedroom as a location for scenes within the trailer will also give us scenes of her life behind a close door and Lauren being on her own may not be her usual self  with other people around her and that this will consist of act2/act3 with the build up of climax where she starts to go ‘mental’ in her own space within a natural environment of her own bedroom.



The location of the graveyard will be establishing the death of Kelly s (main character) father which leads to Kelly going mental throughout the trailer. This is an important location as the graveyard itself isn’t the most friendly environment and that the characters within that scene will be emotional which having the graveyard within the first act is appropriate and fits within the emotions of the characters. Having the characters being emotional within this environment is understandable as a graveyard would symbolize death which is also why we chose the graveyard as one of our locations for filming this scene for the trailer.

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Forgetting Magazine Cover

Here is our groups film poster that we produce in Photoshop on the apple mac. Within our magazine cover we used a popular magazine company called empire which we used as they are very well known and would be appropriate to use empire for advertising our film trailer forgetting. Overall this was using ancillary text and that this would come after our trailer.

Our groups trailer genre was psychological thriller so we produced our magazine to the sort of style and elements within this genre such as the colour black or red.  For our magazine cover to be professional we looked at other empire magazines to give us inspiration and look at how professional other empire magazine covers and then apply this to our magazine cover. We did this by having other films on the cover and also a section of it containing some of the bets films in 2012 in order for our magazine cover to be professional.

Examples of other empire magazine covers that we looked at and looking at how they are professional which they would use professional programs such as Photoshop which we used to create our magazine cover.

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Audience Feedback Of Our Production ‘Forgetting’

This is our audience feedback video where we had members of our audience that had watched our trailer which we then asked them a number of questions. Our questions consisted of the meaning within the plot of our trailer and also did they understand characters which in particular our main character.  Through asking such questions the feedback we receive will help improvements of what they understood which tells use what we did right but also how we developed upon idea’s that  our audience didn’t like or didn’t understand which we can achieve this by our audience feedback but also asking them that we came up with to gain the best possible feedback which we can then later understand if the audience understood our character or our plot for example.

Within our audience feedback video, we asked questions which in particular we asked if they understood our plot which was one of our goals to get across to the audience that the plot is based our instability of our main character  we understood that our audience did understand our plot and furthermore asked them if they could pick up upon the progression throughout the trailer (the 3 acts) which they also responded within a positive answer for us which proved to us that our plot throughout the trailer and it’s progression was understood by our audience.

Video Evaluation Of Our Production ‘Forgetting’

This is our video evaluation of our production ‘forgetting’ which we talk about the questions but also explain more in depth around our answers and expand upon them as we can talk about them rather than writing the answers within a powerpoint presentation. Within our video format of our evaluation we talked within detail of how we compared our trailer to other real media products and furthermore expanded around how we developed upon the conventions which we gave examples of media products and developing of such conventions within our genre. Another aspect of our production that we talked more in depth was the different kinds of technology we used throughout the process of our production such as planning and researching, examples include camera, apple mac, final cut and adobe Photoshop to develop our magazine that we also talked about. Within our evaluation talks about technology which we felt that using various kinds of technology within our real media production should also form a format using technology of our evaluation which I felt was important as it shows we used such technology creating around the idea of developing two different kinds of format of our evaluation and that using a video format of our evaluation allowed us to develop and expand around the answers within the questions of the evaluation which an example of this is our we developed upon conventions of real media products which we expand upon this question, rather than our written evaluation as we can talk more rather than write a lengthy paragraph that appeals to many as boring.

Forgetting – Written Evaluation

A2 Media Evaluation

Here is my evaluation throughout the production of our media product within the second year of media studies (A2)

Within the evaluation talks about the processes taken throughout the production such as produce, researching and planning using various kinds of technology, furthermore we looked at how we compare our trailer to real media products. Within the evaluation is a verbal format of the evaluation (video) and written (PowerPoint) which we used to express our points about talk more deeply within the elevation video where we can also use our body language to explain more where as our written format can be put to use with images and links to videos such as our trailers or information that we found which can’t be done within a video of our evaluation although we can produce a visual representation of what we are talking about which is also a benefit which therefore we used two kinds of communication for our evaluation which we felt has good benefits within each format.

Forgetting Film Trailer

Final Product

One of our drafts

This is our groups trailer called Forgetting. Our group me (Craig Fallows) Ryan Rheeston and Lauren powell which we had filmed and edited together. Throughout the process we used a range of equipment such as tripod, HD camera and also MAC (Apple computer)

When editing the media product together, we have had a few drafts which we felt was appropriate so that we together as a group could watch it over and adjust a few shots, adjusting the trailer was mainly based around finding a suitable soundtrack that we felt accompanied the trailer well which matched the mood of our trailer. The two videos above consist of a draft and our finished product which the difference between the two is the soundtrack which is shown throughout the drafts we have produced, through finding a soundtrack on copyright free websites, we eventually found the right soundtrack to fit with our film trailer.

Forgetting Draft – Different Soundtrack

This is our final draft due to not having titles because of a login in problem on the mac (apple computer) which we wasn’t able to collect the titles off Ryans account to the account which held the final cut project file. Another element of our draft is the soundtrack. Unfortunatly we couldn’t decide on a few soundtracks therefore we had two versions of our trailer with different soundtracks.

Forgetting Film Poster

Here is our groups trailer film poster which we had all collaborated together to create this film poster on a software called Adobe Photoshop. Our film poster starts with our main character Kelly which our whole film trailer is based around her and the idea of her going mental due to her fathers death. We think that using Lauren (Kelly – Main character ) would be appropriate as she is the main character which consists of every shot being around situated around her so it would only be appropriate for Lauren (Kelly) to be on the main front cover of our film poster.

The photo within the film poster is one of the shots from the trailer, we felt that this would be ideal due to her body language, although you don’t see facial expressions you can see from looking at the film poster that she is upset and maybe going through an emotional time which we felt was appropriate for someone to look at it and think of these emotional that she maybe going through by the use of her body language. One of the key elements within the film poster is the blur around the her which may signify that everyone around her isn’t as close as they were within any kind of relationship such as her mom or friend that that she is going through a sense of despair due to her body language and the blur effect (distortion around her)

Within this film poster, you can see that some of the elements is the same within our simular genre, this film poster is based around a thriller genre. Our film poster have simular aspects such as the colour used, from this thr audeince wil be able to know what it is going to be about and what to expect from knowing the genre is which gives them the idea of this being thriller or horror which such colour used which overall the visual spects of the film posters colour tells use that this trailer will have scene that may scare then. Another aspect is the main character which we used Kelly (main character) on the front which would be approprirate which we see in within the donnie darko film poster that is siginifies to me that he is the main charcater which is also seen within their main film poster where you see that the biger the charcaters face, the more importance they have within the film which consist of them being involved within the main charcater and play an important role within the film, the charcater faces around the film poster that are much small clearly don’t have such an importance role as others due to them not being as big and bold to reach out that they are the main role.

Within all the poster, we can see that colour used is to siginfy it’s genre as a horror or thrill film poster wouldn’t used bright colour as it would go against its conventions of genre as such becuase of colour that you assicate with for example dark colours such as black is power like we see within the dark knight film poster.

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Here is a draft of our animatic video which as a group we have worked on different segments of producing this video. Me and Lauren have been looking a music for the video while Ryan had put together each picture of act 1 while Lauren had the task of putting together act 2 and finally I had the task of act 3 which altogether we have collaborated on the animatic video. To produce the animatic video we had used the pictures from our storyboard which we had to each draw and colour in each shot within the storyboard and then write about each shot consisting of dialogue, type of shot and also angle of the shot. To get the pictures from each act to produce the animatic we used a scanner to then transfer the images from the storyboard to the computer. From there we had then cut out each shot from the storyboard into a software we used called windows movie maker. This is where each one of us within the group had worked on the animatic video so that each of us had input of the video. Within the software we used called windows movie maker we had to put each pictures together with video transitions to the end of each act so that it represents each section of the trailer (overview – act 1, act 2 climax scenes and act 3 a scene where it is memorable).

Diary – 29.11.12

Today me and Lauren have been looking at soundtracks to go with our animatic film trailer video. We have been looking at soundtracks by using google to search for copyright free music website so that we don’t run into any complications of copying someones elses work without permission. While me and Lauren was looking to add soundtrack to our animatic video trailer Ryan was finsihing off the video with our images from our storyboard for the video by finishing the transitions for eahc scene.

Film Trailer Storyboard

Our film trailer needs to have a storyboard of which we have created by drawing each scene and also filling out information such as dialogue, camera angles ect. This is important as it gives us the foundations or a brief plan of how our film trailer will be like. When we have completed the storyboard we will then use it to create an animatic video so that we follow each scene that we have drawn within the storyboard but also follow the information that we have filled in such as camera angles, shots, dialogue ect. Our trailer may not exactly be like the film trailer when finished but again gives us the foundations to build upon of which we will know where to start from but also following the three acts within our storyboard, within our storyboard is our three acts of which our storyboard is broken in to. Within each section of images within the storyboard we have the number of shots but also the duration of each shot will take.

The first act of our storyboard where we have images and the elements of each scene such as dialogue, camera, camera shots ect have been established in each shot of which is gives use a visual representation of how our film trailer pans out to be within our actual production of our film trailer. Act one consists of the basic plot of which the audience will get to know the characters or even relate them immediately through how we represent them (example common voice or accent)

Act two is where we come towards a cliff-hanger as in picture two is where the father turns up to the door with the daughter (main character Kelly) answering the door. Within the first act is where we can see that the father has died of which we then come to act 2 but seems to appear which leads us into this cliff-hanger of act2, after this is where act 3 starts.

Act three is where on our storyboard is unrelated images that is put together, this is known as montage editing which includes dramatic music that finishes along the end of the trailer, this gives us a dramatic or exciting ending to our trailer. This is how our film trailer ends of which you can see that its basic foundations that when it comes to our animatic video where we can fully visualise each scene of our film trailer.

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Production logo Analysis

Production company logos  are important as its makes the film company recognizable by having the intro of there film production company logo at the start of the film. These logos are key to a company as it may base around there reputation of a company that makes them recognizable. Many production logo company logos such as popular ones are instantly recognizable by the use of  four key features which is keeping is simple, Memorable, appropriate and also timeless. Film company keep it simple as them want people to remember the film company logo. A film logo such as universal has the each with a glow round it and universal text in between the earth which again is memorable simple and appropriate.

Warner Brothers


Warner Brothers is a familiar production logo which as you can see is simple and is not confusing – its not to complex.  As you can see that the production logo can be used for different purposes or genre as in one of them is a much darker color which they may use for a different genre. This means that the production logo can me changed by the use of colors to suit the audience or film. Looking back a warner brothers logo back in 1940s you can see that the logo has changed but of which may be based around the idea of keeping it simple and not much change for the audience to be confused by this logo, its recognizable to the new ones so that the audience has an idea that its been updated and its still a warner brothers production that they are still watching but an updated logo with color, by keeping it the same concept from the 1940s makes it memorable for the audience and the fact that the logo has really change can also make it a bit timeless. When the audience watches the film an reconises the logo they may instantly know that its the company based around the film that they are going to watch and that its a quality film of the previous that they may have watched before of a warner brother production.

Dark Castle Entertainment


Dark castle Entertainment isn’t one of the popular company’s due to it not being around along time like other big company’s such as warner bros. Dark Castle Entertainments logo is consistent due to changing there logo which is similar to the the idea of warner brothers which they may have updated the logo but not much as changed so that the audience can reconsige them, the logo is therefore still memorable. The logo itself isn’t to complex but you can see how it is similar to others as dark castle entertainment mainly produces a particular film genre which is horror of which you can see that the logo is appropriate for that style due to the design such as the colors used. The logo may not be the most simper list logo but when it hits the status of becoming a big film company then it may me memorable due to its status but then may change it like you have seen with other film company’s which they may keep the design of it so that the audience will reconigise it.

20th Century Fox 


The 20th century fox is a film company logo which is timeless as through the years is has remained the same concept of which it is memorized through the years but also through the years it has change due to making it modern but also the film they are producing it for as other companies such as warner brothers changes it’s color to the type of film. I would say that the logo makes itself look affect due to the colors and when you see there logo within intros it has light affects making it seem appropriate for there company but also the way that it stands tall may signify where they think they are in the film industry – the top.

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Production logo – LCR Productions

As a group we had many idea’s for what our production logo should look like. We had previously come up with a logo which you can see here. To come up with our ideas we had a look at other production company logos and had look at the similarities that they all hold such as keeping it simple so that it’s not to confusing to look at but also memorable. All of our ideas was put on to a brainstorm of which we then sketched out a draft of what we think is the best logo but more importantly appropriate to the elements of other film company logos we looked at. The idea of our film logo is based around the idea of filming although we didn’t have an actual name that we could associate the logo to look like such as dream works, dream works logo consists of clouds of which you may relate to as a dream so creating the logo was a challenge for it to be appropriate. The text of LCR is a bit rough which we think suites our genre of our film as the text is rough which you may suggest that they produce horror or thriller films due to the text being spooky but also the use of colors. The color blue gives you a sense of being cold as you normally associate the color yellow or maybe red with a warm bright feeling, with our logo the color blue we felt was appropriate due to it being a dark blue which darkness is something you associate with horror or thriller films which relates back to the film we trailer that we are doing which makes it appropriate.

References – Accessed 20/11/12

Production Logo – Draft One

This is our groups production logo draft which we feel isn’t appropriate for our genre or an element that realtes to it. Although the colour of the logo may relate to our genre due to the dark colours (dark blue and black) we feel that it’s too simple. Many production logos are simple such as universal logo as it’s earth with a glow and then the text within the middle of the earch saying universal. Although our is simple we feel it doesn’t have that professional edge therefore having this production logo as a draft and go back to the drawing board to produce another one that we think is apporpriate.  The name of our production company originates from the first letter of our groups first name (Lauren, Craig and Ryan)

Film Treatment – three acts

Act One: A connection between two characters (Kelly and her Father) is established, however a scene at the graveyard with a headstone reveals that her father has died from cancer. This scene makes it clear towards the audience that her father has died which means that Kelly’s mother has take it upon herself to take on the father role. As Kelly s father has passed away her family is mourning upon this tragic death. Kelly s mother states to her that her father has gone away when he has actually died from cancer. While her mother is trying to save the suffering of her daughter Kelly she begins to become over protective and treats her like a child and denies that her father has died and tells her that he has simply gone to a colleague/friends house after a heated argument to buy her time to bring up the courage to tell her the truth sometime. While she take in of what her mother has said about her father leaving she remains distant from her due to her father being the favorite out of the two.

Act Two: The main character Kelly waits for her deceased father to come back to the family based on the lie the mother has given her, this leads to her spending all of her time waiting at home answering the phone when it rings and opening the door when it knocks due to her missing her father. After a few weeks have gone by she (Kelly) begins to lose hope that her father will never come back and it makes her torture herself mentally always contradicting herself between ‘he will come back’ and ‘he’ll never come back, he’s left us, he’s left me’. At this point she is left alone in the house whilst her mother goes out work and earn money for her and Kelly. From her mother going out Kelly finally snaps and begins to see what she wants to see and hear what she wants to hear, now she hears the door knocking in her own mind and sees her father at the door when she opens the door establishing to us the point she snaps.

Act Three: She grows a bond with the hallucination of her father and the bond gets increasingly stronger. The difference with this image of her father is that he changed in her mind he left in the first place because of her mother having an argument and she grows a vendetta against her own mother and it doesn’t stop there, she begins to distance herself from everyone and truly wants to be left alone with the father at any cost, she’ll do what she needs to do in order to be with her father.

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Film Treatment Checklist

The main theme for our film is based around mental instability which also shows how it affects people and how other views many differ to others of the person who is suffering. Our main character ‘Kelly’ who is the protagonist can also come across as the antagonist, with these two types of characters in mind she is also mentally unstable.  Kelly is the protagonist as her father’s death is the cause of her health which turns to the worst so she needs to try and overcome her father’s death which she was very close to her father. Overall Kelly is the protagonist due to the painful situation that she is in. On the other hand Kelly can come across as an antagonist character as she starts to loss a relationship with her mother due to her instability of which makes her go to drastic measures in order to be alone as she just wants to be with her father.

Her goal as these two types of characters that she may come across is that she has to overcome her father’s death but her imagination overcomes this which she becomes lonely, due to this she may even murder someone.  This is her goal as she needs to try and overcome it so she doesn’t go insane as such but her father’s death has had an impact on this of which she has too much love for him which is difficult to overcome the fact that he has gone over an argument of which her mother told her. Overall she starts to see her father which her love or attachment towards her father gets stronger each time which is just her imagination.

When the situation is becoming worst then measures start becoming more drastic of which her ‘father’ will start to persuade her to only be with him but in order to be with her ‘father’ is to kill herself., this is what is at stake. If Kelly continues to live her life the as she is then it could jeopardised as she is chasing her ‘father’ who isn’t really there which is starting to become a never ending battle within her own mind.

The film takes place in a normal home environment or average of which her mom isn’t poor or rich.  This shows that even though someone may be living a normal life which such situations with her father’s death of which people get over just shows that someone living a normal life to everyone else can happen to end up as a horrible crisis which happens overtime.

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Institution Research Task

A possible film production company that we could use for our film trailer is film 4. Film 4 is a small British film production company which is owned by channel 4, while film 4 is a small production company does not mean that they can’t make big hits. Film 4 has made films that have a made a big profit is films such as Slumdog millionaire. Slumdog millionaire was a 2008 British drama which was directed by Danny Boyle which he is known for his work in the Olympics. The film had a budget of 15 million which overall saw a total box office of $377 million. From the making of Slumdog million is apparent that even though film4 may be a small British film production company they can still produce a film for an audience that makes a large profit.

Film4 can be independent of which Slumdog was a big hit, while saying this I think that film 4 would be a great film production company for our film as they are British company which relates to our film as our actors or characters would consist of being British so in the terms of culture it would attract a British audience as they may be able to relate to the characters being British themselves so I think it would be a bit of a challenge for our film to be within the film market as the actors would be unknown and it’s also a film that isn’t an upcoming film.

Film 4 has produced many British films such as Slumdog millionaire, four lions and also my beautiful launderette although there isn’t any psychological thriller films that has attracted a big audience such as Slumdog millionaire which was a drama/ romance. I think that this is an advantage that we could utilize as although film 4 hasn’t produced a big hit psychological thriller film they may take our film on board so that they have a different choice of genre within film 4’s films that they have produced.

Dark Castle Entertainment is a possible independent film production company for our film trailer as they aren’t a big film company such as the likes of dream works which have the big Hollywood actors. Dark Castle Entertainment is an independent film company that specialize in film genres of horror and thriller films, dark castle entertainment has produced films such as house of wax, the reaping and also ninja assassin. One of dark castle entertainments most successful film was orphan which was one of their recent hits in 2009, the film had a box office of $41 million in the US alone. This is a possible independent film company for our film as dark castle is an independent film company that can produce films there selves without having to produce a film while maintaining expectations of the film company in charge, this is why dark castle entertainment is a possible independent film company for a our film but also a small production company.

Although we have choose dark castle entertainment as our independent film company we had also looked at film4.  Film 4 could of been on option but is a subsidiary company of a larger company, although this could be an advantage for us as film 4 is owned by channel 4 of which they have a website ( where they could promote our film trailer within their website as they would have a large audience of their 4OD demand feature, this could allow them to promote our film trailer within advertisements on their videos on 40D demand which could of been an assistance to maintain box office revue. Overall we knew that dark castle entertainment was a possible independent film company for us as they are independent and has had previous hits like orphan.

An exhibition company that we have chosen as a possibility for our film trailer is Odeon and cineworld. We chose Odeon as they are a large cinema company throughout UK and also throughout parts of Europe although this gives us an advantage as they are largely popular meaning a big audience that Odeon have but also Odeon take on small films that we think fits within the criteria being that our film is only small. This is also an advantage as film may gain more audience members through the company of Odeon as they take on small films which is why we have chosen Odeon. Odeon only recently have taken over a company like themselves called AMC cinemas which increased the number of cinemas for Odeon which tells you that they are growing and will also get more popular through the use of the take over which will see more cinemas for Odeon in local areas or cities where they have located a cinema before the takeover.

Overall we have chosen dark castle entertainment as our independent production company, we have also chosen Odeon as an exhibition company which we think will gives us the best quality but also within the terms of criteria for our film trailer such as actors, within our film trailer would only be very small budget therefore do not require to have a big production company but also considering our genre as well.

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Film       Director       Year

Slumdog Millionaire –  Danny Boyle  – 2008

Orphan  Jaume Collet- Serra 2009

Questionnaire Analysis Graphs



Question one shows you the age groups that was on our questionnaire of which you can see that 16-24 is the most popular answer.

Question two consists of how many males and females had taken part in our questionnaire. Here you can see that the marjority of the people taken part within the age group of 16-24 was male of which however we also asked females which makes it a bit more blanace rather than just asking one gender.

Question three tells use that most of the people we asked was not sure if they like watching psychological thrillers, on the other hand most of them like watching this type of genre which tells use that we have a strong audeince that may enjoy our trailer as most of them like to watch psychological thriller genre films.

Question four is tells us that the people who do watch psychological thriller films like the storyline rather than charcaters. This is useful data as when know that when making our film trailer we need to focus more on the storyline rather than the use of charcaters as the mojority like the storyline of psychological thrillers.

Question five is an mportant question that we needed to ask as the main character has a sense of instability which is a key concept for our film of which we also did a mood board on.  As this is our key concpet we know that the audeince will like this as most of them had ticked yes to this answer.

Question six is also important question that we needed to ask as it consists of our idea for the plot of the trailer. The main character ‘Kelly’ has a split personality of which connects to our other key concepts such as being abandoned and being un-stable, from this question we now know that the majority like the idea of this.

Question seven consists of our main convention of a trailer which you can see that the convention ‘music’ was most popular. Having this convention as the most popular answer is good as we can use a varity of way to narrate throughout the trailer.

Question 8 was more of a opinion style question of which the audience think it’s possible that we can use different elements from scenes of  disillusion and obscurity from such high budget films such as shutter island and also an old movie hit donnie darko.

Question 9 gives an insight of what the audience would prefer from our trailer which most had chosen voice over was more suitable and may also find it more enjoyable having a voice over for narration.

Question 10 finally focuses on the type of music which should accompany our film trailer of which also helps with question 9 as we asked what was best for the narration. Clearly from the results of the two questions consisting of narration it makes it more clearly for us to use technology consisting of audio as we can accompany music and the narration of voice over together throughout the trailer.


According to question 11 i have found that everyone though t that the idea of the villain being a pigment of the main characters imagination is a good idea and it adds to the mystery.

Finally in question 12 we asked whether the age rating is suitable and 66% said that it was fine.

Film trailer Interview

Above is our interview video which we had selected from our A2 media class, to do this we used satisfied sampling method which we needed to do in order to have two groups which consisted of students in our A2 media class and also students who aren’t in our A2 media class. The interviews of which is students from our A2 media class was qualitative research which requires good detail of which the students would understand media terms within the question of which if a question within that interview consisted of a media term they may not understand the question at all, this is why we needed 3 candidates for the interview of which we needed the stratified sampling method in order to have our 3 candidates within the two certain groups that we had which was A2 media class and students within our year group however we then had to many people to ask so we had to use a secondary sampling method such as simple sampling method of which we could use a random number generator which we used a website off the internet to do this for use which had picked three students randomly.

References Accessed 6.11.12 – Accessed 6.11.12

Our Groups Mood Board

The whole concept of our mood board is that it gives a more visual in depth of understanding towards our film trailer. Within our mood board consists of images that represent key concepts of our film trailer but also the details of our genre which is explain underneath images but also explaining the key concepts as well. From looking at our mood board you can see that it consists of being in different selections within the title of the key concepts which link into each other as it represents the connection that they have in our film trailer as you can see that they have a bit of text underneath them to explain to the audience why them key concepts are on our mood board.  Each image within the mood board has a purpose within our film trailer which you can see is a lot of images as it also represents our genre rather than just our key concepts within our film trailer.  The style of our layout within our mood board is like this due to taking in the elements such as presentation I.T skills (Photoshop) which shows that as a group we used a range of skills in order to show these elements within our mood board.









Loneliness is a key concept in our film trailer which represents how our main character feels of which is why this concept is in our mood board. The choice of images used also represents loneliness. Within the images of loneliness is also linked to a headstone of RIP which her dad died which is linked to her loneliness. Another reason why she is lonely is due to her being un-sociable of which she doesn’t interact with no one within college.









Another key concept within our mood board is suspicion. This key concept consists of another character which is the main characters mom which she is suspicious of her daughter being on the phone ever since she had told her to go to the attic and get an old radio.  Suspicion and the loneliness also connect to each other due to her family and her one friend noticing that she is on the phone and is starting to be on her own rather than socializing.









Emptiness is also a key concept within our mood board which consists of the main character being empty inside but also affects in a way that she looks at people around her differently such as transparent, she looks at people around her transparent.









Another concept is instability which connects each key concept together. Around instability is words such as anxiety and also schizophrenic which all of them elements causes her to be unstable. Each one of the elements such as anxiety pushes her towards being unstable but other key concepts such as loneliness also have an impact. The quote ‘I don’t want to feel abandoned’ consists of the main character ‘Kelly’ being unstable is not something she wants which may be connected towards her dads death, she doesn’t know how she is being un-stable such as being a bit mental in the head of which everything around her is not really happening ? She doesn’t know this and therefore doesn’t want to be abandoned although she isn’t due to her friend and her mother being suspicion but also concern, this is why the quote is on our mood board.









Finally another part of mood board is instability which you can consists of images such as a person talking to themselves, this represents that ‘Kelly’ the main character is un-stable within her mind.

Throughout the mood board is arrows that point to each concept, these arrows represent that each key concept is connected to each other such as being abandoned and instability. Kelly who may feel abandoned may cause her to be un-stable and also her father dying may also have an impact on this.

References – Accessed 24.11.12 – Accessed 24.11.12 – Accessed 24.11.12


Below is our questionnaire which we used to collect data (audience feedback) of our key concepts for our film trailer. We had handed this questionnaire to 20 people which we only needed 10 respondents but added another 10 in case of non respondents of which we can receive the data and analysis is which gives us a clear set of results. In order to choose people to answer our questionnaire we used a simple sampling method of only using 20 people out of a list of 95.

Thank you for taking some time out to read this questionnaire, it would be appreciated if you could please take a few minutes of your time to complete this questionnaire. The data that is collected will be used to understand and form ideas for our groups film trailer.

1. What age group do you fall under? Please mark the box you feel is most appropriate.

5-15 years

16-24 years

25-44 years

45-59 years

60-74 years

75-84 years

2. What is your gender?



3. Do you enjoy watching films of the genre psychological thriller?

Yes No Sometimes

4. If answered no to the question above please skip to question 5, if not please fill in the question below.

What conventions do you enjoy most of the genre psychological thriller?



Directors/ actors involved



5. Within our film trailer, our main character will have a sense of mental instability, do you think that this is suitable for the genre?

Yes No

6. If yes then which one do you think would go best to match the plot of our trailer?





7. In our genre film trailer, we focus on all of the below conventions which of the below should be the key convention for the trailer?



Action scenes

Fast paced shots


8. From the logline where we compared our film trailer to shutter island and Donnie darko, both contain scenes of disillusion and obscurity, do you believe that we can include all of this in our trailer and make it watchable?

Yes No

9. What do you feel is the best way to narrate a film?

Voice-Over narration

Textual narration (text written over shots and separating shots)

10. Do you think that an ominous type of music, should accompany a psychological thriller trailer such as ours?

Yes No Sometimes

11. Within our trailer we plan to use scenes of obscurity, mental instability and disturbance, do you think this would be suitable for the age rating of 15 that we have applied to our trailer?

Yes No

12. In our trailer the villain is a pigment of the main characters imagination meaning he is not seen too much, however he is heard. Do you think this will add to the mystery and suspense needed within our trailer?

Yes No

Sampling Methods

Our group had to produce questions within the qualitative and quantitative research that we had to conduct, we had first needed to choose the type of sampling method that we was going to use in order to have our qualitative and quantitative candidates. In order to choose these candidates we had used a website called which needs a number from and up to (minimum to maximum) such as in our case 1 – 10 which we needed three people for our interviews and questionnaires which consists of our qualitative and quantitative research, this generator will then come up with a random number of which the order within the excel sheet is our candidate. While using this sampling method for our interviews (qualitative) we then needed 20 people to take our questionnaire of which we had doubled the number actually needed as many may reject to fill it in which is known as non-respondents, if this was the case then we know that we still have our data from the quantitative research as we only needed to require 10 respondents of which we have another 10 of non-respondents just in case those may not want to fill in our questionnaire.

Audience Theories





Demographics is the study of people which consists of the according character such as the following

  • Social background
  • Age group
  • Gender
  • Ethnic background
  • Politics
  • Family
  • Location (geographical and local)

Passive – The passive audience soak up the empty promises of mass entertainment, becomes willing victims who both produce and consume the products. The audience are powerless to resist the effect of media messages.

Active audience suggest that we use the media to gratify our needs, we seek out the media products.

Hypodermic needle effect

The theory consist of how the mass audience will react to mass media, it suggests that the audience receive the information from the media text of it doesn’t challenge that information, within this process also suggests the audience unmediated such as experience of individuals. This theory also suggests that the audience was manipulated by the creators of the media text which thought that the media is capable of ‘mass manipulation’ of which the audience thinks and believe what they see.

An example of this is when a radio presenter had announced that martians was going to attack earth, this led to many running out of their homes panicking and fled, this gives evidence towards the theory as many believed the radio presenter of which many consumed what the radio presenter had announced, this example of the radio broadcast was known as the ‘panic broadcast’ . The effect of the broadcast gives an impression that the public was gullible and passive of which also suggest that the media could manipulate the public.

This theory is a passive audience as they consume the media product in of which they think is real as they cannot resist the media message of that media product which they soak up the message. An example of this is watching a film that contains cars racing such as a film of fast & furious. The viewer may then go manipulate the stunts that they do within the film, the view may be under the influence of that film. In affect the theory may change the audience’s mind of what they believe before they watch a media product such as our trailer.

Two step model

The two step model consists of two steps of which the first step being the media product of which is seen through the audience – example an audience at a cinema take in the media product, the other step is that the audience then tell their friends or social groups as such where they are the opinion leader, the individuals are in contact with the opinion leader. This is not influenced by the process but by the two step model. An example of this may be that a friend goes to the cinema to watch the latest batman film of which was recommended or mention by the opinion leader, this process then repeats itself as it’s communicating through verbal communication – word of mouth as many films critics can sometimes be biased, this is where word of mouth of the film is coming from there friend that they trust.

This is passive as they the audience believe the elements with that media product of which the opinion leaders put their input of opinion with the individuals of social contact of which they listen to their opinion leader that doesn’t go against of what is being interpreted.


Use’s & gratification
Users 4 basic needs

  • Diversion

To divert from the normality or reality of life from the audience. An example such as a watching a film which they expect to be a good quality film which takes them from reality to feeling like or re-acting a character role such as a astronaut, this is a form of diversion as it’s going away from reality.

  • Surveillance

Surveillance is how we take in or consume the information in such as watching a documentary film which then later gathers knowledge from it, this can be information that may be present occurrences such as watching the news or weather.

  • Personal Identity

To compare the media we watch of which it’s presented in, we reflect to ourselves to other characters such as James Bond, people may look up to him and his flash cars and that they want to the same lifestyle as him.

  • Social Interaction

Social interaction may consist of having a conversation within a group or even debate upon a topic that may be about a film or a TV series.

When the TV was invented, the first generation which grown up with this invention within the 1960s had realized that media theorist made choices (the audience) of what they did from media texts. The audience consumed these media texts in different ways. This theory suggest that the audience has a set of needs which may be met by a media product of which audiences made choices from the media product or text.

This is theory is an active audience because they take in one of the diversions such as personal identity, they compare characters to themselves or other media elements of the media product such as their body language of what which meet the needs of the audience. An example of this is a film which may consist of flash cars such as fast and furious, people may relate to that fact that they have flash cars which they can relate to because they ma have that particular car or model of it or may be opposite of which they would like to have that car, either way the audience will be able to relate themselves within the film that they are watching.

Reception Analysis
Reception theory is the understanding of media texts which consists of how they are read by audiences it suggest how the viewer takes in all the factors of the media text that is read by the viewer and how it influences he or she, also how he or she reads and creates meaning of that text, it may also suggest that an audience interpret the media based on individual cultural background or life experience.

This theory is active audience as it challenges the media upon decisions that may be based around their social backgrounds or even life experiences, the audience make decide their opinion of which if they like the film or not.

Effects debate
The effects debate suggests the way that forms of media address issues and also threats within society, this is where the media forms as a press which goes back to the audience which may create panic of which is brought to the audience’s attention by the threat. An example of this is the James Bugler which he was brutally killed by two young children aged 10, it was reported that they was under the influence of a film called ‘Child’s Play’. The age rating of the film was 18 of which the killers was aged 10 so this meant that the young killers had been under the influence to create the scenes within the ‘Child’s Play’ film.

I believe that the audience may react by our film in a panic reaction due to our main character being influenced under and unknown character of which you can only hear him which is all being interpreted through a radio station, it may suggest that it may cause a moral panic over the idea of something being influenced by a male over a radio station could become reality, for example a program as such may be encoded by the production and decoded by the audience, it’s between text and audience.

Websites– Accessed 02/10/2012 – Accessed 05/10/2012  – Accessed 02/10/2012– Accessed on  03/10/2012 – Accessed on 05/10/2012   – Accessed on 03/10/12

Year Film Director
2003 – Fast and Furious 2 – John singleton
1990 – Child’s Play 2 – John lafia

Audience Research

Research Methods

Quantitative is a research method that is closed questions, it can contain a large volume of data which consists of validating, verify and record of which the information you collect needs to be valid for example. Quantitative can also consists of statistics. These two research methods can be successful in their own way of which you may use quantitative for just simple or collecting a basic answer. Quantitative is more statistical as you methods such as using questionnaires to collect the data you need can then be put into graphs or bar charts which shows the results in a statistical way.

On the other we have qualitative which is another research method that can be more detailed, qualitative will be more descriptive than quantitative of which is more statistical. Qualitative will be more of an open question which may be based on feelings and opinions which is more difficult to analyse than qualitative. Qualitative may also be more biased and logical, this is one of the reasons why quantitative is difficult to analyse as the answers you would receive would not be a straight forward answer as the questions within qualitative research would be more detailed. When using this research method you have an advantage of getting peoples opinion of the subject but also there feeling towards it.


This would consist of analysing the quantitative results of which methods such as graphs or charts that show the statistical results of using the research method. When the data is collected it can be analysis by using graphs to determine when you have your answer or compare it to another question of which the answer to that question may be popular, this can be done by analysing the results into graphs or bar charts which by doing this for quantitative research is much easier as your data will only consist of being closed questions of which the data or answers would be multiple choice answers such as yes or no.

Findings are more conclusive but not detailed than qualitative as you have the feelings and opinions of which consists of being interviewed if qualitative research method is being used. On the other hand quantitative research consists of statistical of which you may know what their favourite genre is but why is it their favourite genre of which you are going into more depth within qualitative research method, while using this method has it’s disadvantages such as only interviewing a small amount of people where with quantitative research you can format each question into multiple choice which makes it easier interpreted the data into graphs or bar charts when using this method, using this you can create loads of questionnaires whereas qualitative research may only consist of interviewing 10 people.

Consisting of a small number of non-representative cases, respondents may be selected of which to fulfil within the given quota. With quantitative research will use a large sample as you are only getting a yes or no answer of which is a closed question whereas qualitative research method would be harder as you are getting feedback of their opinions which is more of an open question within this research method.

Individual depth interviews of group discussions, discussing people’s views or opinions. When collecting the data within quantitative research is collecting results from closed questions which came be compared into a statistical way (graphs bar charts) On the other hand qualitative research is collecting data from open questions of which may consist of opinions. With using quantitative research, a variety of structured techniques such as using questionnaires when collecting the data that you need in order to find any overall answer, using various methods of collecting data such as questionnaires or surveys.

Sampling Methods

Simple random
A list of a ‘sampling frame’ that consist of all the people with a certain amount of people, within this would not be systematically but random of which can prevent you getting biased answers from a list or group of people to pick from. This is much easier as you can assign each person with a number and generate this using a number generator online ( which can be assign to the maximum number of people to the minimum.

Systematic Random

Selecting a random number, systematically which may select every person by a certain number which may be a consistent pattern, an example of this is NTH every person so from a list – every 3rd person counted may be a participant within the research methods.

Stratified Random

Separate a certain group of people into groups that will either be simple or random sample or systematically random sample that could be based around gender for example. You could use this sample to find out what sort of music men and women like of which you may use age as factor so that you could find out your answer within these elements of which you may find out that men and women like the same music within a specific age group.

Our group will be using stratified sample where we shall use our research method of using quantitative research method when we have our data that we need collected. We are using stratified sample because we feel this would be easier when putting people in to groups whereas systematically random people may.

Websites – accessed 02/10/2012 –  accessed 02/10/2012 – accessed 02/10/2012  – Accessed on 09/10/12  – Accessed 0n 09/1o/12

Target Audience Profile


Our media product (trailer) to target an age group of 15-21. We are targeting this age group with our trailer as our main character is around that age group that we are going to target.  While targeting this age group the audience of that age may relate to the main character and may develop feelings for the character example – feeling sorry for the character.

An example of our trailer that we can compare it is the ‘night listener’, shutter island and Donnie darko which we think is appropriate to compare to as they are the same genre but also a similar story line of which all films are age rating 15.While looking at ‘the night listener’ we compared it to our trailer idea’s which had similarities such as moderate language. Another example we looked at was Shutter Island, shutter Island consists of psychological menace which the film was rated 15. Finally another example we looked at was Donnie darko which also had the same similarities of Shutter Island which was psychological menace but also has a few violent scenes.


After we noted the similarities of each trailer we felt that 15 was suitable for our trailer as it contains many similar characteristics while also maintaining our own ideas for our trailer, within each trailer we had looked was the same age rating for each trailer, the age rating was 15. We felt that overall that 15 is a suitable as it has many aspects of a typical 15 trailer.


Our trailer will include characters that will be British Caucasian but will consist of different ages such as teenagers or young adults. We feel that this will appeal to a wide range of ethnic groups of which many films or trailers. Our trailer will only be released within English speaking countries such as the UK. Within our trailer we have different ethnic backgrounds such as white British and black British people which represents the wide range of ethnic groups together within the trailer which we think that the audience can relate within certain characters due to the different ethnic backgrounds in our trailers, with this in mind we had also looked at what country our trailer would be released in. Our trailer will only be released in English speaking countries only as the UK has many different ethnic backgrounds of which is a multicultural society.



Our main character within our trailer is called Kelly Edwards, she is a very quiet girl who doesn’t really socialise with anyone at school. Kelly is blonde, shy and doesn’t get herself in to any trouble as most of the time she stays at home in her bedroom. The character Kelly may come across as stereo typically dumb to people due to her hair colour but she is a counter-type as she isn’t dumb which breaks the stereotype of blonde women being dumb throughout films such as scary movie 4, also she will not be presented sexually throughout our trailer which you see the opposite of this within films such as scary movie. Although we have a female character’s within our trailer we also have the opposite gender who will be unknown of which the audience will not see the character but may only hear the character of which he isn’t physically within the trailer.

Socio-Economic Groupings

Our cast with our trailer will consist of characters with a social grade of working class, characters such as the main characters parents. Within our trailer is the social rank of the characters such as the mother of the main character isn’t poor but not rich either. The class profile of our audience is D/C2 which means that we have a wide audience to target as we feel as a group that the audience within them categories can relate more than other categories. The characters which our film will also have a similar social class of the audience which also the audience may be able to relate more easily and also add influence to watch the film because of the social grades or rankings. We feel this is more appropriate as for example if we aimed it at an audience that may have high social grade then they wouldn’t be able to relate or connect with the characters as they don’t live a life similar to theirs.


With our trailer Kelly Edwards (Main Character) will not come across as a sexual object, although she is blonde many films such as scary movie use the blonde character as a sexual object. Kelly Edwards will also be represented as an intelligent and quiet girl who doesn’t socialise much.

A part from our main character we also have a male character that will not be shown throughout trailer but can be heard of which his voice will come across as a strong male voice.  The audience may suggest this character has power due to his voice but also authority due to the main character having to do what he says of which she does without no questions being asked, this may also suggest that Kelly Edwards has a relationship but further than being friends or may also developed a desire for him of which she has never seen him or know him but has only heard his voice.

Finally another within our trailer is stereo typically portrayed as a lesbian but is not stated within the trailer. She is represented of the way she dresses, body language and the way she acts of which she may come across as a tomboy as she dresses and acts like a male character rather than a female character.

Nationality/ Region

Within our trailer will consist of characters from a particular city which is Birmingham, however although we have characters from one city throughout the UK, we aim to target the majority of the UK which leads up to all of the characters being from the same city meaning the same language and also the same sort of life within the UK which many may appeal to within the those who live in the UK. Although we are trying to appeal to an audience within the UK, we may have less of a successful rate within Europe such as the accent or language barriers which would not appeal to an audience.

Websites  – Accessed 02/10/2012 – Accessed  02/10/12 – Accessed  02/10/12 – Acceseed 02/10/2012 – Acceseed 03/10/12


Year     Film         Director

2001  – Dannie Darko  – Richard Kelly

2006 – The Night Listener – Patrick Stettner

Codes and Conventions of film trailers

Production Logo/ Distribution logo

The production logo or distribution logo of a trailer tells the audience who the trailer or film is produced by, an example of this is Warner Bros, another example is paramount .It’s a logo of a production company that may also represent their reputation as an audience will recognize that logo. These logos are recognized by the audience of which audience may think that they have made good films because of their reputation, audiences will recognize the logo because of this as they may of watched many films produced by warner bros or many famous films that warner bros has produced such as Looney tunes which gives them a reputation as people know who produced Looney tunes. Within each film company’s logo has history behind it such as paramount. Paramount is a film company found in 1912 by Adolph Zukor. Within the creation of the company he had partners Daniel Frohman and Charles Frohman also.

Paramount is a film company that is owned by a media company called Viacom  as you can see at the bottom of the logo it says ‘ a Viacom company’ The 24 stars of paramount logo represents movies stars, the logo now only has 22 which I think that two of the 24 movies stars contracted by paramount may have died.

Warner bro is also a film company of which was found by four Jewish brothers Harry, Albert  same and Jack warner. While warner bros was just founded they had trouble attracting top movie stars or talent to produce films there logo has changed many times over the years.

Finally the production logo can give an insight to the audience of what genre of a film that they are going to watch as many film companies produce the same genre or similar ones. An example of this is Sony  Sony have different companies for different genres such as Sony picture classics which invests in small films, Sony picture classic’s produces films that consist of specialty films such as documentaries, independent and art films.

Other film companies which is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment

Plot Summary

The plot of a trailer always gives information of what the film is going to be about, within the trailers you have always have interesting parts to get the audience interested so that they watch the film, you never see a trailer which is boring as no one will want to go and watch a film that is boring. An example below shows a print screen of a trailer of called the expendables 2. The trail consists of weapons, explosions and fast vehicles, these are all symbolic codes. Within this trailer that consists of 2 minutes and 30 seconds we know that it will be action-packed due to the codes by also we know what genre it is, within the trailer know that Lionsgate have produced the film which we know are a big company as they have a revenue of 1.584 billion and has different divisions and subsidiaries such as mandate pictures. From these elements we know that the plot will consist of big movie star actors due to the film company, an example is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Although from the production logo and symbolic codes, we can determine the plot by the use of narration that may consist of voice over or text, without the narration we wouldn’t have an idea of what the plot would be about as it would be a series of images or clips flicking of 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

The plot summary can consist of a three act structure. The first act structure is the start of the trailer, this lays out the idea of the movie. The first trailer introduces you to the main characters and the environment they live in. Within the first act of the trailer an on-screen incident occurs where characters try to sort the incident out but becomes more dramatic which is the turning point of the act structure

The second act structure of a trailer is the middle of it, it moves the story further and can usually end with a dramatic climax, within the second act structure of the trailer the characters then try and resolve the problem from the turning point which again becomes into a worse situation from the first act structure

The third act structure is the last act that is often consist of a visual montage of emotion within the characters situation of which the plot or story line which reaches its climax point where questions are answered at the end or leaves you with questions.

Voice Over
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Voice over can consist of narration and text. Within trailers they may have a voice over where throughout the trailer you have a voice over of someone who gives you an understanding of whats going on, it helps the audience develop an understanding of the trailer. Within voice over is narration which can also be text based which is text on screen telling you key element such as a short description of the trailer or information about the plot or scene taking place.

Music throughout a trailer helps set the tone and mood of a trailer. The music that you may hear in a trailer might not end up in the film. A part from music you may have sounds such as parallel sound, non diegetic sound and diegetic sound. Parallel sound is where the sound in the trailer fits the image on screen, non diegetic sound would be a sound that you can hear but not see on screen such as a radio playing but you can’t see it in that scene, the radio is just playing in the background. Diegetic sound is sounds where you can see it on screen such as a car passing, you can see the car passing by with the sounds of the car moving past. Another type of sound is incidental music, this is where the music doesn’t fit on-screen such as a soft sound being played while a killer is killing someone to death.

Cast/Credit/ Studio information

The studio information is what you find at the end of trailers or sometimes you may find it at the start of trailers. Showing the studio information will create a reputation and will also start to grow so that audiences watch their films. An example above is a very well-known company of which Sony pictures entertainment own which is Columbia pictures, they are known for making special effect films and have a very high budget.

The cast will include all the characters, directors of the film, cast of the technology elements such as sound director although you find this in films rather than trailer. Within trailers you would only find the director and major movie stars which show this through text within the trailer although some trailers may not tell you who the movie stars by the use of narration of text as they are recognisable due to them being big movie stars and that some only acting within certain genres may suggest that people know who the actor is, an example of this could be Arnold Schwarzenegger (action films), directors can also be included into this as directors may only specialize in certain film genre.

Technical Elements
A technical element of a trailer is the editing, many trailers are montage editing although there are different type of trailers such as a teaser trailer, they may have a different style of editing where it shows scenes from the film. With the montage editing of a trailer it is normally unrelated images from the film put together which show the interesting or exciting parts of the film so that the audience will watch the film.

Title of the movie
Within trailers are titles of the films which you find that all of them are common as they look simple, nothing confusing as the audience can take that information in much easier and will be able to remember the title – the name of the film. The title also gives the audience an insight of what to expect or look for within the film, you see that the title of the film will match the theme of the film such as the images below explains this.

Inter-textual references (if sequel or pre sequel)

As you see with the titles such as 007  it has gun which represents the genre of the film which is action., the titles of the film is simple for example star wars is just a black background with gold colored text.

Intertextual reference
Intertextual reference is whether or not the film is prequel or sequel to other films that was out before it. Films may have a number at the end or gives you a clue that there will be another 2 or 3 ect. For prequels however can be where a film has been released for example the mommy 2 was followed by the scorpion king.  An example of sequels is the matrix, the matrix has a sequel of 3 which all followed after each other.

Websites – accessed 26/09/2012 – Accessed 26/09/12 – Accessed 26/09/12 – Accessed 26/09/12  – Accessed 26/09/12  – Accessed 26/09/12


Year     Film         Director

1979 –  Star Wars – George Lucas

2006 – Casino Royale – Martin Campbell

1999 – The Matrix – Andy Wachowski & Lana Wachowski

Shutter Island

Martin Scorsese
Drama set in 1954, U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels is investigating the disappearance of a murderess who escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane and is presumed to be hiding nearby.

At the start of the trailer you are introduced to the main character and also different type of characters such as the antagonist and protagonist. Within the first  few shots in the trailer you have a Shot of a sign saying ‘restricted area’ suggest to the audience that the environment is controlled, another scene also includes boats also suggest that the environment is out of reach or help, due to the name of the film also gives this away. The main character is dressed in clothing that looks like an investigator, this gives you the impression of this as he is wearing glasses, Puggaree type of hat and also a long coat, his body language and facial expressions also suggest this as he always looks at people suspicious and has his hands in his pockets most of the time. The Police officers within the trailer greet them at the island, again suggest that it’s a controlled environment and that everyone obeys the law, throughout that scene you see the characters handing there weapons over, this may connote to the audience that death may be a factor within the film

 Non dietetic sound of a scream may connote to the audience that people are dying or are in need of help
 A Weapon is seen under a foot, within this scene you also have a voice over ‘murdered people in some cases’ and then a scream after which may suggest that people are being tortured or in need of help
Throughout the trailer the voice over seems to be between clips that are edited together even though you may not see anything on screen, text is also used as a voice over as well.
Tattoo on a characters back who is in a prison cell has a tattoo of Jesus, this may signify hope
Main character talks to another character dressed in dark clothing which connotes a mysterious character
Within the trailer you have a couple of screen shots such as a book which is written in capitals ‘RUN’ this gives us more mystery and gives a more of an insight of the plot which makes the audience want to continue watching. Another close up shot of a man’s face with stitches adds a bit of gore which is a convention of a horror genre. These elements also give you an insight of the themes within the genre such as psychological as scenes of people locked up suggest that the people are mentally ill.
Quick cuts within the editing of the trailer are parallel to the music, within scenes the music builds up to the speed of the editing, this is seen at the end of the trailer giving you shots through the trailer which leaves you questions such as ‘is he mentally ill?’
They portray the mystery of the trailer as they show clips throughout the film, the mystery creates a link back to the genre using codes and conventions which consist of blood, weapons. Music throughout the trailer is calm which then gets more of a high pitch and picks up a rapid pace which is high tension music, this is a convention of a psychological genre
The use of flashbacks is used at the end of the trailer within the trailer at 1.59 – 2.03 signifies the sense of time and is used to confuse the audience, this is a convention of thriller as it gives the audience an insight of why the characters are behaving of which connotes to the audience that they are not mentally stable which also gives you a clue as to why the main character is there as he may be mentally ill.
All within a matter of seconds, there are clips from the film put together which is montage editing. At the end of the trailer you have the editing going at a fast pace with different clips getting faster which you can see at 1.52-2.00, this signifies the shock and fear as this is used within scenes that are ‘thrilling’ which creates a link back to the genres of the trailer. Low level of lighting used throughout the trailer which is also a code of the genre horror. Characters within prison cells gives you an insight of the elements of horror and psychological genre put together as the characters within the environment such as the island itself is in a confined space and uses low level of lighting within some scenes which suggests phobia’s such as claustrophobia, this is something that the audience may not realize at first.
Websites – Accessed 20/09/2012 – Accessed 20/09/2012

Year     Film         Director
1979 –  Shutter Island – Martin Scorsese

The Cabin In The Woods


The trailer starts off with five characters who are excited to go on a trip. All characters can be linked to stereotypes such as the blonde woman, in many horrors or thrillers the blonde one is normally the dumb one as a stereotype, in this trailer the character comes across as a ‘tart’ as she seems to be around a male character all the time and her body language is different around them. Another character within the trailer is the male with glasses has a bit of attitude but also can be classed as the smart one within the group because of the stereotype look as he wearing big black glasses. Another female character within the film is known as the innocent character as she doesn’t seem to socialize with the group that much. Finally the last male character comes across as a strong muscular man and could also come across as a ‘ladies’ man’ as he is always standing by one of the female characters.
At the start of the trailer you have a happy or cheerful mood as the parallel sound of music in the background changes throughout the trailer and creates a different mood and also in different situations throughout the trailer. At the start of the trailer you have incidental music with also clips of their friends starting out on a trip in there camper-van. The timbre of the parallel sound is smoothing of which gives you the mood of the group, with the music playing and the clips of them setting off, it gives the audience a sense of felling that everything is okay or jolly. The music then changes to a more mysterious sound as the music is very slow but with sharp and quick high pitch sounds which makes the mood a bit dull and gives you a sense of danger.This may connotes to the audience that the mood is changing and something dangerous is heading there way. This type of music is what you would expect from a thriller genre, although the genre of the trailer is thriller it also has a sub-genre of horror which you would expect death which may be linked to the sense of danger, thrillers are normally violent and out the ordinary.
Within the trailer are in different colours of lighting in different settings. The further they travel as they are going in different environments, the darker it is in scenes which signify to the audience the passage of time has progressed as the trailer has gone on.
One of the scenes in the trailer (0.49) you have the male character with attitude notices a mirror with his friend on the other side. This suggests to the audience that the environment they are in is very odd as you don’t expect to have a mirror like this which is out the ordinary and may also suggest to the audience that the cabin carries secrets of which the characters are not oblivious to.
Throughout the trailer you have the titles, the titles are coloured yellow from the start, when the group of friends set off and get to derelict places such as the gas station, the titles of the trailer got to a different colour of red which signifies to the audience that danger is approaching and also death, this also makes it obvious to the audience as when the colour of the title is changing color gradually, things start to go wrong.
At one part of the trailer you have four of them who seem to be trapped, the muscular character says that we should stick together. A couple seconds later you have a close up of his face which seems to have an edited effect which makes his face fuzzy, he says to the group again ‘we should split up’. His opinion has change very quickly. This connotes to the audience that the characters are being controlled or handled within the cabin but without them knowing about it. This is where it gives you a taste of the thriller genre as it’s a mystery of who is controlling them. Throughout the trailer you have different settings such as the gas station and the woods. These are places that are derelict which you would find in horror or thriller genres.Websites Accessed 20/09/12  – Accessed 20/09/12 – Accessed 20/09/12    – Accessed 20/09/12 – Accessed 20/09/12


Year     Film         Director

2011 –  Cabin In The Woods – Drew Goddard


The trailer starts with three friends, to male and one female who are the main characters throughout the trailer. They are 3 good friends as the two male characters have a laugh with one another, they seem to be enjoying the snow slopes and skiing At the start of the trailer you have the main female character talking to a male character of which she is trying to get her male friends on the chairlifts. Within this shot you have a shot of the two characters talking with a machine in front of the shot which seems to be moving. This signifies the audience that something bad is going to happen, with the machine not in focus it may also signify to the audience that the characters in the trailer are not oblivious to it. Diegetic sounds of machines turning also signifies to the audience that something bad is going to happen.

Within the trailer you have cuts to the titles between a couple of clips, the titles of the trailer have an effect of snow around it which gives the impression to the audience that the environment is cold, this may also give the audience an idea of what the mood of the characters will be like because of the environment they are in.

Between each clip you have titles which seem to cut fast to the titles and then back to the clip again giving it a fast pace to the trailer, this may connote the audience that the situation will happen fast.

Joe (Shawn Ashmore), Dan (Kevin Zegers) and his girlfriend Parker (Emma Bell) scam their way onto the slopes, it’s all downhill from there. Due to some confusion at closing time, the three friends get stranded 50 feet up in mid-air, in mid-winter as night approaches. Like Kubler-Ross’ stages of dying, they go through a number of reactions, the first being denial: Someone will come along in no time.

When that doesn’t happen, anger and recrimination surface as the reality of their situation sinks in. If that weren’t enough, a storm blows in with hail and swirling snow. Dan is the first to go. He decides he can survive the jump and go get help. Wrong. He lands with a thud (kudos to sound mixer Douglas J. Cameron for this and other weather-related effects) and smashes his legs, the bone protruding grotesquely through the skin. This is the first of several moments when even the hardiest film goers may turn their head away from the screen.

One of the big problems here that prevents the audience from getting swept away, rather than just oohing and aahing at the horrific happenings, is that you don’t give a damn about these people. Green is not specific enough in the writing to make them seem like real characters with their own history, and when he does try it’s awkward and heavy-handed.

The titles between each clip throughout the trailer gives you a documentary style as few of the titles such as ‘with over 30 million skiers and snowboarders in the US’ and also ‘over 5,000 chairlifts in operation’ These titles are giving you facts throughout the trailer of which gives you an impression that the trailer is filmed in a documentary style.

The setting of the trailer is what you would find in thrillers and horror, the setting in the trailer involves a derelict place which connotes to the audience that they may soon need help of which is not there because of them being high up in the chair lifts.

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Year     Film         Director

2010    Frozen    Adam Green


 For our film trailer we have decided to go with a thriller genre. Although we are going with the genre of thriller, we are also going to combine it with a sub-genre physiological. We will subvert our trailer by following the Antagonist rather than the protagonist throughout the trailer. Films such as Batman always follow the hero, in this case we came up with the idea of following the villain as you don’t see the joker in the batman film as much as the hero.

Another unique idea to subvert our trailer is that the main character will be a young girl, this is unique and not often seen in films or trailers which is another idea of how we will subvert our trailer.

The story line of our trailer will be about a young girl who doesn’t lead a happy life, her parents are very strict and sometimes mean to her of which her life is miserable. The young girl is sent to the attic to go and get something but stumbles across an old radio which catches her attention. Playing around with the radio she comes across and radio station of an old man speaking, the old man is speaking about depression and leading a hard life of which he asks people to phone up and offer help or talk about people’s problems. The young girl rings the radio station up and start to talk to the man she heard on the radio, she starts to talk about her problems at home, after talking to the man on the radio station for a long period of time she becomes to feel better about herself. Although the girl doesn’t have many friends, she feels like this man she is talking to is her only friend and is talking to him every day. Her parents, especially her mom notices something different about her daughter. The young girl will not communicate with anyone and is aggressive, her mom is worried and starts to think what is wrong with her. She notices that her daughter has an old radio and is on the phone more often than usual, her mom demands to give her the phone, after a lot of commotion to get the phone off her daughter she finally gets the phone off her and speaks to the person on the phone but fins that no one is on the other end. Her mom asks her who it was but no answer from her daughter. The mom starts to think of why she has this strange behaviour, her mom decides to put her attention to the radio, the mom takes it down stairs away from her daughter without her realizing, she tries to find the radio station that her daughter has been listening to. After great effort she finds the same voice of the man on the radio station and research the address of the radio station. Her mom goes out the next day to find that the address is an abandoned building on its own. Where is the radio station? Who is this man on the radio station? Could all this be inside her daughters head?

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