Final film opening

Above is the our groups finished and final film opening production. We have spent an extremely long time working on the film opening, whether it be filming, planning and of course editing. If you have seen our ‘original’ film opening you will notice a huge difference in pretty much everything. The original opening we filmed was honestly a complete disaster but after the hard work our group has put into this final opening me and the rest of the group are extremely proud with how it has turned out. From the original opening the only things we kept were the location, protagonist and the scenes shot with the car.

The film opening above is actually interesting, the storyline we have gone for and the scenes you see make you ask a lot of questions but in return answer very little. The film opening above fits in with the genre, the music and the darkness of the scenes create an eerie feeling to them and tell you that something bad is going to happen. The main storyline of our film involved a vast population of intelligent zombies and the film opening above actually includes one of them in full flesh and blood. Unlike our original film opening that didn’t include any zombies at all.

In the two and half minute film opening there is full dialogue including a phone call, instead of some random person repeatedly shouting No! , No! at someone lying on a bed that is clearly breathing. Even without this you can see that there is a stark contrast between the two versions of our film opening. The music we have chosen to use in the final film opening fits in with the scenes and the genre a whole lot better than the music we had chosen before. It adds to the scenes and helps to create tension and that eerie feeling you should get when watching a horror film.

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