Filmed Evaluation

This is my groups filmed evaluation, in this video we all answered the questions that we were given in the written evaluation. Myself, Rhys and Scott all exaplained the different codes and convetions of a film trailer which we managed to include in our own trailer. We exaplained what types of media tehcnologies we used in order to produce our production, e.g. HD camera’s, Final Cut editing software, and Apple Mac computers. We also individually explained what our chosen age group was for our production and why we had chosen that age and to help us make that decision, we used BBFC (British Board Film Classification)and we explained how our production challenges the ideas of other film trailers.


New film poster

This is my groups improved film poster.Compared to the previous one shown,as a group we decided to improve our poster because we thought that the poster itself didn’t really catch the audiences attention and that it looked quite dull and boring, this poster however is much better because it focuses on the two main characters alone and it has the slogan “some people just can’t handle love” and this particular feature could possibly catch the audiences attention as they may read the poster and watch the trailer to figure out what the slogan actually means.

New magazine cover

This is my groups new and improved magazine cover, compared to the previous design this is a lot better as we have added colour to make the poster stand out more and catch the audiences attention. We decided to keep the title “Empire” as it helped us to plan the basic idea of the magazine cover and i persoanlly thought it would make the cover look very professional. In comparison to the old magazine cover, i would say this one is much better because not only does it have a splash of colour added to it, but it also has information added on such as “Meet the Serial Diffeences cast” and “Real Reviews”  instead of just having the title and a picture.

A2 Trailer Evaluation

A2 Media Evaluation

A2 Media Evaluation

This is my evaluation which describes in detail the planning of events which lead up to my group, who included Rhys Birch and Scott Cook producing our very own Sci-Fi Thriller film trailer which we named “Serial Differences”.

The aim of this evaluation is to show what influenced our decisions about the chosen genre, what type of media technologies were involved to actually produce the trailer, what type of information we had gained from the audience and how we retrieved that information, what we had learnt in the process of making our film trailer and how our trailer challenges the different forms and conventions of other media trailer.

The first slide was the introduction to explain what our film trailer was about and what genre we had chosen to base the trailer on and why. The second slide was what we had learnt from our audience feeback that we had recieved, and i explain that most of our chosen audience would like to see the villan surivie and the hero die, instead of it being stereotypically the other way round and i also explained that they would perhaps want to see bright colours and relaitic effects. I then went on to explain how we used the different camera angles and shots to create a high verisimilitude for our audience.

Film Magazine Cover

This is my groups finished film magazine cover that we had desgined from scratch. To help us plan the basic idea or sketch of the magazine cover, we decided to do some research on professional film magazine covers and we managed to find a company called “Empire”. We looked at their magazine covers and it gave us a few ideas of our own.

Film Poster

This is our groups finished film poster. Our poster includes a lot of elements which relate to the trailer, for example the bluriness and the mist inidicates to our audience that there are moments of mysteryand things that can seem unclear.  This can be a good thing as it may leave the audience wanting to carry on watching the rest of the trailer. The slogan for our film “Would you want to be left behind?” is also a key thing for our trailer because it could connote to the audience that one of the characters may be in great danger, and because the slogan doesn’t reveal too much information on the trailer, again it could also leave the audience wanting to know more. It also raises questions for our audience because by looking at the poster, they know little about the production and what it has to offer them. The poster raises questions about the plot as well as it could mean that our characters are left in several different scenerios. Another element that relates to our trailer is the image of the car. This is vital in the trailer because it is one of the most important scenes,  due to the fact that our main protagonist gets struck down by a speeding car on purpose. This also sets the scene for the rest of the trailer as things start to get interesting from then on.

Audience Feedback

This is the audience feedback that myself and my group had recieved when we had completed our finished film trailer “Serial Differences”. In order to recieve some audience feedback, myself and Rhys had to find 3 people who were not involved in the making of the production to watch the trailer and they had to give us feedback based on the questions that we had come up with to ask them during the interview. From listening to their feedback, i got the impression that they had all thoroughly enjoyed watching the trailer and that they thought it was well produced. However one member stated that he was confused about the plot of the trailer because he couldn’t understand why the main protagonist kept dying and then waking up again the next day as if nothing had happened. One thing they also liked about the trailer was the different camera angles and shots used.

Finished Film Trailer – “Serial Differences”


This is our groups finished film trailer which we decided to name “Serial Differences”. We decided to call it that because it ties in with the basic plot of the production, which is about a couple who have many differences occuring in their relationship but it’s alot more serious that it may seem for Steph as she soon realises that not only is she reliving the same day over and over again, but as each day repeats, her life is put more and more danger. Before we could film anything, we first had to come up with an interesting plot that fits in with our chosen genre; which was Sci-Fi thriller. We originally came up with a plot about two lesbians who were unfortunatley stuck in a bizzare time loop and the only way they could escape, was to kill. We had come up with that particular plot because it was unusual and we wanted to show something different and do something that had never been done before, but nothing went to plan so we changed the plot but kept the time loop because as a group, we still wanted to make it interesting to the audience. During filming, we had come up with different ideas so we decided to film them; these ideas being the main protagonist (Steph) walking through a deserted pathway and getting grabbed from behind and killed. Another idea that we came up with was about there being different suspects as to who is trying to kill Steph. We chose to show this in our production by creating Steph and having her character as this mean spirited young girl who goes around callously bullying and hurting not only her boyfriend, but his friend Siobhan (myself) by having Steph push me through a door, tripping me up in the corridoor causing me to fall over and barging me causing my books to fly open. As a group we thought this would be a good idea, especially for the audience because having different suspects and not knowing who the real killer is, it leaves the production on a cliff hanger which will keep the audience interested as they will keep asking questions as to who done it? and because the production is only a trailer, the ending isn’t revealed.  One of the main ideas that we really focused on as a group was thinking of different ways in which Steph could be killed, because we wanted to show her getting frustrated at the fact that everytime she gets killed, she relives the same day over and over again until eventually she realises that she had to stop the serial killer from killing her for good. Overall i think our groups film trailer is very good and interesting, however i think there could be one or two imporvements made; for example when Steph is walking on her own through the desserted pathway and the killer grabs her, i think there should be some sort of tense music to show the audience that something is going to happen and when the killer is seen appearing from around the corner after watching her, there should be a different piece of music that lasts about 3 seconds to show that he is the protagonist.