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April 30, 2013

Final Written Evaluation

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Her is our version of the film evaluation. Myself along with , Raqib and Jordan all came together in this video to speak about the final production. Instead of recording each other we decided if we done a group conversation about it because it would be more interesting than one person speaking about it.

The camera quality is not too good but we have tried our utmost best at explaining our opening film in this video.

April 27, 2013

questions for feed back and Filmed Audience Feedback

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what did you like ?

why did you like it?

what didnt you like?

why didnt you like it?

what could we do to make it better?

 We asked 3 people these questions and here is what they thought of it

March 8, 2013

Final Production

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After filming for many weeks we have came up with this opening, the film is called ‘money on my block’, and is an action thriller. It is rated a 15 due to scenes of violence.


We got a lot of help from the codes and conventions of our film and watching trailers, in particular Taken (2008). This helped us get an idea of an action/kidnapping film. Another film was Transporter 2 (2008) this was based on a kidnapping as well thats why we thought of using these two films

Also, by creating a mood board before recording the film opening we new our key props, setting, actors and camera shots/angles needed to be used.

As you can see in the opening of our film, it is based on a mafia owned by a woman (Katrina Tzaganaku) who has orderd two males (Raqib Zulfiqar and Umair Nasar) to kidnap the jogger who is Haider sultan.

We have subverted from the usual stereotype where a female gets kidnapped by a male and had the male getting kidnapped by a female led mafia. We done this instead of doing the stereotypical kidnapping.

 Refrences: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7Q-WLlZl-Y



Feedback Questions

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Here is our recording of our audience feedback and our 6 question we have thought of to get an idea of what people think of our final media production.

1. What did you like about our final production?

2. Why did you like it?

3. What didnt you you like about it?

4. Why didnt you like it?

5. What could we do to improve this production?

6. Was the music that we used relevant to the genre?


Thank you to Shaheena Yasmin, Ahmna Hussain and Jordan Harrison for taking part in our feedback process and answering our questions


January 12, 2013

Final Desicions

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  1. Sound track:

We have a friend who has made a rap about money and asked him if we could use his soundtrack in the opening of our film. He has agreed to this because he is just making music for fun. The song is named ‘money on my block’; we thought this was a good idea because our film is based on kidnapping for money. The block is like the area in which the film is set in. So the song is perfect for the film.


We will be using police sirens to show something has gone wrong and it also shows danger. This is also a signifier, the police signs will be used as background music because due to our budget we can’t get hold of an actual police car driving with sirens on down the road.

We will be using mostly natural sounds because we don’t need much alteration

3. costumes:

-Jogging gear= because the opening scene is consisted of the man who is going to kidnapped in his jogging bottoms going for an afternoon jog.

-Dark clothing= will be used for the kidnappers so they will not be seen.

-Pyjamas= the second scene in our film is when the woman is all alone in her house not knowing where her husband is. She will be getting out of bed so pyjamas will be a necessary costume needed.

4.    Props:

             We are basing our film on a kidnapping so we will need to have balaclavas as a prop to cover the actors faces with. Also, kidnapping usually requires some sort of weapon, so weapons will be one of our main props needed to make our opening successful. When the victim gets kidnapped they will be thrown into the back of a car, this will be another prop used in our film. Mobile phones will be used by the victim’s wife when she tries to get in touch with her husband but no one answers or replies.                 

5.   Lighting:

Most of our lighting if not all will be natural, we will be filming in the day for decent lighting and 10-20 seconds of a scene may be at night so we may need lamp shades and flash lights to make the lighting better in one small scene. Apart from this majority of the snaps will be outdoor scenes so the lighting will hopefully be okay


January 8, 2013

Storyboard Anamatics

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We have made various drawings and uploaded them onto our blog showing what will happen in the opening of our film. We have not been successful in putting credits at the start yet but we will ty again in doing so. Here is the anamatic we have made using MovieMaker.

As you can see in the video the guy gets kidnapped which is diffrent from the steriotypical films where the male gets kidnapped. Another film which does something like this is Taken 2 where the mom and dad get kidnappped and the daughter tries to be the hero and save the day.

The pictures are drawn to show the woman trying to get in touch with her husband, little does she know he has been kidnapped. It also shows that it has been about 3 days since he has came home.

Preliminary not finished

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This our preliminary task. The first one we made did not work out there where many mistakes in there. This one is much better, we have included over the shoulder shot, opening and closing of the door and the 180 degree rule.

 There was one massive problem with our old preliminary video. The problem was the over the shoulder shot was not not right one bit. We have done it properly now. as you can see underneath there is a print screen of the perfect over the shoulder shot.


November 30, 2012


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This was our first attempt at camera shots and angles. We have not done it right at all right.

As you can see we have done several things wrong.

  • The over the sholder shot has not been done properly, it is more like over the head than over someones shoulder



  • The door opens a little then when it opens from another angle it is open too much.


  • Also, throughought the recording the camera is constantly shaking.

we have now made a proper version to our preliminary showing all the correct shots as this one was a failure

November 9, 2012

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Preliminary Research Task

Continuity editing is when the style is visibly continuous and we tend not to notice the gasps and breaks of scene changes, editing and subtitles. This is split into two categories; these categories are spatial continuity and temporal continuity.

When covering a scene there are 5 different types of shots needed, these are:

  • Establishing shot
  • Master take
  • Shot/reverse shot
  • Cut away
  • Close up and extreme close up

Spatial editing is when a scene is shot in one room where cuts take place but the scene still takes place at the setting. There are 3 main rules in special editing as well, these are:

  • 180 degrees rule-  this is when An imaginary line like an axis which connects the characters and by keeping the camera on one side of this axis for every shot in the scene, the first character will always be frame right of the second character, who is then always in the frame left of the first. If the camera passes over the axis, it is called crossing the line or jumping the line.


Shot/ reverse shot- when usually there is a conversation between 2 people. The camera would usually be on the both of the characters at once. It shows conversation and sometimes the camera goes over the shoulder of a character to view the other character while speaking

  • Match on action shot- this is editing technique where one shot moves to another shot showing the action of the subject in the first shot.

  Temporal Editing

This is the second part of continuity editing; it is when loads of cuts are used to show something happen over a period of time. A good example of this is when Sylvester Stallone is training in his classic boxing sequels called ‘Rocky’. All of the Rocky films include a montage what shows his training.  Here is the Rocky 2 montage trailer which shows his training over a period of time:


http://www.slideshare.net/joe940/match-on-action-180-rule-shot-reverse-shot – Accessed–1st November 2012
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/180-degree_rule – Accessed –1st November 2012
http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ZcJPpjz7ZxI/TZH0H7oaT5I/AAAAAAAAACc/txDrgYfvxCQ/s1600/Shot-Reverse-Shot.png –  accessed–1st November 2012

http://uk.imdb.com/title/tt0079817/ – 8th November 2012

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