New magazine

New magazine

Above is our new magazine cover for Empire Magazine. We made changes based on the feedback from our old magazine which is shown below. The feedback told us that the old magazine was abit bare and should include more content from other films. Therefore, we have added ‘Exclusive interviews’ with pictures of popular stars and also included a section about ‘Iron Man 3’ which has just been released, this will attract fans of the stars/Iron Man to the magazine and potentially read about our production.

Old magazine

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Written Evaluation

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Video Evaluation

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Audience Feedback

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Poster & Magazine Analysis

Its important to target all types of audiences when promoting your product. There are a variety of ways in which you can successfully promote the product, we decided to use a poster and a magazine to promote our media product. We decided to use a poster and magazine because they can help reach out to a large audience, our magazine cover was from Empire which has a lot of readers because of how popular the magazine is, using them would help us promote our product. Our poster would be able to target a large audience too because it can be posted online and also in cinemas to attract those who like similar media products. We tried to keep a consistent layout and also similar fonts/colours to make it professional.

We have used a quote to add effect to the poster, this relates to the plot of our production. We have included important information such as the producer and director, this is common on all film posters. The title is bold and appealing to attract the audiences attention. The background we have used is dark but has brightness from the sun set. This works well for our poster as it shows both a devastated city yet a small glimpse of hope.

An image of our main character is at the front so the audience can identify the character, this is useful if your production has a famous actor because it will appeal to their fans. We have also included the release date of the film which is important because it informs the audience of when they can watch the film.

An example we looked at is ‘Source Code’, this contains quote with the main character being the focal point, the title of the production is also bold and stands out.










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Enforcer trailer – Final

You can view our final production for our trailer of ‘The Enforcer’. We have based it on the three act structure to help the audience understand our trailer.

Act one:
This introduces our main character and helps explain our plot because he keeps asking where he is, this suggests he has memory loss and is confused.

Act two:
This helps establish the problem that occurs for our protagonist throughout our production. This is when our main character is talking to the female character who is explaining about his memory loss but before she can tell him everything, he kills her because his assassination mode is triggered by the company that have caused his memory loss. He then finds out that the female character was his sister.

Act three:
This involves a fast paced montage of clips throughout our production, this is intended to excite the audience and attract them to watch the film. We have included clips of our main character assassinating people and being chased by people which is fast paced. We have also included a controversial scene where our character kills a young child, this is an attempt to create word of mouth and get people talking about our production as you wouldn’t see a scene like this in many other productions in our genre. This scene is also important to our production because the young boy is Adolf Hitler. He carried out this assassination because the company giving him orders thought it would have a positive effect on our modern day lifes because of the bad stuff Adolf Hitler did during World War two. However, it has the opposite effect because a virus starts to spread and we dont have the medicine to deal with it because the studies that the Nazi’s carried out that could solve the situation no longer exists.

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Our Media Trailer Draft

A draft of our trailer is embeded above. This needs to be reuploaded because one of the scene skips, this needs to be fixed and then reuploaded.

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Location scouting


Many action thriller films use a bridge as one of the chase scenes whether it is in a car or on foot, This is why we feel that it is a key convention of our genre of choice. The location that we have chosen is the bridge in the bullring which connects the two buildings together. Although it may be difficult to record due to how busy it is in town, we feel that it will make our film more realistic by showing ordinary people and surroundings while something irregular takes place. A chase scene across a bridge connotes danger and excitement, which is why we have chosen this.

Train station:

The train station scene will be recorded in Birmingham town centre and is usually a quiet location at certain times when no trains are arriving. In this scene, Jack will kill a man with his security guard near, which leads to the scene where the security is chasing him. The train station is a location where people wait for something to arrive, we didn’t want to make our scene robotic by the man randomly standing around, therefore we chose a this location so it is more understandable to the audience why the man is there. The scene will start by the assassin murdering the man(Michael), and then being chased along the platform.

Jakes house:

The Living room scene will be recorded in Jake’s house, this is to add to the realism of the woman carrying out her normal everyday tasks in her home before she is killed by Jack. A living room is scene as a place of relaxation and sense of security, however we wanted to tip this upside down and have the assasin murdering her in her own house. We want the woman to feel safe and trust towards jack before she is killed to portay a poor misjudgment, this is shown by her welcoming him into her home feeling as if she has nothing to fear from a man she has never met since there seperation at birth. The living room is a natural environment and is in many action/thriller films, they are mainly used for dialogue or to build suspnse to a climax we will incorporate both into our trailer.

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Production Schedule

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