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This is the First view of my Prezi presentation. Using Prezi for a creative post is a great idea as you can visually see how each bit of information is connected. On the majority of the frames I added a picture that linked with the writing, for example I added a picture of big ben next to the paragraph of London. This improves the aesthetics of the presentation and makes it look less boring. The presentation didn’t take long to make but it is definitely a better way of conveying information to an audience as even I get bored of reading a page of text. The Prezi as a whole didn’t take that long to do as the UI is slick and is not too confusing. There is also a tutorial and help boxes that you can use to help you through each step of making the Prezi. If you already know how to make a Prezi you can skip the tutorial and go straight to making the Prezi, so you don’t have annoying, unnecessary boxes distracting you.

Furthermore as opposed to going from one slide to the next you can visually see what slide you are going to next. This helps you to understand what slides, and therefore what information are connected. On the other hand you also know when you are reading information that is completely unconnected. With Prezi you have more freedom with the aesthetic look and the graphics of the various slides, and the transition between them. This makes presentation look more professional, as well as better to look at. Although you can add a lot more in the sense of graphics such as shapes, various colours etc. there is nothing that would majorly distract the viewer from reading the text. You can change the size of the slide you are making so you can make it bigger if you have a lot of information to convey and make it smaller if you don’t. This is a lot better than using Microsoft Powerpoint where you have a slide that is one size, no matter what. Doing this in Powerpoint mat also work against you as by the time someone has finished what the second slide says, they may have forgot what the previous slide was. Furthermore in Prezi you can put a slide inside another slide, this is another way that you can tell the audience that the slides are linked together. On the other hand you can use this feature to add an extra bit of information that may not closely related to what you are saying.

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Also by using Prezi, you can add titles onto each frame of writing, this allows you to tell whoever is reading what the frame is going to be about, before they have read it. I think this is a great thing to have as sometimes you can be reading something and the forget what, and why you are reading something, but with the title at the top this would be fairly difficult. Having a title at the top of the slide could also hint at what slides are related, and which slides aren’t. The style of box that I used is similar to what is on the social media site Facebook. This can be seen in the similarity of the colour and the actual box. Therefore it looks kind of similar to a post on Facebook and hopefully people would be easily able to recognise this. I made the decision to do this because nowadays almost if not every teen and even children is on one of the many social networking sites. Although I chose Facebook as it is easily recognisable, mainly because of the 1.55 Billion + active monthly users as of the third quarter of 2015.

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