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28 Days later is a 2002 horror film directed by Danny Boyle. The film grossed just over $82 million off an estimated $8 million production budget. The Prominent colour in this poster is red. In horror films this can be associated with death and blood. An example of this is a film with weapons such as knives such as the 1978 film Halloween(John Carpenter) and its subsequent sequels. The film had substantially high reviews and also the original film grossed around $47 million off an estimated $300,000 budget. This proves that films with similar themes will be popular as they have been before. A reason films with these themes are successful is because the audience knows what to expect.


Red also signifies love and romance, so this could suggest that there could be a love story in the midst of all of the horror. It wouldn’t be the first time there has been a horror love story, the film Ghost is a thriller romance and it has fairly good reviews off critics and even better reviews off the audience. This can be backed up by the box office figures where the film made $217 million alone in the US, with another $288 million from other territories. Ghost is about a couple deeply in love where the male character is murdered and he must find a way to tell his partner the trouble she is in. Some of the most successful films fit into the horror or romance genre so to have a film that fits in both of these genre’s automatically has a high chance of success as the audience already kind of knows what to expect.

The secondary color of the poster is black, again this suggests death. This with the biohazard warning suggests the film is based around a plague such as the ‘black death’ pandemic. A good example a film similar to this is the 2002 film Resident evil(Paul W.S Anderson). This film grossed around $102 million off a $33 million production budget. This film spawned multiple, highly successful sequels and this proves that films like this have a good chance of being successful. Recently film and TV shows based around something infecting the world have been very popular, TV shows like The Walking Dead, which earns $11 million per episode, and films such as I Am Legend and World War Z. This proves that audiences around the world want more films like this so they would be popular as they are paying to see a genre that is highly successful at the moment. Films in this genre could be very popular as different films would be based around different storylines.

In the background there is a faint image of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. This tells the audience that the film will take place in London, England. The majority of films that have been set in London have been fairly successful. This is because London is one of, if not the most recognizable city in the world, examples of this include the Bond films and also 2005’s Batman Begins(Christopher Nolan). With a production budget of around $150 million the film grossed just over $375 million.


In the poster is the silhouette of a human, it is difficult to see whether he has been infected or not as it is just a silhouette. This is probably done intentionally to add a sense of mystery and entice people to watch the film to find out whether this figure is ‘normal’ or not. This silhouette is black, if it follows the conventions of the color black, from the rest of the poster it would suggest that the figure is infected but even with this there is still some mystery surrounding the figure. From the fact that there is only one figure on the entire poster it would suggest that there is only one main character in the film. Once again this adds a sense of mystery meant to cleverly entice the audience.

There have been films that have only had one character that have been hugely successful such as All is Lost(J.C Chandor) and Hours(Eric Heisserer). Hours, starring Paul Walker, is a film about a dad who is left caring for a premature baby in an abandoned New Orleans hospital in the middle of Hurricane Katrina. The film had positive reviews off critics as well positive feedback off the audience. This proves that films with one character can be a success and audiences are more than willing to watch a film with just one character.


At the top of the poster is the Directors name(Danny Boyle), as well as the name of a hugely successful film that he(Danny Boyle) directed. The film(Trainspotting) was made in 1996 and had great reviews from critics of 89%, as well as the audience 93%( People who have watched Trainspotting would know that Danny Boyle is a good director so this new film thats directed by him has a high chance of being a good quality movie. therefor without even watching the movie it tells the audience that the movie is worth watching.

As well at the top of the movie poster there is a pair of eyes. The eyes look bloodshot and unusual, this tells the audience that the eyes probably belong to someone who has been infected. This can be backed up by the eyes being red. If we follow the conventions of the main color of the poster it would suggest that the character that comes with this pair of eyes is probably dead. It could even be the eyes of the mystery character on the poster, who in turn could be the main character. This , as we have seen before, adds mystery and makes the audience even more curious, even if it is in their subconscious. If the eyes are of someone who is infected, it gives the audience an insight into the plot. There have been films in the past that have starred a character that is infected. For example the film Maggie(Henry Hobson) has a main character that is infected. The film has had great reviews off critics. This is because, as i have said before, TV Drama’s and movies about infected people/zombies are quite popular at the moment so the film is almost guaranteed to be a success.

When people look at an image, they tend to look from the side where the most is happening. Generally it is thought that people from cultures that read left-right prefer to look at an image from left as it ‘feels’ more natural and peaceful, whereas looking from right to left can add tension and bring a more negative attitude. On this poster, Big Ben being on the right side of the image makes the image ‘heavier’ on the right side. In turn this would make the audience look from the right as there is more going on. If there is truth in the theory that looking from right-left adds tension then this image adds more tension. This would make sense as everything on this poster is designed in a way that is meant to add tension.

In conclusion there are many aspects in this film poster such as the colours, pictures and the location of the pictures and text that make the poster more eye-catching to anyone looking at, that therefore makes the film more intriguing and more likely to be watched by someone. Furthermore the way the poster has been designed would catch the eye of a person who prefers to watch horror and thriller films rather than someone who likes to watch comedies and action films.


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