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After weeks of filming and editing, this is our final production. As you can see from our previous production, it is much more improved, with more advanced editing and also an opening soundtrack has been put into place.

The primary film that we got our inspiration from was Taken (2008), this is because it is personally one of my favourite action films and also we wanted to base our action film on a kidnapping, hence why we chose Taken as our inspiration because this was a highly successful film that involved a kidnapping. Another successful film that involved a kidnapping that we took ideas from was Transporter 2, because Transporter 2 has more of an action element to it. This is why we decided to take ideas from these two films.

From the opening of our production, you can see that there is a ‘gang’ that is ran by a woman (Katerina Tzogonakou) and she orders two of her members (Raqib Zulfiqar and Umair Nasar) to kidnap a person that owe’s her some money (Haider Sultan). This is why the production is called ‘Money On My Block’ because a ‘block’ is another word for an area that you live in. Also, by having a female ring leader, this is subverting the stereotype of an action film, because usually the leader would be a male.

Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome of this production as it was set out exactly as planned.


Taken ( 2008) – Pierre Morel

Transporter 2 (2005) – Louis Leterrier

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Jordan – where is your evaluation work? You need to upload the work you have coverd so far please.

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