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Above is a picture of our mood board, as you can see there are a lot of images to make the mood board look busy, as well as to make sure we have enough pictures to give us a better understanding about the tone we would like our film to be about. There are pictures on the mood board that represent our four key concept, those being capitalism, oppression, desolation and disease/infection. I think the images and words we have put onto the mood board really emphasise what we would like our film to be about. All of the images are straight to the point and gives anyone who looks at the mood board a clear idea on what it is about. I think this is great as it shows that we can create something that other people can come and gain an understanding for our groups ideas, hopefully this will mirror into our trailer. There are a variety of words that have been placed on the mood board to give a range of the points we should/can focus on, so we are not solely focusing on four main words. This would be to make sure we don’t begin to be repetitive, as well as to give us a broad view.



On the mood board there are many pictures that are relevant to capitalism. We want this to be a key concept in our film as there are a lot of problems with capitalism. We also want our film to suggest that the world we create, for our film, may have been caused by the key elements of capitalism. This is also  represented in the words that we have put onto the mood board, for example censorship and desperation. Censorship is something every capitalist country does to a certain extent, albeit some more than others. This means that our governments are potentially shielding us from the real world. This could lead to the downfall of humanity, potentially something we could explore in our film.

Although there are many problems with capitalism, there are certain attributes of capitalist countries that are beneficial not  only to that particular country, but also people, and countries around the world. For example every capitalist country around the world trade with each other. They trade almost everything and with trade comes business and money, a lot of it. This shows not capitalism is not all bad and potentially in our film we could possibly highlight some of the good things that capitalism does for us. Furthermore many countries share scientific knowledge and technological advancements with each other. This is again an advantage of capitalism as it benefits near enough everyone on the planet, especially when it comes to things such as cancer research. On the other hand people, and companies, can become greedy with new discoveries like new drugs that are life saving and drugs that people need constantly until the day they die. With this big pharmaceutical companies can charge a lot of money for these drugs, when they cost a bare minimum to produce. This is another possibility we could explore in our film.



Another of our key concepts is disease/infection. This is represented on our mood board as pictures of microbes and a young child from Africa, as that is the most commonly thought of place with a lot of deadly diseases and viruses. Also there are words like death and epidemic that are related to this particular concept. In our film we thought of having a world where something like an infection was the downfall for humanity and therefor the setting of our film. Furthermore we could explore having a setting where some of our key concepts, if not all, are linked with one another or they all played a part in something similar to a chain reaction.

I think that this is a great concept to have as it is a real world problem, that is widespread throughout the globe. Also it is a problem that isn’t addressed in the media as much as, i believe, it should be. This is because certain areas in the African continent are considered 3rd world countries and they don’t have the resources or infrastructure to deal with things such as widespread diseases and famine. This could possibly link in with capitalism as richer, first world countries are able to deal with these problems but they don’t spend near enough as much as they should helping people in less well-off countries. The main problem with capitalism is that rich people get richer and poor people don’t. This is the reason why countries such as those in the African continent cannot deal with disease and are generally a lot poorer than those in the west.


This word describes ‘a state of complete emptiness or destruction’.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 14.47.02Bridge Over Troubled Desolation

We thought this would be a good key concept as post apocalyptic media entertainment is very popular in the current market. An example being the TV show The Walking Dead, which has broken records for the viewing numbers. Although we wanted to make our film different from other films and TV shows, hence the concept of capitalism and oppression. I believe desolation is a good key concept as it doesn’t confine our options to one or two specific options, rather it is a pretty wide ranging, allowing us to have almost endless possibilities of options.

This concept is represented as pictures of abandoned buildings in the Ukrainian city of Pripyat, where the nuclear rector exploded back in 1986. I thought these were good images to put on our mood board, firstly because the images are real but also because it gives us an insight onto what the world would look like 30 years in the future if humanity were to be wiped out within the next year. Furthermore having a film set after, or during the apocalypse would instantly more interesting as viewers will most likely never experience anything like it. This also offers the viewers an insight into how someone else imagines what an apocalyptic world would be like and how it differs to how the viewers own view of it.


Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 14.46.08140115175922-aman-north-korea-military-parade-custom-1

Oppression is the exercise of power and/or authority in a cruel and unjust manner. An example of oppression is the east Asian country of North Korea. North Korea was formed in after WWII in 1945 when the Korean peninsula was divided along what is known as the ’38th parallel’. The former USSR occupied the north whereas the US occupied the south. The countries government regularly abuses human rights such as torture and forced, often unpaid labor. Children are also indoctrinated from an early age into adoring the leaders, past and present. Access to foreign culture, and the internet is also restricted. The country has their own version of the internet, called the ‘intranet’, where the authorities create the websites that you can visit and they monitor everything that you do. On the other hand in countries such as the US and the UK, the governments let you visit whatever website you want to, although they do monitor what websites you do visit. Whereas North Korea makes sure you only look at pro-north propaganda, the western countries check to see if you are looking at illegal or terrorist related websites.

Furthermore oppression extends to forms that are present in many ways in our country now. Sexism, Exploitation and Violence. Violence is one of, if not the most present and visible form of oppression. This is most apparent in the US where, white, American police are regularly shooting unarmed black men. This form of oppression, as well as the other forms of oppression are always in the news on near enough every format, but they don’t connect these issues as a form of oppression. This is one of the main factors as to why we wanted to deal with this issue in our production, to make the audience realize that these sometimes novel issues, are in fact very serious.



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