Shooting diary

Day 1

As this was our first day of filming our group decided that we would try to get as many scenes as possible. As we were going to film all of the outside scenes we knew we had to film all of these in on go as we wouldn’t be able to film under the same weather conditions again. If we did this would decrease the quality of our film as it would be obvious to the audience that the scenes were filmed at different times. Furthermore this could even confuse the audience as it may make them think that the scenes were different days in the timeline of the film. The weather we filmed in was perfect for our film so this made our outside scenes even better. The weather fitted in with the genre of our film as the lighting was dark and there was also slight rain so this followed the conventions of the genre even more.


During these outside scenes we also used a car, thanks to Callums parents. Like I said in another post we didn’t have long time to film with the car so we needed to film quickly and we also didn’t have time to film scenes multiple times. The problems with filming in these outside locations were background noise from other cars, bikes and planes. Furthermore as it was a public road we also had the problem of the public walking and driving past. This meant that we had to refilm scenes because of this.

The final scenes we filmed on day one were the inside scenes. Again we filmed these in Callums house while the rest of his family wasn’t there. We benefitted from this as there was no background noise from the TV, or people speaking for example. This made filming for us quicker and easier as we didn’t need to refilm every shot. Furthermore for this scene, in the bedroom, we wasn’t completely sure what shots and angles we should, and what we could, use. This made it slightly more difficult for us as we were kind of making it up as we were going along, that was another reason why we never ended up using these scenes.

Day 2

As the ending we filmed on day one wasn’t going to be used in the final film opening we needed to reshoot another ending. The storyline for this new ending was the protagonist had been kidnapped and he had been taken to an area full of the infected. We wanted the setting for this location to look abandoned and desolate. We decided that the best location for this was the car park of the Powerleague close to where we live. This is because the car park is only gravel so doesn’t actually look like a car park in the film. Furthermore the car park is almost always empty as it was when we was filming there.

For this scene we had to use a car, but a different one to the one we had previously used in order for the storyline to make sense. My mum was available and helped us by allowing us to use her car. In this scene we needed to have three actors, the protagonist, the abductor and a zombie. I ended up being the abductor and one of our friends volunteered to be our zombie. The actual filming for this location was quick and easy as we knew exactly what we wanted to do. However once again audio was a massive problem with this scene as we had dialogue and once again there was some wind. Furthermore even without the wind the microphone on the camera hardly picked up the dialogue so this made our clips near unusable.

Even with this we knew that somehow we would make a storyline with the protagonist being abducted work. Later on that evening we went ahead and filmed the beginning scenes of the abducted storyline. We had to film these scenes in the evening because as we were using the car scenes we first filmed it would only work if the following scenes were filmed when its darker and therefore later on at night. Once the sun had gone down we began filming once again. We filmed the protagonist walking through the house to the fridge, then making a phone call and also walking to the door where he would be kidnapped. This time we knew exactly what we wanted to film and the angles and shots we were going to use. This meant on a number of the shots we didn’t have film the shot multiple times,, saving us time. Although the one shot we had difficult with was the POV shot which we reshot around five times before we thought it was good enough.

Day 3

On day three of filming we only had to reshoot one scene, the ending, but we want quite sure what we was going to do. We had ruled out filming anymore scenes outside as audio was too much of a problem. The thing we did know about the knew ending we would film is that it needs to add tension and make the audience ask a lot of questions as well as making them want to carry on watching the film. We decided on filming a scene set in a basement in complete darkness where the protagonist would only have a match or lighter as a source of light. The protagonist would then see something and slowly move the match towards the ‘thing’ in order to see what it was, only to have a zombie scream and kind of jump towards him.


This scene in the film, is set in a basement and as we didn’t have a basement to actually film in we used a room in Callums house that is in the middle of being converted. The good thing about this was as the room wasn’t completed at the time the room was a convincing basement, apart from the window. This meant we again had to wait until night to film. In this scene we would have a close up, or medium close up, of a zombie. Therefore we had to make the zombie look convincing. This meant using make up and an old T-shirt that we could sacrifice. In order to do this we used scissors and fake blood to make the T-shirt look ripped up and bloody as well as a zombie make up kit.

The only problem we found when filming this scene was the camera itself. As we were filming the dark and the only source of light was a match the camera wouldn’t focus in time before we had to put the match out. This was a major problem as it hindered us from filming. It took us a while to figure out but if we used a flashlight on one of our phones and let the camera focus we could then turn the flashlight off and then film our scene before the camera would be out of focus. It took us a number of tries before we managed to get the scene right, due to many reasons.

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