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For the creative post of my film openings I used the website I attempted to use this site in January to create the creative post for Audience research. Unfortunately the website wouldn’t work properly on my computer. However I saw that my classmate had successfully created a creative post using so I thought I would try again to see if it would work for me. As you can tell the website worked properly and I managed to finish my creative post with no problems.

The reasons I wanted to use this website are similar to the reasons for using the other websites such as After a couple of minutes of pressing different buttons and looking at all the options you have it becomes a really easy website to use. Much like Prezi the website gives you the option to do as much or as little as you want. You can add images straight of the internet of from your computer; you can add animations, shapes and things like that to improve your presentation. You also have complete control over the colour of everything, the background writing etc. Collectively you have the freedom to do whatever you want and no matter what you do it will look professional and well done. The only negativeĀ I found for this website is that like PowerPoint you cant change the size of the slide.

s 1

After I introduced my presentation and explained what my presentation would include, I split the presentation into six parts. You can see this in the above screenshot. I believe that doing this is beneficial to a viewer as before they see the presentation they know what exactly they will be looking at. I presented it in this way as it is clean and simple. It is very straight to the point and there are no distractions. This was done so to focus a viewer and hopefully convey to them that the whole presentation is straight to the point and there wont be any bright colours to get distracted over. The colour you can see in the background is the same throughout the presentation. I done this mainly because it cannot distract a viewer. Furthermore it is plain and simple, also the colour isn’t bright and colourful so its not much to look at. Although having the background this colour is better than having a plain white background as white backgrounds are boring and even the slightest colour change makes the biggest difference, in my opinion.

s 2

When the presentation moves on to a different topic I tell the audience by presenting a screen like the one above. It clearly tells you what the next few slides will be about and there’s no way the audience will miss it. Like with the rest of my presentation I’ve kept it plain and simple, with no distractions. Apart from what I previously said it makes the presentation look professional. There’s no stupid animations or things like that to entertain you, because the presentation isn’t supposed to entertain you. Furthermore I kept the font of the writing and the colour of the writing the same throughout. Again so it doesn’t distract a viewer.

s 3

All of the slides where I presented information I made them all in a similar style to the slide you see above. There is a block of writing, relating to the main topic. You will also notice that under, or above the block of writing there is a picture. The pictures are of movie posters of the three films I have analysed, Fury, Alien or The Conjuring. The writing that is above or below the picture is from the analysis of said picture. For example in the screen shot above, on the left there is the movie poster of Fury and writing above it. The writing is from the analysis of the film Fury. I done this so there aren’t titles on every single slide. Furthermore having pictures makes the slides more appealing to a viewer as they aren’t purely looking at writing. I have used the same pictures throughout the entire presentation so they aren’t distracting for a viewer, doing this also made the presentation easier to create.

alien fury the conjuring




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