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Location Scouting

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The above images are images are images from the location scouting that me and my group have taken, this was done because we wanted to find the right locations we wanted to film. We done the location scouting for the purpose of making the filming portion of the trailer easier because it meant that we did not have to find the locations on the days that we wanted to film and this made the whole preparation for the product easier. The three shots are images of one of the houses that we would film in and two are different angles of the graveyard where we were going to film one of the scenes for the trailer.

Forgetting Magazine Cover

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The magazine cover for our media production was done using an Empire magazine style template. We used the Empire magazine because it is one of the best magazines for films in the world and it is a good way for advertising a production such as ours. This was part of using ancillary texts because it came in the order after the product, the magazine would be sent out with our production on the cover and then the magazine would do its job as one of the best film magazines and it would advertise our production for us.

The genre of our film was a psychological thriller so the magazine cover had to match that kind of style which we felt we did, however there are still lots of other films and the style of the magazine still had to be followed so we included a list of films of 2012 and we advertised them on the cover aswell. The screenshots of the other films was to increase the look of professionalism of the cover.


The above are all examples of previous Empire magazine covers and we have tried to get our magazine cover to follow along the lines of these covers by incorporating the same kind of house style and design because it is the style of Empire so it must show consistency and professionalism. The big picture which is the background is a screenshot from the trailer and has been photo shopped in order to make it look more appealing to the audience, the kind of people that would buy Empire magazine would be some kind of film fanatics and if they see the titles of other films on the front cover as well which is what we did then they look inside the magazine too, and when they look inside the magazine they will see information on our film production and therefore it has been promoted.

‘Forgetting’ Media Product Audience Feedback

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The above embedded video is a recorded interview of 3 members of an audience that viewed our media product. We asked the members of the audience a series of 6-7 questions that related to how our media film trailer was portrayed and whether they understood the meaning of the plot and whether they understood the relevance of some of the scenes. This is called audience feedback and the reason for this is because it will hopefully assist the production team in finding out where they went wrong and from this information when they come produce another product they will take this criticism on board and make changes, this will also work for positive feedback because from this we can figure out what parts are good and need to be kept which is also very helpful.

Positive and negative audience feedback are essential because there are so many things that can be learnt from an audience members point of view, since audience members watched our product we asked them whether or not they could see the plot of the film throughout the trailer and they responded with ‘yes’ they could, since this was a very large aim it was proven a success on that part, we then followed with a question asking whether or not the audience could pick up on one of the key aspects in the trailer which was the characters instability progression and once again they responded with ‘yes’.

Nearly every media production if not all use an audience feedback technique even if they are amateur or professional, it is obvious that the professional media products will use more in depth questions and will have more. The reason for audience feedback is of course to improve the next product that is to be created based on criticism because a member of a production team cannot give feedback because of bias which is why audience members are selected because ther is no bias but only preferences which can be referred to.

‘Forgetting’ Media Product Video Evaluation

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This is our video media production evaluation for the trailer ‘Forgetting’, it is based around the same questions as the written evaluation but we have had the chance to expand on it as we talked about them which is easier than simply writing them down onto a slide show. The difference between the two is that it ishard to dumb down an explanation in written form but when being recorded answering the questions through verbal expanation me and the other person in my group know what parts need to be dumbed down  because we will be able to tell when speaking about them. What we want to tell people in this video evaluation is why we did everything we did in our media product from the planning all the way to the extra details of the ancillary texts and although it is explained  in the written evaluation it is explained in further detail in the video. It is also less effort to watch avideo evaluation and understand it than it is to read through all of the slides of a written evaluation and then following up all of the links and doing research on what is being talked about. The video evaluation followed all of the evaluating questions and therefore did wht it was supposed to do on the assumption that me and the other person in my group knew what w were talking about which of course we did, the video is also very long, in fact it is just over 20 minutes, this is 20 minutes of explaining a media product which is a suitable aount of time to explain. Since we are 2 parts of the production team we know everything there is to know about our own media product and therefore the reliability of the responses are very good and even in an evaluation of a real professional media product a few members of the production team would have to do it because they know what theybare talking about and why they included certain things which is what we did.

‘Forgetting’ Media Product Written Evaluation

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This is our media product written evaluation, this answers questions about our media product in strong detail. This is basically a summary of why we did everything from the palnning to the production of the ancillary texts. As an evaluation me and my group have done a written evaluation and a video evaluation, this is because there are things that are good in both types, suc as in the video everything canbe explained to an even greater detail due to knowledge off of the top of the head and the ability t dumb everything down to even basic understanding, whereas in the written evaluation everything is complex and backed up by links, images, videos and all sorts. The use of links in the evaluation is good because it lets the reader know where you found the information being mentioned which can’t be done in a video, links improve reliability and professionalism and other aspects because they are basically proof of what is being mentioned. Things such as videos can be linked in aswell into the slide show, this is useful because I may be talking about other trailers for a moment which at some point in this evaluation I do I can allow someone to make their own choice by guiding them to the exact spot where the video is located, there is also the images that are included which are visal representations of what I am talking about and are very useful because they imrove the appearance of the evaluation. Finaly the last slide of my evaluation is the bibliography which is a list of all the websites that I have used in my evaluation, this is sourcing my work and referencing it.

Forgetting Film Poster

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This is the film poster for our production, the main character is situated on the poster for the pure reason that she is he main character and the production is based around her. The image shows a distortion around the character which from that combined with the positioning of the character (Kelly – Lauren) clearly shows the sense of illness and despair. he whole point of a poster is to advertise the media product so therefore it must be linked with the product through the conventions, because of the genre of the media product which is psychological thriller the colours must be dark, this is shown in the clothing that the character is wearing because as can be seen it is all black which is usually a colour that represents death and anything evil. Although the main character sits in a regular background it has been blurred to signify distortion and since the main character is not blurred and she is centred in the image it clearly labels her as the main character. All of the key information is found on the poster such as main production company, release date and production info, however not too much information has been given to it is more glances which can be seen as quick identification.

Every poster for a film has to be related to the main mediaproduct through conventions because if it irrelevant to the genre and other aspects it will not prove as a truthful and therefore a good poster for the main media product. Going along the lines of other professional successful films of my groups genre they all show the same conventions which is dark, confusion and illusion, the films such as Donnie Darko and Shutter Island are great examples as their posters really represent their genre to truthfully. Here are the examples below plus one comedy;


The above posters are all professional an designed for the genre they are. The two psychological thriller trailers are both easily distinguishable because of the conventions they possess, they both do not try to hard to be an action or a comedy, they are simple and designed for the purpose of confusing the audience and really making them think and most of all intrigued. When you look at the Donnie Darko poster you see one single image on a black background, this isn’t hard it is in fact very easy, however what makes it so good are the colours and all of the images that are inside of the one strange looking image and once again on the Shutter Island posterit is not too complex it is a giant face above an island, nothing is given away because of how simple it is. I included a comedy poster so you can see how the different genres create their posters and as you can see there is no big difference but at the same time a huge difference. They all are simple which is what makes them all similar but the comedy poster is incorporated by action which is given away by the explosion background but it is comedy because of the comcal expressions on the characers.

Forgetting Film Trailer

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Forgetting Draft 1

Forgetting Final Product

The above videos are the two drafts that were filmed for my groups film trailer, there was a first draft that was completed but when watched over again we felt as though there were some adjustments that could have been made for the better, this mostly revolved around the soundtrack as we found it very difficult to find a copyright free soundtrack that we felt matched the mood to our trailer and in the final product the difference is really shown with just a change of soundtrack because the first didnt seem to fit in at all, we eventually found a soundtrack that was copyright free and it fitted in perfectly with the scenes with a few minor adjustments and it really changes how the trailer is viewed.



Diary Entry 12/01/13 – Other shot ideas

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  • Picture of dad on the wall along with other forms of images such as drawings. (This is to show her obsession)
  • Get rid of the Goat shot
  • Throw something larger something with a bit more impact
  • People avoiding her in corridors and in other areas
  • Doing something on her own that she has in common with her dad

Diary Entry 8/1/2013

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Today for media studies me and the others in my group went out of school to film a couple of the last few remaining shots for our film trailer, now that there are not many shots left we have already began editing the shots that we have filmed already. The shots that we have filmed today have been added on since they were not on the storyboard, but they have been added on to help the story in the trailer become easier to see, by doing this we have shown that we can make quick adjustments to a plan in short time. When we returned to the school we began editing the shots again but we encountered some minor computer problems which we sorted by the end of the day.

‘Forgetting’ Animatic

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The animatic that we are making is going to be used as a template for the film trailer that we are going to produce, the animatic images came from our storyboards

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