Original film opening

This is the first iteration of our film opening, the main reason we didn’t use this opening is because of how you feel and what you think after watching it. It doesn’t make any sense, you don’t know what’s happening and you don’t know why. Furthermore the acting isn’t the best, the protagonist says a total of around three words, repeatedly. If you’ve managed to work out that the girl lying on the bed is supposed to be dead them first off well done, but if you didn’t already notice she’s actually breathing. Dead people do not breath, so that was problem even when you disregard everything else.

Furthermore what we had filmed had nothing to do with the original ideas that we had for our film. We had planned to have intelligent zombies, a cure to stop normal humans turning into zombies and powerful figures in the government that have segregated the infected. The storyline would then follow our protagonist standing upto the government to treat the infected the same as everyone else. What we filmed and subsequently what you saw in the clip above didn’t have a trace of any of these ideas, therefore we knew that we had to completely reshoot our film opening.

The music we had planned to use, which part of it is in the film opening above , didn’t fit in with the film, or even the genre. This is because the music is fast paced and doesn’t add to the scene in any way. Usually the music that is used in films of this genre adds to the scariness and unknowingness of the scene as well as creating tension, but the music we chose does none of that. Although this is a very minor part of the opening and is not one of the main reasons we reshot a large part of the opening you will notice that we dropped this music and instead opted for more classical music.


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