FIlmed Evaluation

May 1, 2013

This is our filmed media evaluation to go along side my written one, in this we explain all the points and the process we had to go through in order to sucessfully create and produce our media product.


YouTube –


Google –


The matrix – -March 31, 1999 – Andy Wachowski,Larry Wachowski

Final destination 2 –– 31 January 2003 – David R. Ellis 

Ground hog day – – February 12, 1993 – Harold Ramis

New Magazine Cover

April 30, 2013




I decided to add more colour and emphisis to the magazine cover by making the title red and “blood stained” to give it the extra effect i think it needed. i think now withthe emphisis of blood it creates more of an illusion and withthe words “to hell” in red i think it makes them stand out more and seem more devilish.

New Film Poster

April 30, 2013

This is my new upgraded poster for our movie trailer, i think that this one is more bold and stands out better than the old one does, with the catchy slogan at the top i think that this is a major improvement on the old poster. i also think that this one is more proffesional looking and better quality.


April 30, 2013

A2 Media Trailer Evaluation[1]

This is our evaluation for our media film trailer in which we have recently finished. This basically evaluates everything that we have done in the project and why we chose the decisions that we had. The prinstcreens below will explain everything that we have done in each slide.

lide 1 – This is the opening slide which tells us what the presentation is, who it’s done by and also what the name of the title of the film is. This also includes the picture of our magazine cover and poster to show the audience that the evaluation is about the same thing that we have done.

Slide 2 – This is the slide which introduces what the evaluation is about and tells the audience who is involved with the film, what genre is the film and a short synopsis of what happens in the film. This is to set the scene so that the audience knows what happens and they can see how well we evaluated it. It also has the link of the trailer available for the audience to see if they wished.

slide 3 – This slide is answering the first question which is at the top of the page for those who want to see what we were asked. This is basically telling the audience about what we included in the trailer and also what is needed to make a successful film trailer that is of a good standard. We also explained a few of our decisions and why we decided on them. We also compared our film company to other bigger well known film making companies.


Slide 4 – This slides is part two of the first question. This is basically explaining more about what genre we decided to choose and also why we decided to make a sub genre after the failure of our last production that was a sub genre. It was also explaining about the conventions of these genres. This also explains about the age groups and what kind of films fit their age groups and also what ages group we decided to put our film trailer in.


Slide 5 – This slide is part three of the first question. This is showing some shots from the film that we have used in our trailer. These are some of the most interesting shots from within the trailer and also the one’s which shows what’s going on at each point in the trailer. It is basically backing up all the conventions of our chosen genres.


Slide 6 – This slide id the final slide that is answering the first question. This slide concentrates more on the actual real media products that we used for inspiration in the making of our film trailer. It is directly comparing our trailer to theirs and how we made it to be as successful as we wanted it to be. It also contains the links to the three templates that we used for the audience to see.


Slide 7 – This slide is about what ancillary texts that we used to promote our product. The ancillary texts that we used were the poster, the actual trailer itself and also the magazine cover. These are all good ways we could use to promote our product. This is explaining what is on our poster and magazine cover and why we chose those decisions.


Slide 8 – This slide is the second part to the second question. This slide is more in depth detail about why we made the decisions on the poster and the magazine cover. We have also included the final images of our poster and magazine cover so that the audience will be able to see what we have come up with and weather it is effective or not.


Slide 9 – This is the first slide on the third question. This slide was yet again based on what the audience would think of our trailer and if it was suitable for the target audience. This slide was also about the other methods that we took to gain audience feedback on our product. This slide also shows examples of the questionnaire we made and the results that we got for it.

Slide 10 – This is the second part to the third question. This is explaining about the random sampling method that we used to choose our people to interview and it shows the people who were chosen. It also shows what questions were asked in the interview so that we could gain a huge amount of information that we would need for our trailer. It also has the links to both interviews that we conducted.

Slide 11 – This is the third and final slide answering the third question. This is explaining about how we will promote and exhibit our product so that we can pull in a successful audience. It also explained about the interview that we conducted after we had finished filming our trailer. This was to see what the audience thought after the trailer was finished. We just wanted to know what was good and what was bad about the trailer.

Slide 12 – This slide is the first slide of the fourth question. This is explaining all the different methods that we used to construct our trailer. This includes using websites such as film review websites to look at other films that are quite similar to the product that we are looking to create. This also explains about what software we used to create our product to make it look as good and as professional as possible.

Slide 13 – This is the second slide which is answering the fourth question. This part is more about the planning of our product that anything else. This explains in detail about the three act structure that we used to plot and create our film to make it make sense.

Slide 14 – This slide is the third slide answering question four and the second slide about the planning of our product. This is explaining the storyboards that we had to create which fits in with the three act structure. It also shows examples of our storyboards and they are each the first page of each act.


Slide 15 – This is the fourth slide which is answering the fourth question. This is also the third slide of the planning of our trailer. This explains about the edited animatic version and also contains three printscreens of the animatic that we created. It also has the link to the animatic which we created and put on to YouTube.

Audience Feedback

March 12, 2013

This is our audience feedback video.we found group of people sat them down and showed them our production and then proceeded to ask them what they thought about the trailer and what we could improve on the questions were:

  • What did you like about our film trailer?
  • What didn’t you like about our film trailer?
  • Do you think we managed to subvert the Sci-Fi Thriller genre?
  • Did the trailer intrigue you enough to want to watch the full film?
  • If we was to do this trailer again, what could we improve on?

we decided to grab these people at random to avoid biased result this insured that we got honest feedback and then new any points that we had to improve or change to comply with what the audience expects from our trailer.


Our Magazine Cover

March 8, 2013

This is our magazine cover, I took inspiration from other magazines that i researched such as Empire and Total films. I decided to put other ideas of films on our magazines as well to add a verisimilitude to the magazine. I also used the same images as the poster to keep the same trend going within the media, this would hopefully be used as the cover of the DVD or shop poster if it went that far. I think that the man in the background backs up our film as he has tape over his mouth simulating silence which ties in with our killer because no one knows who he/she and as there are no outbursts from the characters except Steph it leaves no one to point the finger at. Also i think it ties in well because it adds a element of mystery to the film which is already perceived by the poster. The poster is also in black and white to add more mystery to it it also helps create an preconceived atmosphere of bad things will happen which are generally found in horror movies providing a twist to ours. overall I quite like the poster and are generally pleased with the result.

Empire Magazine – – accessed 12/03/2013

Total Film Magazine – – accessed 13/03/2013

Our Poster

March 8, 2013

This is our finished poster we have used several techniques to signify elements of the movie to the audience through it. For example there’s a lot of mist and blurriness  this signifies to the audience that there is a lot of mystery in our films and that things aren’t always clear. I hope that this will make people want to see the movie. the effect of blurriness also continues on the title slogan, this also adds mystery and signify’s that someone could be in danger if they are left somewhere. It also raises questions about the plot as it could mean several different options like are they left in a city or in a car or a dangerous place which also attracts the reader in. the fact that the writing is in bold i think gives a clue that the actions that occur in the film are quite clear and bold also, this will also help drag people in. The background images suggest different parts of scenes that occur in the film the bottom picture is there for emphasis as its misty and has a skyline view of the houses which creates a general environment as well as the effects of mist. As you go up you see the two main characters staring at each other which signifies that they are the main characters and have a big part to play in the film and it also shows the audience that these characters have something between them like a grudge but don’t let on to what it is just yet. as you carry on up the page just under the slogan is two pictures of scenes from the film now we know that these are scenes of Steph getting killed but the audience don’t  the one on the left connoted that someone may be after Steph as you can see someone following her with the hood up stereotypical of a killer, but if you look over the the right picture you see Steph throwing someone up lockers which makes the audience reconsider their opinion on the first picture if someone is actually killing her or if shes doing the killing. This adds more mystery to the film and hopefully attracts in a broader audience. The last two pictures at the top are of the car which can link back to the slogan as it connotes travelling of some sort, but you could also be left behind in it or where you was, or you could be used to kill with. This all adds to the effect of mystery and hooks the audience in more. Overall I am pleased with how this poster has turned out.

Serial Differences – Final

February 21, 2013

This is our groups finished film trailer which we decided to name “Serial Differences”. We decided to call it that because it ties in with the basic plot of the production, which is about a couple where the girlfriend is mean and treats the boyfriend like dirt, by shouting in his face and generally degrading him but Steph soon finds out that she is relieving the same day over and over again, which could tie into the belief of karma but as each day repeats on she remembers the day before with each day she relieves someone will make an attempt  on her life each time a difference way of being killed is tried to keep the audience guessing about who is the killer. Before we could film anything, we first had to come up with an interesting plot that fits in with our chosen genre, which was Sci-Fi thriller. our first shot at the plot was about two lesbians who were unfortunately stuck in a bizarre time loop and the only way they could escape, was to kill. We had come up with that particular plot because it was unusual and we wanted to show something different and do something that had never been done before, plus it subverted the genre as a gay lead actor/actress but nothing went to plan so we changed the plot but kept the time loop because as a group, we still wanted to make it interesting to the audience. During filming, we had come up with different ideas so we decided to film them; these ideas being the main protagonist  walking through a deserted pathway and getting grabbed from behind and killed. Another idea that we came up with was about there being different suspects as to who is trying to kill Steph. Each time she was killed it became increasingly harder for us to try to keep it interesting for the audience but that we could manage with our resources. We chose to show this in our production by creating Steph and having her character as this mean spirited young girl who goes around callously bullying and hurting not only her boyfriend, but his friend Siobhan by having Steph push her through a door, tripping her up in the corridor causing her to fall over and barging her causing her books to fly open. As a group we thought this would be a good idea, especially for the audience because having different suspects and not knowing who the real killer is, it leaves the production on a cliff hanger which will keep the audience interested as they will keep asking questions as to who done it? and because the production is only a trailer, the ending isn’t revealed. One of the main ideas that we really focused on as a group was thinking of different ways in which Steph could be killed, because we wanted to show her getting frustrated at the fact that every time she gets killed, she relives the same day over and over again until eventually she realizes that she had to stop the serial killer from killing her for good. Overall i think our groups film trailer is very good and interesting.


February 8, 2013

This is our finished version of our trailer. some fine tuning is needed as a sound has ended up in the wrong place. but overall i am satisfied with the result. We have started to do our magazine cover for this and i shall try to fix the sound problem in my free period.

Blog Update.

January 23, 2013

As you have seen by my previous post, we have attempted our first edited version of our trailer, when we ran this past Mr Morris he pointed out a few things that we couldn’t see was wrong, and are now re-filming little parts to make the trailer better and hopefully more audience catching as it was a little long in places we hope to have this done and edited by Friday.

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