Creative Treatment

This is my creative treatment post that I have managed to film using a camera supplied by my sixth form. The camera quality was very decent and was recording in 1080p. The camera clip was edited so that all of my footage would seem to be flowing and look more organised. The software which I used was called “Final Cut Express”. This is because it allowed me to fine tune the clip so that I could remove any sort of sound or crowd noises from the environment that I was filming in. The time taken to do all of the clip was around an hour and a half, this was because I had to find people to participate and then I had to film footage and edit it all on the computers. All together, the clip had taken time however, it was important for me because it taught me rules and embedded them into my mind so I know what to use when I am actually filming for my movie opening.


In the video clip above, I have spoken about what treatment is and what it contains. Treatment also contains setting, the settings that I have used in my movie are given as an example so that the audience can get a visual understanding of what I mean by setting with treatment. On the fourth slide, I spoken about equilibrium and the example that I have used is the one from my horror movie. After speaking about equilibrium, I move onto disequilibrium. Disequilibrium is when their is a change, to help my audience I have included an example which allows my viewers to understand what disequilibrium is (character watches a fantasy character because she gets neglected by her family). Next, I talk about the recognition of disequilibrium and in this I use my horror movie example (fantasy character gets abused by the family). The fourth part to the equilibrium theory is attempt to repair. In attempt to repair, we try to solve the problem (The fantasy character solves the issue by killing the child’s family). Lastly, we have the new state of equilibrium (Child is now free from torture). I also cover the other theories which we get in treatment such as Vladimir Propp’s theory (every character is specific and used in different ways), for my movie, I have provided a list of all the characters that are involved in my film. Lastly, I mention the binary opposition theory which was created by Levi Strauss and I resemble how my characters become binary opposites. An example would be the fantasy character in my movie because he is an inspiration to children however, he murders a family which makes him the opposite of an inspiration and a good person.To conclude, the purpose of this was to highlight the importance of treatment and how treatment is linked to the the finalisation of a movie. I tried to be as specific as I could however, I also tried to be basic at the same time so that I would not confuse my audience and class fellows who helped me with my presentation.

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