Video Evaluation

The video evaluation was about what we based our film opening on and how we chose to do and also what we focused on, we talk about the ideas we got from it and how we improved it, it was a huge help by doing this as in a future reference we can relate back to this evaluation and look on what we can do better, so this is better for the group in the evaluation the people who are talking are me (Raqib Zulfiqar), Harmeet Bhogal and Jordon Iles

This video was the feedback we got from 3 different people from our sixthform the questions we asked the 3 member of students were:

1. What did you like about our production?

2.Why did you like that?

3.What didn’t you like?

4.Why didn’t you like it?

5.What could we do to improve it?

6.Why does it need to be improved?

7.Are the sounds/music relevent for the video?

This is the opening again but it is developed as we have now put this up to A level standard as we haave now done all the productions, this is beacause we have inserted the characters names and we have imput the diretor and the producers name in the opening but it is right at the end of it and all  the opening titles have been inserted .


 This was the first opening we created, this wasn’t up to A level standard as we never input any productions, as we didn’t tell anyone who done what as we just put in the characters names, we had to input the who directed and produced the opening as well as who started in it so this was our practice production on how we created it without the opening titles.

FeedBack Questions

1. What did you likr msbout our production?


2. Why did you like it?


3. What did you like?


4. What didn’t you like?


5. What could have been improved?


6. Why does it need to be improved


7. Are the sounds/ music relevent for the video?

Final Decisions

1.      Soundtrack

The soundtrack we are going to use has been created by a friend who has created a rap and we have asked to use this for our movie because the name of the song title is similar to the name of the movie opening, this is a great soundtrack to go with opening because the song is based in a hood and our film opening has a similar setting so the song signifies our opening perfectly.   


2.      Sound effects

We will have many sounds the effect playing during the opening this will be stuff like police sirens, screaming, shouting, cars, police radios, phones ringing and many more. We use this to make the movie more dramatic and to build up suspense. Most the sound effects we are going to use will be natural we will use garage band for a few sound affect but other than that we will be using natural sound effects.


3.      Costumes

The costumes that are going to be used are stuff like;

  • Jogging gear- This will be used for the first scene when the character is jogging
  • Dark clothing- to show viewer who the bad guys are
  • Pyjamas- The pyjama’s will be used in the 11th act where the wife is in bed and trying to phone her husband

We need all these to show what each character represents. Without this we wouldn’t know which character is who.   


4.      Props

Based on our film opening we are going to be using many props as out opening is based on kidnapping so we will need props like:

  •  Weapons- this is what many people use in a kidnapping scene we will need something like a gun or a knife to frighten the victim
  • Balaclava’s- we need this to hide the villains identity from the victim
  • Phones- so the villains can phone the heroin for the money
  • Car- so the villains can escape from the scene  


5.      Lighting

The majority of our lighting will be natural as we will be using the day light to film our opening.  We will need to be outside for 30-60 seconds we may need to film in the dark so we might need a flash light or a lamp shade to give the scene better contrast. So for majority of our recording it will be using natural lighting, in a few scenes we may need use some external light.

Film Opening Analysis






Warner Bros Picture and Vertigo Films both produced ‘The Firm’ and both institutes are very big in the United Kingdom so the institutes help the movie to get viewers. By seeing the WB logo we instantly think of cartoons like Looney Toons but the minute you see vertigo films you know that the movie is for adults. WB is based in America and Vertigo Films is found in the UK so this was a big deal for Vertigo Films as WB is a massive industry.  

This movie was made and produced by Nick Love and the Neon lights suggest that the movie isn’t going to be dull it suggests that there is going to be lots to look forward to and the 80’s music suggest that the movie is based in this decade.

This movie is based in London in the 80’s as it says in blue neon writing right hand corner. We can tell the man is the main character of the movie because straight away the camera is based on him and we can see the character is looking in the mirror thinking about something.

This scene suggests that it is early morning as one of the characters is still in bed and because the character is leaning over the other character and he is wearing a tracksuit bottom this is suggesting that the character is going to meet a group of friends or he has a day off work.

The female character seems worries as the male character is whispering something into her ear, and she doesn’t like what she is hearing he may be telling her something that upsets her. The camera angle is a close up, they use this camera angle to show the characters facial expression and you can base the characters mood on the facial expression.

This shows the character is taking a walk and the area around him is a clean area meaning he comes from a good area and you can see the houses are well painted and there is a red ford that was made during the 70-80’s, the car further sets the scene. 

The character is phoning someone from the phone because he either wants to stay anonymous or it is secrecy as he doesn’t want anyone knowing he is calling a certain person. This is building up a scene of mystery and it draws the viewer in as it makes them feel more involved. 

This is the other person on the phone you can tell it is early morning because the character is at home in his night gown and he doesn’t seem happy with the phone call as his facial expression suggests to the audience that something is agitating the character.

The casting director is, Des Hamilton in neon lights in the left hand corner, the character is walking through the tunnel and 80’s music is being play. ‘Get down on it’ by Kool and the Gang. 

The person who sorts out the audio for the movie is called John Magenstede he is in-charge for all the audio also the character has is speed walking because he needs to get somewhere really quick. The three scenes shows the character walking through a tunnel, this might suggest that the movies going to be based on him taking an emotional journey.

This movie is based on the television programme called The Firm and the movie was made by AL Hunter Ashton, the character is walking through the neighbourhood in the autumn season as there are many leaves that have fallen from the tree.  

This scene show the character is going to a gathering outside the pub because there are many people dressed in similar clothes to him; this might suggest they are watching a football match or some sort of event.

The character in the blue tracksuit is the leader of the group or the firm as he is walking in-front and looking back to see if everyone is there and he is the main leader of the group because of his positioning.

The title of the movie is called ‘the firm’ and it is in bright neon writing this is a symbol of the 80’s and neon was a huge hit then and also ‘The Firm’ suggests that the movie is based on gang members and  the meaning of ‘Firm’ is groups of people.

Story Board Anamatic

 This is my part on the story board. The story board is a brief diagram to show what is going to happen in our movie opening. The story board also tells you about the dialogues, sounds and the camera movemnt and it also gives people an idea of the timeing of the scene amd also the what type of shot/ angle will be used.

The opening credits haven’t been put in place neither has the background music as they were uploaded onto the Macs we will update another post where the animation video will be done to the besty of out quality. This is just a short view for people to see what we will be filming about and as you can see in the story board it is going to be about a missing person amd a worried wife. We used Windows Movie Maker to create this anamatic video but it will need to be improved as we still need to use the macs to improve it.


This was a first attempt of the Preliminary task, we have made many mistakes on this but we are going to upload a new video soon and this will be a better version of this, the mistakes that we made are;

  •  The camera was shaking
  • we never got the over shoulder shot
  • there door was opened to wide at a point

We will correct these mistakes by uploading a new and better video to the best of our qualities.








This shows the door is slightly opened.








Then when we move in to the other side the door has been open by a huge amount, this is a massive blooper as we can tell that the character has been really careless.








This was meant to be a over the shoulder shot but as you can see it is over the head, this is the camera mans fault as he never positioned the camera as a right angle, so we would improve this by lowering the camera at a right angle.