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Video Evaluation

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Final Production and Evaluation

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Here is our final production, this production that lasted weeks/months with editing, filming and planning has been completed this production gives viewers the action/spy film that we wanted them to have and has similar aspects to a James Bond film. This production took heavy planning with my other group members which included a Mood Board  which was our plan for the genre, Codes and Conventions of film openings and studied them as well which give us a clear overall into film openings, Genre Research, 500 Word Treatment and the Storyboard which was a drawn plan for our the film opening is going to be displayed when finished.

To make our production different from other spy films like James bond we put a special feature in place to make our production more original ad interesting to the audience, OCD. This was portrayed in our production with the hand sanitiser which give the audience a understanding of the character even before watching, it also makes you wonder different things about the spy e.g. how does he kill with that problem and is it easy being a spy with that problem which makes people question before its started.



Here is our evaluation of the film production and explains everything about our production before we started it  and gives a rough idea of how much thought was put into this. The first couple of slides introduce you to the evaluation which then goes onto the preparation which was put into the film opening to make it work.

The 2 slides after the opening are about the film opening we individually chosen to use as a start up idea and to help give a idea what our film opening must look like with the genre in mind. We also explained how this helped us plan our film opening and make it suited towards the genre we had decided on so it suites well with the rest of our production and does not tamper with the mood and feel we are trying to give the audience.

The next 2 slides explain how the audience should feel while watching these characters e.g. stereotypes and the technical skills used in our production which includes Props and other accessories needed to make our production better and more realistic with the genre.

The 2 slides after that were describing the institutions we used e.g. paramount pictures to tell you the reasons we chose the institution we did and the research before hand to make sure it was suited for the type of film we chose.

The 2 slides after institutes were about Audience research as we wanted to know what age is appropriate for viewing this film and a rough idea into the profile of the audience we predict to appear e.g. teens, adults etc. We had to choose also the age rating by studying BBFC which was a company who chooses age appropriateness for films.

The next 2 slides explain audience feedback but the video don’t work on the PowerPoint so here is the research to go with the description i have designed to explain what we did to know how our audience felt after watching our production and any improvements they had which could help make it better.


Technology was the next 2 slides and was explaining the resources we used to create our production and how creative we were with the updated technology we used to create our production e.g. editing etc. With this as well we told of any problems our team had while filming our production and the final stages of it before released with a part were we tell you what our group would do next time to make it better.


The final 2 slides link to our Preliminary task and help you understand any problems we have altogether as a group and the final evaluation with the positives and negatives of the production and improvements for next time.

We aslo have video outakes which are the clips we chose not to put into our production.




Bibliography –



Websites – – Assessed 16/2/2013 – Assessed 16/2/2013 – Assessed 16/2/2013 – Assessed 16/2/2013 – Assessed 16/2/2013


Filmography –

—2004 – SAW (James Wan)

2012 – Sky fall (Sam Mendes)

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Shooting Diary

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This is a way of saying where we are in our production and what were the problems we have faced during this work. So far our production has been planned and have a tick list for our film shots so we can use and remember the shot we need or have used.

We have most of the media shots used in our production and are on this list where when used will be ticked but we did have some problems with our production so far, these included;

  • members of our production was ill


  • Weather was also a problem as we could not do our production if it was too cold or raining/snowing.


  • Clothing and props were also a problem as it was hard to find the right props e.g. a gun and wearing suits was also difficult as  the weather was difficult in snow.

Where we had problems we found ways around it and are still producing our production even if the weather is -3 and snowing we will use it in our production and carry on filming.


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Final Decisions

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Soundtrack –

Our soundtrack will be a range of diffrent music, we will use both diegetic and non – diegetic to make each part of our production more realistic. We will use a range of diffrent types of music to be added and to give our production the amazment it needs to keep our auidence intrigued to watch more.

Here is a example of the kind of music that will be in our production.

Sound Effects –

We will use a few sound effects to make our props seem more real and will use youtube to find and use these effects. Our main sound effects are going to be the sound of guns firing and maybe some combat sound effects like neck snapping sound effect to make our production seem like the spy is killing his eniemies.


Costumes –

Our main costumes are going to be the suit or black clothing to express the fact that he is a governement agent. If we cannot get a suit then we will use any type of black clothing, he will also wear something over his head to hide his identity more and become more secretive. We may also use Sun Glasses to hide his eyes and make his identity secret.

Props –

Props are important for our production as they are vital for a action and spy movie and makes our production more realistic. Our main props are going to be guns and phones as they both fit in to our genre and makes the movie more interesting, we will also use certain gadgets to make the spy more secret and high tech with tracking and other ways of advanced technology.

Lighting –

Lighting will depend on the scene for example when we are at the fighting scene it will be dull and cloudy and then we are locating the enemy base it will be bright. We are going to use the lighting to show how the spy feels in each scene e.g. when he has found what he is after it will be bright, when fighting it will be dull and cloudy etc.

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Production Schedule

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Here is my production schedule that our group made to tell us what we are doing on each day of filming and can tell us who helps do what e.g. liam brady helps camera work and props which can help our production.

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Film Opening Animatic

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Above is the Animatic we made of our opening for our opening, Animatics are where images of a certain scene become a moving images and help use to plan and understand our movie productions.


Shots and scenes are vital to help make a animatic work and become successful, angles are also important to make it easier to follow and help plan the real production. We desided in our group our animatic and the diffrent angles and shots we were going to use and started drawing and producing our storyboard which then became our final moving image called an animatic.

our animatic is about a spy/detective that goes on a mission to infiltrate a base that he believes is home to someone with a evil plot. The main twist with this spy is that he has Ocd which can be a big problem to a spy and makes it more difficult to complete missions but will he succeed his name is Agent Zero.





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Film opening analysis

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The movie started with a dark background and then the lion’s gate logo came out off the darkness with the sound of thunder and lightning which are the company that made it(the company is a horror genre and never changes), and then the secondary company came out twisted pictures. The colour of the background is dark and black which tells the audience it’s a horror/thriller film. They chose this to give the audience the scary atmosphere.

 The name of the creator then appears and the other creator of the film with the still black background. With no sound it gives a sense of silence and being lonely it gives it a more frightening atmosphere already to the audience. The silence also gives a tense atmosphere and makes them feel cold with the expectation of something horrifying coming.


The sound of underwater sounds can be heard and you see a light floating down the screen and then the name of the movie appears and dissolves into the darkness.



You then see the light beam on the actors face underwater and then a sequence of shots where the man tries to get out the bath gasping for air and the plug being pulled and the blue light being sucked into the plug this may suggest the actor not breathing and it going down the drain suggests him running out of air. 

Then the character falls out off the bath spitting out the access water and limped over to the pole where he noticed he was chained too which suggests to the audience a feeling he is trapped and is a captive to someone.

The next scene shows him calling for help until he hears the sound of a loud scraping sound on the floor and the character looks around with scared and confused facial expressions. The camera choice was made to give the audience an overlook of the situation with the actor and the scenery around them.

The man asks who is there which gives an indication to the audience that it is pitch black to the audience but we can see him so we can focus on the character he then wonders on to the left to the pole with dark lighting and confused facial expression, then an answer comes out the darkness. You can now see a bit more of the set and can tell it’s a bathroom as there is a bath and toilet. The man then has a conversation with the mystery character  on where they are and why is it dark the director has made the mysterious character because they are expressing the fact it is dark and they cannot see each other.


The camera angle changes to look at the roof and the lights turn on with the banging sound to create the dramatic effect with the guy being blinded by the light with his facial expression of pain in his eyes which tells the audience he has been in the dark for a while.

Then the character looks around with the blur in his eyes to make the audience know the eyes are in pain from the light then we go to the mystery character which is holding on a pipe and sweating which tells the audience its hot and dirty as we see the grime from the pipes.


Then last shots of the opening is what’s in the middle of the two characters which is a guy with blood around him and his head exploded then it goes to a close up of what he is holding which is a recorder and a gun, this makes the audience start guessing what has happened to the man on the floor and is that going to happen to the other characters, it’s also clues to the death on the floor.

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preliminary music video

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Here is our video of the preliminary production but with the music effects to give our production a more realistic effect and  puts more drama into the production

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Preliminary Video

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Here is the video which me and my group produced with me as an actor, reise orbell as an actor and Liam brady as the camera man. We used different camera angles and shots and had a great time filming and producing this video.

the plot was mainly jordan comes in and sits down and reads a news article and must tell someone about it and calls his mate who comes in and finds out how unintersting it is so he walks out. we used alot of angles and techniques from the 180 degree rule to shot reverse shots.

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Audience Research Task

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1)      Audience research is important because the audience needs questioning if they like the sound of the plot because without at least half the audience being happy with it the movie will get bad reviews.


2)      Demographic means the Audiences in the view of media producers and industries are imaginary entity e.g. surveys but the producers and industries have a typical audience member in mind. The characteristics of people and these criteria are often used to identify characteristics of the target audience for particular media text e.g. The movie characters self image, gender, age, family etc are normally determined depending on the audience’s decision and the genre of the movie e.g. horror movie with hot girl in or an action film with a muscle man in etc

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon 

Source: JMorris lesson

Another example of demographic is how the television scheduling is done according to the daytime work habits e.g. breakfast, 12.00pm-4:00pm daytime, 4:00pm-7:00pm teatime, 7:00pm-10:00pm primetime, 10:00pm-1:00am late evening and 1:00-7:00am is graveyard TV.

1)      The audience theory’s have two types, passive and active. Passive is where the audience believes anything said or seen and the active theory means that you as a person believes what you believe (own opinion)

Hypodermic Needle theory is a theory which believes that the audience can manipulate other people e.g. one person can watch a movie and say it’s amazing which manipulates you to go and watch it this is a passive theory.

Two step flow model is another theory  this is when one person is the opinion leader and they say something and everyone else is persuaded to do it e.g. buy a game then say it’s good then others will go for it. This is a passive theory.

 Another theory is the users and gratifications which is an active theory which suggests the audience has a set of needs that are met by the media which basically means the audience decides what they think about the movie.

The one theory that I believe best explains the media’s relationship with the audience is the users and gratifications as most people decide for themselves if the movie is good or not and not other people but some people can be persuaded and manipulated to watch movies depending on if they have watched it or not.

Bibliography: N/A

Websites Used:


Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon(2011) -Michael Bay:

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D(2013) – John luessenhop:

Dumb and Dumber (1994) – Peter Farrelly:

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