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Update Of movie Poster

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Here is our old movie poster we had to change this because the colour and the text was not matching the genre so we had to change the colours at the back and change the texts because they are the type of text you would expect in a horror kind of movie and they show two different places in the background and it is giving the storyline away.


Here is our updated version of our movie poster when we handed it in people has said that it was too similar to the old poster and the old poster was not good enough because it can too many different colour and it did not fit the genre. We changed the background but it gives away a bit of the storyline showing that the place we are shooting is urban. We was now helpless so we decided to look at more movies posters and the same genre then we came across one that we really liked this is one from the move Face Off by John Travolta and Nicolas Cage here is the poster:


we like this because the font is perfect and the size of all the fonts is perfect it does not give away the storyline and it does not have a background to it so it makes it a mystery the colours black and blue look good together but we thought make our unique by doing grey and blue and with help of this movie poster we came up with our own.


Then we updated it again and this is what we came up with at the end it has no background because we don’t want to give a bit of the storyline and the smoke represents the mysteriousness of the poster and the writing is in blue and grey the blue because it is a natural and middle colour which is unisex colour and the grey because it matches the colour of the smoke. The text and the size of the font are perfect because they are not big that wont let you see the poster properly and they are not small enough that you can not read.



Filmography: Title-Year-director

Face Off (1997) Director: John Woo


http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119094/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1  Accessed on  27/04/13

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Written Evaluation

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Below is he link of the evaluation this is what I have put together in a presentation format.


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Audience Feedback

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Here is our audience feedback,

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Our Movie Product

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This is our final trailer we have made the changes and we have made the changes and i hope you enjoy it.

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Our Final Production Draft 2

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Here is our  movie production second draft we did originally  give this in for our final piece of our project but by making people watch it we have got feedback on how to improve the work for example our feedback was to change the titles like “from being the little man to the big man” this would not sound right and it would not be informal like that so we had to think about something else so we are going to change some of the titles then our movie trailer is ready to be given into marking. Looking at our first and second drafts you can see we have put in a lot of work and a lot of editing with this it shows how we did the filming and what acts we did in order.  We will upload the new version of our trailer as soon as we get it done.

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Movie Poster

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Here is our movie poster as you can see we have put two of the main characters together and made the background different behind them we have done this to show to the audience the characters are different and they have no similarities. This will connote to the audience that there is a different location and a split personality just by looking at the front cover we have decided to merge the charters together because we haven’t seen a movie poster like ours and this is what makes our movie unique. We have wrote the release date at the top because we wanted to make it clear to the audience when is the movie coming out because some movie posters do not tell you about the release date. with this it has clearly shown there is a big difference in the charters and the location because of the colours we have used we have made the colours contrast because this is what will make everything unique and we had to make sure the characters look different ethnicity’s so this will subvert the genre. Our production itself is very different from the stereotype teenagers movie so we had to make our movie poster a counter type to by looking at several other movie posters and comparing them with our post and we was trying to look at what they have not done and see what we can do. By doing this I think we have made the movie poster as best as we can.

For example like Twilight and Batman they both have got thier main characters on the front of the poster this is to show who the main chacracters are they both have not included the relase dates or any additional information like our movie thier movie posters are very bland so we needed to do something different so we carried on looking at movie posters.

then we have discovered the movie Avengers Assemble this was the only movie poster all of my group agreed to and never pointed out anything wrong they had credits at the bottom they also had the release date which is easy to see. So we used Avengers as a guide line of our movie poster and this helped us make our movie poster as good as it is because it it shows a little bit of the storyline in the background and it has the main characters at the front of it.

Filmography: Title-Year-director

Twilight (I) (2008) Director:catherine Hardwicke-acsessed-08-02-2013

Batman Returns (1992)Director:Tim Burton-08-02-2013

Avengers Assemble (2012)Director:Joss Whedon


http://uk.imdb.com/title/tt1099212/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 Accessed on 3/03/13

http://uk.imdb.com/title/tt0103776/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 Accessed on 3/03/13

http://uk.imdb.com/title/tt0848228/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 Accessed on 3/03/13

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Magazine Cover

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This is our final movie magazine from cover which was made for our movie. On the front it shows the two main characters half of their faces it shows that they have put together or they have a split personality the audience will have to figure out what is happening. This is something very different from the genres we have chosen. Normal action and thriller has got a picture of the main character and maybe a explosion in the back with ours we have shown the location is different behind each character for example like James Bond Skyfall they have got the main charter with a gun in his hand we did not want to make our movie typical to the genre so we subverted it by showing a contrast of backgrounds. We have included the barcode to make it professional and like it is a real movie magazine and we have also added the price at the top. We have also added in little sub heading which would attract the customers as it shows that there is interesting things in the magazine, which is Kim Kardashian who is a celebrity known worldwide, we have added information about her saying she is going to be in a new movie that is going to be released which will get attention as customers will want to find out more. We have used Empire magazine because they are a famous company who review movies and they only review good movies


Skyfall 2012 Director:Sam Mendes- acsessed on 08 feb 2013


http://uk.imdb.com/title/tt1074638/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 Accessed on  8/02/13

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Video Diary

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 Today we was editing we have started our photo magazine and we are doing the final touches to our media movie trailer so we are making sure that the sound of the movie trailer comes in at the right time this is very hard to do because we need to make the length of the sound longer which we do not know how to do also i am going to put in lots of different items on our movie magazine like the review of famous people. we chose to put the review of famous people because people are more influenced by celebrities and they are more likely to listen to what a celebrity says then what a friend or someone says. We have also done a our movie film cover and we are going to post this soon as long with our magazine page i hope you enjoy it.

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First Draft Of Our Movie Trailer

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Here is our media project we have put on what we have done so far  we need to add in more more shots we need to do the car scene again because it is not very realistic we need to do the whole scene again and also do a scene of the new character waking up and also we need to do the montage we should have our final piece ready for next week at the end of it.

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