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  1. Poster Changes

    May 1, 2013 by Kashif Zaman A2

    This is our old movie that we had to change because of the amount of detail in the background of the image. So we tried changing the background to a less busy one so that it didn’t consist of so many colours and little things that built it up.


    We then updated and received similar feed back on this poster that the background was still to busy so we had to cut down the detail as much as possible and focus on a colour scheme that suited both characters. We had than been asked to search a movie poster that would be similar to ours so then we looked up a poster for a movie called “Face/Off” because it would be similar to ours. We then had to change it again so the poster was more simple and straight to the point with a certain colours.


    We then analysed this poster at group and decided it was about a certain type font and colour with focus on the main character(s). This important because people just would often take a glance poster gaining the little information then depending on that they would watch it. They wouldn’t concentrate on the major detail of the poster so that’s why we had changed ours, we wanted to meet the audience requirements.


     We then as grouped started thinking about the colours and the characters main appearance on the front. the background was less focus because we understood that the detail in it would be no help from the feedback we had received. We changed a poster too what is below and made it simple with two colour scheme; blue and grey. We also changed the font a little of the layout again trying to meet what the audience would see and understand from a quick view of the poster.

    Filmography: Title-Year-director

    Face Off (1997) Director: John Woo

    Websites: – Accessed on 28 April 2013

  2. Video Evaluation

    March 12, 2013 by Kashif Zaman A2

  3. Evaluation

    March 8, 2013 by Kashif Zaman A2

  4. Feedback for movie trailer

    March 8, 2013 by Kashif Zaman A2

  5. Everything Must Change – Final

    February 14, 2013 by Kashif Zaman A2

  6. Movie Trailer Draft 2

    February 8, 2013 by Kashif Zaman A2

    This is our second movie production draft, we were going to originally give this in as the final piece to our project, but after receive feed from our peers and teachers what could be changed before posting the final daft. They had all mentioned two certain titles which were at the start. Those two titles saying “By being the little man who had a bigger plan” and “to become the bigger man”. The reason these two titles were targeted by the people who were giving feed back was because they said it didn’t make sense and neither did it look good because it sound much like ‘street’ talk known as slang.

    We’re going to change this to meet the standards required from the feedback we have received. As you can see the feedback we’re receiving is doing us well because from the first daft we have change the trailer and it’s footage a lot which is shown in the second footage. We have put in a lot of work changing it, especially in mainly editing it to the correct standards to explain the plot. We had to record it to the right standard using all the codes and conventions that may be required within each shot. As soon as our final version has changed it’s tittles and being edited correctly it will be posted.

  7. Movie Poster & Magazine

    February 8, 2013 by Kashif Zaman A2

    This is our movie poster and magazine cover that we had designed for our trailer. The movie poster is designed to this standard to purposely contrast and clash with on another sides. The reason we have done this is to purposely show the characters background and personality. The background also brings out the characters within the pictures to show who they’re and what background they belong too.

    The poster is meant to show bad and good and dark and light, this will signify the characters, there backgrounds and their input towards the movie. An example it can be compared to is the movie poster to Spiderman.

    The reason it can compare to this is because the contrast between the characters two personality. Our one is similar, if you look at the Spiderman poster you can see how Peter Parker’s faces is more bright the Spidermans because he is innocent but on the other hand Spiderman is classed as a criminal but is also innocent.

    As for the magazine we have totally gone for a different background and approach. The reason we have done this is because we wanted to show the characters from life stlye by showing the city, he is like a normal citizen. We have added a hint of graffiti over laying the city picture briefly to show that he isn’t even from the wealthy side of the city and much more from the povety side of the city. You can compare to this too Inception. The reason I have compared our magazine to the Inception one is because it show the lifestyle of the character and basically his job title, what he is doing for a living.

    It also have a certain type of colour theme, like the Inception has a blue colour theme as for ours it has a red colour theme to follow. This makes the magazine one theme to follow but it also shows the character and expresses the characters personality and background. If you look at Leonardo Dicaprio on the poster and in the movie Inception he is a friendly, but on the bad side to a little which makes the blue a natural colour because he is neither good or bad. If you look out ours both character in a sense are bad characters this why we used a red themed magazine.

    This is why our magazine and movie poster were created to this standard and following these colours and images. This all to show the characters background and how they may act. They both to express the characters personality and background life.

    Name – Year – Director

    Inception – 2010 – Christopher Nolan

    The Amazing Spiderman – 2012 – Marc Webb

    Wesbite(s) – Accessed on Feb 8, 2013 – Accessed on Feb 8, 2013 – Accessed on Feb 8, 2013  – Accessed on Feb 8, 2013 – Accessed on Feb 8, 2013

  8. Movie Trailer Draft

    February 8, 2013 by Kashif Zaman A2

  9. Editing Diary

    January 8, 2013 by Kashif Zaman A2

    We have been editing throughout the day developing our shots and find what sequence the footage should be sorted. We have been looking at mainly how the clips and different scenes can flow and run with one another to create one full act structure which will give more excitement and thrill.

    We so far edited each scene to fit the timeline and have edited the first act scenes together so the act flows. This will give the  audience an understanding of what is happening and what we are trying to show of that act. We have edited and put together act 2 and 3 together sorting out the timing of each act and how long the should last so the audience does no loose interest of watching the trailer. These shots will be together and effects maybe added like how we have added on act 1 scenes so they’re more interesting rather then boring and seems like nothing is happening within them.

  10. Risk Assessment

    December 5, 2012 by Kashif Zaman A2


    This our risk assessment for our filming tomorrow to advise were we will be going to film and to check if we have emergency contact number in case something happens.

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