Forgetting Media Product Written Evaluation


 Above is my media product written evaluation, which answers questions about my media product in decent amounts of detail. The written evaluation gives a basic summary of everything that was done for our production, from the planning to the extra ancillary texts that I used. We also recorded as a group a video evaluation, so that we had two different forms explaining why we made the choices we did for our production. Different information can also be put into each evaluation, as my written evaluation I have added detail in the form of links and images, whereas the video evaluation can be explained through speech. Using links, videos and images within my written evaluation will help aid users viewing, as they will be able to see a visual representation of this, and back up a point making my work reliable and also look professional, as a link or resource cannot be mentioned within a video evaluation. The links that I have used within my evaluation also shows viewers examples of technology I have sued as I have linked them to my blog, which also shows al the planning and work I did before and after making the production, proving that I have done the work.

Location Scouting


graveshot-2-10dl1yo-150x150 Graveyard-shot-1-o9xgut Location-scouting-rs5j1z-150x150

Above are images of the locations we used to film our media production in. We used everyday scenery and locations so that our production would look believable to the audience, and audience members may be able to relate to the production, because it everyday life surroundings that they themselves would see form day to day.

Forgetting Media Product Audience Feedback

The video above is the audience feedback for our film trailer production, which included 3 audience members reviewing our trailer in order to see whether we had met the criteria that as needed. We began by writing around 7 questions related to out film trailer that we would ask them, and they would then have to answer these questions based around subjects such as whether they understood our trailer, the plot, the conventions and the scenes we used. We conducted audience research in the hope that we would obtain some useful information and feedback which can be taken into account and used when making future productions. As well as things that could be changed or altered within the trailer, audience feedback also reveals the good parts of the trailer, and which could be kept and used again in future productions as it worked well. All media productions will do this in order to gain the correct feedback, whether the production company is of a professional standard or amateur, although professional production companies will have a much more lengthy process of doing so, and can spend thousands of pounds perfecting their productions.

Collecting both negative and positive feedback is important as it gives producers the needed information and advice to change their productions to the highest standard, especially as audiences view films differently from their own point of view, whereas someone on the production team may be biased against the production, and the feedback gained may not be a true reflection of audience views. We firstly wanted to ensure that the audience members that watched our trailer could see what it was roughly about and could grasp the plot, which they answered yes to, proving that the overall purpose of our trailer was a success as it was understood by the audience. We then wanted to find out whether the audience members could delve deeper into the trailer and pick up on any key concepts, which they again answered yes to, meaning that our trailer was once again an overall success with our audience.


Forgetting Media Product Video Evaluation

This is our media production evaluation for our film trailer ‘Forgetting’, it has been made using the same questions as those on the written evaluation, but have been expanded upon, due to speaking about a question, being much simpler than writing/typing it onto a slide show. The difference between writing down an evaluation and speaking it, is that it can sometimes be difficult to explain a point in written form, whereas when spoken it is easier to expand of points well and make them easily understandable for the audience. Throughout the media evaluation the aim is to inform the audience of what we did for our production, starting at the beginning stage which was planning, and finishing with our extra ancillary texts, which I have explained in the written evaluation, and then explain further in the video above. The evaluation served the purpose it was supposed to, and all of the questions used in our written evaluation we answered well in our video evaluation, and were expanded upon well, and what was said was planned well. Although the video is long it includes the correct amount of information needed and the correct amount of time to explain all of the needed points. The reliability of our responses were not only of a high quality but were accurate and given to a professional level, especially as both members of the group that were talking focused upon two different sides of the production of the film, and could discuss different things better than one another, as they would have a greater knowledge.  A good advantage of using a video evaluation for our work is that is it easier to understand and more enjoyable to learn from and take in information, rather than researching into links and topics found in the written evaluation, which some audiences may not wish to do.

Forgetting Magazine Cover

Above is the magazine front cover for our media production, using famous film magazine Empire as a template. We chose to use Empire as it is not only the most famous but the most known film magazine, and would be a good from of advertising for our film as the magazine has many thousands of readers that may view our film due to it being advertised in Empire. The magazine front is part of using ancillary texts because it would take place after our initial production has been completed and sent out.

As the genre of our film trailer was physiological thriller, we tried to show this through our magazine cover as we did on our film poster. We did this through the use of dark colour and distortion again, as the text in the background of the magazine cannot be seen correctly, and will make the audience question as to what it is, as well as the background being dark signifying mystery. Much like our film poster we have singled out the main character in our production by not distorting the image of them, so that the audience can clearly see they are the main person within the film, and the distorted background they are in represents their mind set.

As magazine front covers do not only feature a main film, and include other articles, we included an article featuring the best films of 2012, along with a list of best selling films of 2012. We then included images of these films, to make our magazine cover look more believable and professional. Other details we added included, the magazine title, how much it cost, a bar code, the empire website, the date of the magazine issue, and also a link line relating to our film.


Forgetting Film Poster

Above is the film poster for our production, where the main character can be seen situated within the main frame of the poster, this is because it is the main character and the production is based around her. The image has then been distorted surrounding the character which is linked to the illness and despair of the character, as the surrounding is made to look ‘not normal’, which is how the character is feeling. The point of a film poster is to advertise the media product through conventions and clear indicators that relate to the film and its genre, our media products genre was physiological thriller, which is related to dark colours and distortion and mystery. The clothing of our main character is dark, and black, which is usually associated through death and evil, which relates to the charters mind set. We have also placed the character in an everyday background, but have distorted this which not only centres the character in the shot showing they are the main character, but also signifies how she doesn’t feel like herself in a normal everyday scene. All convention information is also found on our poster, such as the production company, the release date for the film, and production information, all of these conventions are quick indicators for a film poster.

It is essential for film poster to be related to the media production as well as the gnre trhoguh convetnions, becasue an irrelevant film poster will not achive its tagert of attarcting an audience, and will not be a truthful representation of the film. Looking at other film posters you can see that that follow the convetins of a film poster and the genre is easily idenfiable, with teh use of dark colours, confusion and illusion. The film poster below are from the same genre as our film trailer and are proffesionally done, the example I am looking at are Donnie Darko and shutter Island:

The professional design can be seen in all of the film posters above, and fit the conventions of the physiological thriller genre. The posters are both easily distinguishable for their genre and are designed with the intention of confusing the audience and intriguing them. When looking at the Donnie Darko poster, it consists of a single image on a black background, however within this image are several other images making it more complex than at first glance, and making the audience question it. The shutter island poster is similar to this, as it again includes a dark background with very similar images placed over this, making the audience question it.

Forgetting Film Trailer

Forgetting Draft 1:

Forgetting Final Trailer:

The videos above show the first draft for our production and the final product for our production. We have a daft for our production because after it was completed we watched over the footage and felt hat there were some changes that needed to be made in order to improve the production and finish it to a professional level. These changes included the soundtrack that we used, as we initially found it difficult to find a copyright free soundtrack that accompanied the mood of our film trailer, where as in a our final trailer the new soundtrack that we have used not only accompanied our trailer but sets the mood well, and is copyright free. A few minor adjustments were needed in the editing our of production, but after these were made our trailer now looks more professional and changes how it is viewed.

‘Forgetting’ Animatic

Above is the animatic that we have made, in which we will base our film trailer around. The animatic consist of images that we used when storyboarding our ideas for our film trailer, and are the rough ideas which we will use when filming for the official trailer. As this is only a template, our film piece may differ from this slightly, but will be loosely based and reflected through the animatic.

Risk Assessment

Above shows the risk assessment that we had to fill out in order to film for our trailer. It is important to fill out a risk assessment, as things can always go wrong during filming, and it is important to ensure that all aspects such as location, equipment and the actual footage we will film has been planned out before hand, in order for filming to run smoothly without any issues. Also, the health of each member of the group is taken into consideration, and our teacher has had to give permission for us to go and film, and we have signed the document knowing that we are aware of all precautions that need to be taken and we are prepared to film.

Production Schedule

Above is the production schedule that we will use to shoot the first few shots of our film trailer. We may face some problems in terms of weather within our scene, as cold and frost may affect our environment, and also the issue of having enough time to film all of our shots, but we will overcome this by possibly editing the weather afterwards in final cut, and we will also ensure that we delegate equal amounts of time to film each scene, and ensure they are all filmed correctly.