Final Decisions

Welcome to my final decision post. The reason why I have made this post is so that it can show everyone the different aspects of media that are put into filming for example we have the setting, costume, lighting and many more. The whole point of this is so that we are able to realise what needs to be put into the first edition of the film. The benefit of using the final decision post is that you can see what fits your movie and what doesn’t fit your movie. If something does not seem right then you will be able to move it and change/add corrections to your work so that it is completely done and finalised for filming. Whilst making this post, I was able to highlight and identify many mistakes that could have possibly made my movie go wrong. An example would be the lighting, I did not realise that most of my lighting is low key hence when I covered the topic of lighting, I made sure that I used less high key lighting and more low key lighting.

Costumes – The characters in my movie opening are going to be a child, dinosaur and family members. This means that the costumes my characters dress into are going to have to be realistic because they will need to prove to the audience that this is a serious horror movie instead of a comedy horror. For the child, I am going to get a white dress that will be ripped into pieces, this will show neglect, abuse and harsh living to the audience because in will reflect what the character is experiencing. Also in order to emphasise the abusive side of things, I am going to get fake blood and add a small amount onto the clothes of the child so that the audience become touched by what the child is going through. Another thing I am going to do is add make up which show bruises on the child because they will cause the audience to feel despondent towards the child. However, for my character who is the main protagonist, I have selected him to wear a realistic outfit, this outfit is a dinosaur costume. the reason why I have chose a dinosaur costume is because the character who is the antagonist (little girl), watches a programme that she enjoys and builds a friendship with a dinosaur who she makes her friend and this dinosaur helps save her from the abuse that her family give her. The dinosaur costume will be a full body outfit so that their will be no need for make up, this will help me with my small budget. the clothes that the rest of the family wear, they will all be wearing normal clothes that are clean and nice, this will prove to the audience that the younger child who is the antagonist, this will show that she is truly being neglected and is an unwanted member in the family due to some reason we may later discover in the movie opening. – The typical setting for a horror movie is a place where it is dark because darkness is stereo-typically assumed to be apart of horror, it is basically what the audience expects to witness. The darkness also creates tension and adds fear into the movie which is effective for the horror genre because it is what we need to give our audience as a movie creator. Saying all of this, I have decided to keep my lighting dark in the movie. This will add to the mystery and build up of suspense in specific scenes. The most kind of lighting I am going to use is low key lighting. The camera angles and shot will most likely be eye level or lower to the ground. The purpose of this is that it sets the tone, mood and creates a dangerous association with enigma through shadows and dull shades. This will be highly effective when the protagonist in my movie opening attacks the other characters in the scene because the way that the deaths occur, they will seem to be horrific and emphasised by the camera angles and shots. I also may use high key lighting in some parts of the clip however, in them parts, the build up of horror is not going to be in the scene and this will solely be parts where the characters reflect on themselves and do activities that are not related to the horror genre. Another type of lighting I am going to include is top lighting. The effect of top lighting is that it is used to create effect by making it look as if the character has a chance of hope to escape their troubles that they are experiencing. Top lighting is shown by lighting at the top where the surrounding below is all darkness. This will be good for my antagonist because it will show hope for her when she is being abused by her family and then the hope will be the presence of the antagonist. Furthermore, I am also going to use under lighting because it shows light that contrasts with darkness on a certain object causing it to look more bold. This helps build up suspense during the movie and could be used when the camera is focused on the protagonist, in this image below, we can see that this images creates fear and tension and this is often used in horror movies because it is highly effective. Lastly I am also going to use low key + high key lighting combined because it will create a dark but light atmosphere. This is often pictured in movies with scenes of meeting and when people are in buildings that are isolated where the atmosphere is highly intense. This creates effect because it builds suspense in the movie, causing the audience to look forward to the next part of the movie. Along with the combination of high key and low key lighting, I am going to use back lighting because it is used to build up suspense and does not show parts of the set which keeps the audience guessing and entertained.

SOUND, EFFECTS & MUSIC – The sound and music is crucial for my horror movie because it is going to kick start the build up of suspense in the scene. It will purposely add extra emphasis to what ever is happening. An example of this would be the music i want to use, the music I am going to use is called  “ES_ Scary nursery”, this is a sound that I am going to use in the movie opening. The sound I have used is found on the website called “The Epidemic Sound Player”, this is a free copy right website that allows me to download useful sound effects and music so that I can better my movie opening. The purpose of me adding in the music example was that it changed the whole scene and added even more horrific effects into the scene. It also made the audience feel fear before witnessing what was about to happen. This was excellent because the purpose of a horror genre is that it aims to create a sense of fear, panic, stress, and regret for the audience. These are often unsettling and rely on scaring the audience through a demonstration of their worst fears and nightmares that they wouldn’t usually come across other than in a movie such as a horror one.

When I add my music into the scene, it will be very unsettling for the audience and will keep them guessing for the worst to happen, this is because I am going to focus the music onto the antagonist who is an innocent child that is watching a television programme. The camera will focus on the child whilst the room is dark and the child is watching a television screen with the music playing, it will be added into the editing so it is classed as non digetic sound. The music that I am going to use is very high pitched, this means that it will also cause shock and will add to dramatic scenes especially the one where the camera focuses purely on the child (antagonist). Also for sound effects, I am going to add very high pitched sound effects to create little frights for the audience to scare them at scary parts of the movie because this will build up suspense and will make the audience unexpectedly jump at certain parts of the movie. The sound effects will be found on copy right free websites to avoid copy right regulations, I will need to find them and add ones that fit in the clip perfectly.

Movies that can relate to scary sounds and memorable sounds are “jaws” and “Scream”. This is because when there is danger present in the movie “jaws”, their would be a high pitched sound made to alert the audience. The effect of this is that is causes more simulation to the action and content of the movie. Furthermore, the movie “Scream” also does this through a high pitched noise, this happens only when the murderer is going to kill someone by lifting his large knife high in the air. Both noises are non digetic, they are well remembered by the audience and add many effects that the audience will always remember from the movie. They make everything within the scene memorable and realistic. For example in a horror their are lots of high pitched noises to scare the audience and the purpose of the sound is to basically add to the simulation of the genre of the text.

To conclude, the purpose of final decisions was to mainly help me with finding some mistakes and errors which I could change, however, I actually found this post to be beneficial in the sens that it allowed me to look into things which would be essential in my horror movie opening and also allows us to be certain that the things we use such as props, they are actually attainable and easy to get a hold off. This has also allowed me to realise that some of the aspects of media which goes into film is actually harder to achieve hence I need to be realistic and basic. An example would be using props such as fake dolls that are made from silicone that we see in horror movies. Instead I would have to use an actual human because my movie opening is being done by myself and not a company with an extensive budget of millions.


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Creative Treatment

This is my creative treatment post that I have managed to film using a camera supplied by my sixth form. The camera quality was very decent and was recording in 1080p. The camera clip was edited so that all of my footage would seem to be flowing and look more organised. The software which I used was called “Final Cut Express”. This is because it allowed me to fine tune the clip so that I could remove any sort of sound or crowd noises from the environment that I was filming in. The time taken to do all of the clip was around an hour and a half, this was because I had to find people to participate and then I had to film footage and edit it all on the computers. All together, the clip had taken time however, it was important for me because it taught me rules and embedded them into my mind so I know what to use when I am actually filming for my movie opening.


In the video clip above, I have spoken about what treatment is and what it contains. Treatment also contains setting, the settings that I have used in my movie are given as an example so that the audience can get a visual understanding of what I mean by setting with treatment. On the fourth slide, I spoken about equilibrium and the example that I have used is the one from my horror movie. After speaking about equilibrium, I move onto disequilibrium. Disequilibrium is when their is a change, to help my audience I have included an example which allows my viewers to understand what disequilibrium is (character watches a fantasy character because she gets neglected by her family). Next, I talk about the recognition of disequilibrium and in this I use my horror movie example (fantasy character gets abused by the family). The fourth part to the equilibrium theory is attempt to repair. In attempt to repair, we try to solve the problem (The fantasy character solves the issue by killing the child’s family). Lastly, we have the new state of equilibrium (Child is now free from torture). I also cover the other theories which we get in treatment such as Vladimir Propp’s theory (every character is specific and used in different ways), for my movie, I have provided a list of all the characters that are involved in my film. Lastly, I mention the binary opposition theory which was created by Levi Strauss and I resemble how my characters become binary opposites. An example would be the fantasy character in my movie because he is an inspiration to children however, he murders a family which makes him the opposite of an inspiration and a good person.To conclude, the purpose of this was to highlight the importance of treatment and how treatment is linked to the the finalisation of a movie. I tried to be as specific as I could however, I also tried to be basic at the same time so that I would not confuse my audience and class fellows who helped me with my presentation.

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The definition of treatment. Treatment is an event that clearly outlines the detail and structure of a movie and its story, in simple terms, it is a breakdown of your movie story. The definition of script writing and theme is the basic aspects of narrative. For example, in batman we have a lone individual who saves a community from disaster. Another example of script writing is the “Fast and the Furious” movies, we have a group of people (close friends), they all have a passion for racing and making money by racing, they are also extremely loyal to their family members.

For the treatments, we have setting, protagonist/adversary, act structure, equilibrium, character type and binary opposition.

The setting of my movie trailer is going to be in a house living room, basement, office, bedroom and toilet. This is because it is going to begin in a house where one of my character is a child who is obsessed with a cartoon, I have chosen the house as a setting because it will be more natural and homely for a child to watch television in their house, this will make the setting seem more professional and accurate because it would be related to the scene, if i had used another setting, it would have made my film trailer seem less interesting and unnatural. The scene that will happen in the house will also make the child bond emotionally with my audience which is key for film due to the fact that we will be witnessing lots of engagement from the audience which means that they will be locked into the film opening. The basement is also another setting in my movie that I will use effectively. My character who is a child is going to be punished by her family, they will lock her in a dark, large and scary basement which will cause the child to be scared. The basement plays an effective role because it will cause the audience to feel empathy and sympathy towards the child since the dark is very frightening even for adults, the audience will be very despondent towards my character. Lastly, the bedroom and toilet is where the child and killer will go to reflect on their actions and also the killer will clean up his blood in the toilet, this will create an intense moment for the audience and will also allow the audience to realise that in fact the killer is a hero because he is saving the child from torment and torture. A movie which can relate to my movie in terms of setting is “Ouija: Origin of Evil” and “The Conjuring” which are both set in houses and basements, this is because the movie builds more suspense and horrifies the audience.

For the equilibrium of my movie trailer I have set it as the following:

  • EQUILIBRIUM– An abused child is living a harsh life, her family are horrible people who neglect the child from basic necessities such as clothes, food and water. The only person the child is able to rely on is her dinosaur friend that she watches via a programme on television.
  • DISEQUILIBRIUM– The child begins to interact with a very exciting programme that helps her escape the misery that she is experiencing at home. She also learns beneficial knowledge such as colours, numbers and shapes. This expands her knowledge and makes her smarter as a child. None of the family know that she watches this programme as it is on television very early in the morning.
  • RECOGNITION OF DISEQUILIBRIUM– The character that the child connects with is speaking to the child and wants to help the child. They talk to each other and build a trust worthy relationship, it is as if the child is protected against the protagonist because he is always comforting her.
  • ATTEMPT TO REPAIR– The character in the programme comes alive and murders the child’s family due to the pain that they are causing the child.
  • NEW STATE OF EQUILIBRIUM– The child is finally free from the torture that her family made her experience, now she is left on her own watching her favorite television show of the dinosaur that saved her.


Vladimir Propp’s theory: Certain character have to be used in certain ways and have certain roles, also their are at least 8 of them. My character would be classed as the following.

  • The villan – The family of the abused child (antagonist).
  • The dispatcher – The feeling of empathy sets the protagonist to kill the child’s family.
  • The donor – Their is no donor because I aim to subvert the genre instead of make the movie plain and predictable.
  • The Hero – The murdering dinosaur.
  • The heroine – Their is no heroine.
  • The father figure – Their is not one.
  • The prize – The child is free from abuse.
  • False hero – There is not one.
  • The helper – The protagonist.
  • False villain – The protagonist.

Binary opposition (Levi Strauss):

In my film opening, my characters are going to be “normal”. Since my protagonist is meant to be an inspiration (he is in a children television show) he feels sympathy towards a child who is being abused and becomes a binary opposite to himself and helps the antagonist. Instead of motivating people and being smart and presentable on television, my character becomes a murderer and slaughters the antagonists whole family, leaving him looking like the opposite to what he actually is. The reason why the protagonist does this is because he sympathises for his viewer who is innocent and simply neglected. The antagonist wishes the abuse stops and wants her family dead. In the programme, the character wears a dinosaur costume however, when the character gets life, he is much larger and is in his dinosaur costume. The reason why the character is wearing a dinosaur costume is because he is fulfilling the child’s dream. Whilst the antagonist is glued to the programme the protagonist is slaughtering the child’s family (doing her a favour). before, the protagonist would encourage friendship and peace, now he is doing the complete opposite and is going against his actions, this is the binary opposite. A famous movie which follows this theory is “Ouija 2”. This is because the child in the movie is a normal child until she discovers the power of an Ouija board. This causes her to become a binary opposite of herself and because she is possessed, she does activity that is for people who are opposite to a child. The family who are in the conjuring also become binary opposites because they become possessed by demons and do opposite activity to humans such as self harm and climb walls.

Character Types

The character types are going to vary. Firstly we have the murderer who is the protagonist in a sense because he will help the antagonist throughout the movie . The protagonist is a cartoon character who sympathises for his viewer (antagonist) due to the fact that she is being abused by a horrible family. His viewer is an innocent child who gets neglected and abused by her family due to the fact that the child does not speak, however, the family do not know that in fact the child can speak and is being educated by the protagonist in the television programme that she watches but chooses not to talk purposely. The protaginst is going to wear a dinosaur costume, the reason he is going to wear a dinosaur costume is because the child likes dinosaurs and in the programme, she watches the protagonist who comes to life and begins killing the family members who neglect the child in the house.

The antagonist is going to wear a white dress and will have lots of make up on her. The reason why I am going to use a white dress is so that the child can stand out like in other horror movies, this highlights the character in the movie and tells the audience who is who. Furthermore, the antagonist will also be wearing white so that I can utilise props such as fake blood. The use of fake blood on the white dress will demonstrate that the child has lived a tough life. The audience of my film opening will also be emotionally attached by the child because they will realise that the child has been hurt badly, this will cause sympathy from the audience. All of this is a strategy to make the audience vulnerable into feeling a certain way for my character, it will also make the child look more neglected and damaged because the family are all clothed nicely where as the child is wearing the same clothes. I am also going to put make up on the antagonist so that we can further emphasise the brutality that the character has experienced, this will be done via a professional makeup artist who is going to make fake bruises on the child’s arms and face. In the movies that I have linked, the character “Dorris” is a young girl who wears traditional 1980s clothes whereas, the girls in the conjuring, they also wear 1970 clothes such as printed dresses that are bright colours, the reason why the clothes are white ot shades of light colours is becuase it emphaises the fake blood effect on them whilst action in the movie happens.,1600,1,0,0



To conclude, treatment is a vital aspect of making a film because it allows us to gather information and prepare/finalise everything before filming. The reason why treatment is effective is because it is a structure that shows us the basic aspects of the movie and the narrative of the movie. Treatment also covers the Mise En Scene because contains things like costume and setting which are vital. The costume that I have used in my movie are stated above and also the costumes that are used in the movies “Ouija” and “The Conjuring” are also mentioned. The treatment of my movie is also linked to the treatments of other movies that are of the same genre so they can guide and assist my movie whilst I finalise everything. Finally, the effective part of treatment is that it allows us to realise the mistakes we have made and things we have missed in our movie because it is a structure that covers all aspects of the media which is put into the film.



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