Above is the animatic that we created for our film opening. In order to create this animatic we scanned the storyboards for our film opening and used Final Cut to put the animatic together. Creating this animatic was extremely beneficial to us as it gave us a new way to visually give us an idea of how our film opening should look like. Furthermore to create this animatic we used Final Cut, the same software we used to make our film opening. As with our preliminary using Final Cut allowed us to improve our knowledge of the software which later benefitted us when editing our film opening.

When creating the storyboards we came up with a rough time of how long each shot and scene should realistically last. We then used these timing estimates in our animatic to make it as close as we could to how our film opening would hopefully turn out. We also did the same thing with the music, after we had found music that we thought was right for the film we added it into the animatic, again to make it as close to our film opening as possible. Doing this also allowed us to experiment with how long, time-wise, the music could be and what scenes and shots the music would work best on. Later on when we would finally add the music into our final production we had a basis of where the music would go and how long it should play for.

In the animatic you will notice that we didn’t add in any edits or cuts like we did in our final production. We done this because mainly we wasn’t exactly sure what cuts and edits would work best at the time we made this animatic. Furthermore I think that it would have taken valuable time adding in these edits and cuts when we didn’t actually need to. Personally I didn’t, and still don’t see what benefit adding in cuts and edits would have served as the animatic had already helped us hugely by giving us an animated basis of what our film opening should look like.


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