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Above is the link for my creative post. For this creative post I used Prezi again as so far it is the best website I have found for creating a presentation like the one above. I spent quite a while trying other online presentation but they either didn’t work in the way I needed them to or they were near identical to Microsoft PowerPoint. In addition I believe it was my first creative post when I first used Prezi so I thought it would be ideal to go back to a website that I haven’t used recently. Many other programs I attempted to use wouldn’t work for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes the website wouldn’t load, whether that was the fault of my laptop or internet I’m not sure. Other times the website would just not le me do certain things, like type or add photos etc.

As I said one of the reasons I ended up using Prezi again was because many of the other websites were too much like PowerPoint.  PowerPoint is possibly the most boring and worst software to use to create a presentation. Although that is just my opinion. But it remains popular because it is easy to use and is included with Microsoft Office, which is hugely popular and widely available. The reason for me disliking PowerPoint is because the slides are too small, you have limited space to put all of your information and often have to spread it across multiple slides. This isn’t very good because by the time you’ve read the relevant information you have forgotten what is on the first slide. Your also limited in what you can do, it doesn’t allow you o have much creative freedom. There are set features that you are allowed to use, some of the features are pretty good. On any other program the features would be great.

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On the other hand with Prezi all of the information is all on one page and you decide how much information and how big the section for that information will be. With this Prezi allows you to literally have all of your information on one page. Furthermore Prezi allows you to connect different pieces of information and show that the information is connected visually. This can be seen in the Prezi presentation that I have made. In addition to this you can visually tell the audience what information is connected by the colour of the lines that link the circles of information. You will notice that the colour is different for the different sections, but in the sections the colour of the line remains the same. Also you will notice that all of the sections of information link to the first paragraph titled,’ What is it [audience research]?’


With Prezi as well you have the freedom to do as much or little as you want. If you want to keep the presentation simple you can, if you want to have a variety of colors and pictures you can do that too. There are also a wider selection of things you can do. There are more animations, transitions etc. that you have to work with. This is great as you can use all of this to keep the attention of anyone watching the presentation. You also have the ability to add audio and sound effects to go with the various things in your presentation. Again this allows you to keep the attention of a viewer. In this Prezi I didn’t add any images because I didn’t want images to be a distraction. My Prezi is near enough about an entire topic so distracting the viewer by having a lot of images and fancy animation would not be beneficial.

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