IMG-20160417-WA0008For our film opening we shot in three separate locations, these being in front of a house, the living/dining room inside the house and a converted bedroom. As all of these locations were in and around one house this made the film opening easier to film as we didn’t need to account for extra travel time or anything like that. The house that we used to film was Callum’s so again this made filming easier as any reshoots could be done quickly and then brought into school the next day for editing for example. The reason we used this house as one of our filming locations is because it really fits in with the story. The protagonist is an average man that lives in a suburban area, the house we used is in a suburban area and is already being lived in so there was no need to buy any extra props for the background of the shots.


Filming in a suburban area also has its fair share of problems though. Firstly the location we used is close to Birmingham International Airport, this brought about problems for the audio of our shots as planes take off and land every five minutes. This added extra time onto filming that we hadn’t accounted for as we needed to film while there was no sound of the planes. Furthermore a lot of people live in suburban areas, which means people walking and driving wherever they need to. This brought about problems as people would walk, and drive past when we were filming. Occasionally this forced us to reshoot a scene multiple times. While filming there was also the sound of vehicles on nearby roads, although sometimes it ruined the audio during the outside scenes it also shows that the protagonist is in a living city where hundreds of other people also live.


After we had completed the outside scenes we moved on to the inside scenes. We first filmed the scene in the living/dining area. As the house is being lived in we didn’t need to bring in any extra props or anything to make the house look like a home. The only thing we had to do was move certain objects around so you could actually see tIMG-20160417-WA0007hem in the shot. At first we had planned to use different camera shots and angles but we didn’t plan these around the layout of the room. Therefore we had to adapt our ideas to work with the layout. This wasn’t too much of a problem though as we quickly found different shots to use which worked well with what we wanted to do. While we were filming this scene there was one problem that we didn’t foresee, a mirror. As the room we was filming in is like a rectangle we had to move the camera, and the protagonist to the opposite end of the room. For the story of our film the protagonist at this point goes to the fridge to find he has no more ‘medicine’. As you can see from the picture below the fridge is to the right of the mirror, this meant that the camera had to be placed in the kitchen area which is opposite the mirror and fridge. We didn’t particularly want to move anything from its rightful place so this meant we had to spend a while getting the camera in just the right place where you couldn’t see the camera’s reflection in the mirror but you could see what was going on in the shot. I think that this ended up being a really good shot because of the fact you cant see the camera in the mirror, even though it looks like you should be able to see the camera.

The final location we filmed in for our film opening was what used to be a garage, which has recently been converted into a soon to be bedroom. In our film this location will be a basement, we were extremely lucky that the room looked like it did just when we needed a location that looked like a basement. The one problem we had with this location was obviously it wasn’t actually a basement, also the window had recently been fitted so we needed to wait until it was dark outside before we could begin to film. The problem we found of filming in the dark like we did was that the camera wouldn’t focus quickly on what we were trying to film. For this part of the film the protagonist is in a basement and his only source of light are a box of matches. Trying to film this is where we found that the camera wouldn’t focus straight away once the match had been lit. This then took extra time for us as we had to try and find a fix for the problem. Eventually we did manage to solve the problem by having a torch light on one of our phones  in front of the camera so the camera would then focus, we would then have to quickly turn the phones torch off and then shoot the scene all while the camera was still in focus.



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