Narrative theories – creative post

For this creative post I used the website ZooBurst. I used this website for my creative post as it adds colour to the presentation, this makes it stand out as well as making it look more interesting rather than a block of black text on a screen. Furthermore using this website allowed my presentation to be interactive with the people viewing it. This can be seen in the picture below, giving the view of the first ‘page’ of the presentation. As you can see, the viewer has to press the ‘more’ button to see the rest of the text, this means that the audience has to be paying attention.


The pictures you can see pop up after a few seconds, this allows you to add some visuals to the presentation, that isn’t a block of text. This makes the presentation more aesthetically pleasing, especially to the people viewing it. Furthermore the pictures that you can add aid in what you are trying to say to the viewer, as well as making the presentation not as boring as it otherwise would. On the other hand there was a limit on the amount of words you could put on a single picture. This meant I had to shorten my writing at the expense of some information that may have helped in my explanation, this was the only negative about using this website. You will also notice that you can have information for the entire page like the screenshot above or you can have information that is designated to a particular picture, like the screenshot below.

Below is another screen shot from my presentation. As you can see there are three pictures, each being the pictures of Vladimir Propp, Claude Levi Strauss and Tsvetan Todorov, respectively. Each of them have a speech bubble above them, this is because there is a block of writing that will be shown when the speech bubble’s are pressed. This makes the presentation interactive, as well as giving the audience the picture of the three different theorists. This is good as it is an easy way for the viewer to put a theory to a face and name. This would help the viewer remember the three theories and hopefully help them in comparing the theories.

Capture eh

As you can see in the screenshot above I was able to put the three theorists on the same page, I think this would help someone viewing the presentation as it is all centralized in one place. Furthermore it allows the viewer to look at one theory, while the others are still there. This, I think, would help a viewer remember the different theories and help them to compare them to one another. I believe that all of this makes it easier for the viewer to take in the information, as well as making it interactive and more visually pleasing. Also I decided to omit information that was unnecessary, such as actors names and extra info about various films. In doing this it also made the amount of writing appear less, although all of the key information is still there.

As the presentation is in the form of a book the transition between them is literally turning a page. I think this is a great idea as it makes it feel as though the entire presentation is all connected and they all relate to each other. On the other hand when you use Microsoft PowerPoint the information would be split onto the various slides. This makes it feel the opposite in the way that all of the information isn’t connected with each other. Furthermore it gives the viewer something extra to look at compared to just a slide appearing on the screen in front of you. Personally I think that this makes the presentation better and easier to look at.

Capture 8765In the screenshot above you will see that there are background colour’s on the presentation. I think this improves the aesthetics of the presentation as looking at something with colour is far better than looking at some information on a blank white screen. Although you can add the colour to make the presentation look better it doesn’t distract the viewer from reading the information. The website gives the option to choose what colour’s you can add to the background, I chose these colour’s because first of all they are bright, but also it is though you are looking at the horizon from a green field. The reason behind this was that I though it would be more relaxing to have these colour’s compared to a light blue background.



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