First Draft



The above is the link to a Youtube clip of my film draft. The reason why it is a draft is because it still needs and requires final touches.


The first thing that I am going to improve further is the credits because I have managed to complete the actors/actresses however, I have missed out the producers and the directors of the movie which are essentials for including. In all movies that we see, their are always credits that display the role of each person who was or is involved in that specific movie. Due to the fact that I have not included this will affect the quality of my film opening and will make my work look unprofessional. I am going to re-visit this and make changes because i think it is essential to add the credits because they do not take long and will transform the grade of my movie as well as the overall quality of the film opening. A movie which utilises the credits effectively is Alien (1979), this movie opening demonstrates how credits should be displayed and makes the movie look professional, this also contributes to the fact that it makes the movie look more professional.


Consequently, my movie is missing a cover to show its name and some basic information about itself. This is important because the audience will want to remember what the movie is called hence I am going to make sure that I include this in my final piece as it also adds to the professionalism and realism of my film opening. Without a movie cover, my film will look plain and wont stand out from the audience hence it is highly important that I make something easy and re-memorable for the audience so they can remember the movie from its cover. A movie which is famous for having an extensively detailed front cover is ” The Fast And The Furious”. This is because the use of the cars on the front title were emphasised by being blurred. This helped the audience to remember that the movie is about fast and cool cars which unique to every racer.


Finally, In my movie draft, the sound was not in the correct order and does not flow very well hence I am going to maybe play around with the sound setting and increase the pitch in certain scenes to create a better horror environment to scare and intrigue the audience into the film opening so they enjoy it and are able to remember the film opening through the specific sounds that were involved in making the movie opening. These sounds are of course copy right free. A movie such as “Scream” and “Jaws” both used sound effectively. The sound of the movie fit perfectly that the sounds which were used for the movies actually suited the genres of the movies and contributed heavily to the success of it as well. My target is that I have to ensure the sound is spot on because it could save my movie from being a flop or a success. If the content is not as good, the perfect use of sound could help focus the attention off this and actually save my movie hence I am going to ensure the sound is used effectively for every scene.



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1979 – Alien (Ridley Scott)


2001 – The Fast And The Furious ( Vin Diesel, Justin Lin, James Wan, F. Gary Gray, Rob Cohen, John Singleton, Philip Atwell)


1996 – Scream (Wes Craven)


1975 – Jaws (Steven Spiel Berg)


This is the first part of my story board. This part of the story board is basically when the antagonist is shown and introduced via the setting and everything she is around. The purpose of this part is that the antagonsit needs to be shown sympathy and empathy by the audience hence I have shown the setting and her being in the setting, feeling lonely and neglected. This sets off the scene and gets the audience intrigued into my narrative because they want to know why the character is in that setting and why she has damaged parts of her body due to the bruises and blood marks. The type of shots are gong to mostly be close shots and medium shots with low and medium angles. This will cover the whole of the setting as well as show the antagonist is detail ( on her). Lastly, the dialogue from this scene is “HELP” and “Why does he do it?”. These both show how serious the matter is and that the antagonist is not being normal. Other than the dialogue, we have sound tracks which will be edited into the clip, these are of course copyright free sound tracks. A movie which links to this is “Orphan”. This is because the movie focuses on a child. The reason why my movie links to “Orphan” is because of the camera angles that are involved in the technical aspects of the movie. My movie uses many close ups and long shots of the child where as “Orphan” has many close ups and long shots of the child (Esther) who is believed to be an unormal child. Both of these are used to creep the audience out as they make a child seem different and stand out from a normal child.

This part of the story board is where the background information of the antagonist is provided to the audience. As we can acknowledge, the characters are related to the victim however, only the father is shown in this clip. The father is addicted to drugs (heroin) and he also uses other drugs such as alcohol and glue. This causes him to mistreat and abuse his daughter by not feeding her, making her live in a dirty environment and neglecting her from basic necessities. The dialogue from this clip is minimal because its mostly noises and sounds that are going to be edited into the clip. The sounds are of the father when he is taking his heroin fix and sounding relieved. Also their will be music edited into the back of the clip (this is going to be digetic sound). Lastly, the angles are going to be low angles and the shots of the clip will be close up shots mainly to show the father and the drugs. This part of my movie was influenced by a movie called “The Wolf Of Wall Street”. The reason why is that both movies show drug abuse and my movie may have drugs involved in it hence I am going to use close ups of cocaine or extreme close ups of drugs being abused. This will switch up the reasons why the character does stupid things like abuse his daughter because their is no other explanation other than the drugs that he takes.

This part of the story board is about how the programme that the child watches makes her constantly watch it and not feel like turning away. As this occurs, the character from the programme that the child watches actually comes out to murder the family who are the father and brother. The character who is the protagonist leaves the child and shows sympathy towards her hence he gives her a better quality of life by making her free from a life of neglect, abuse and violence. Furthermore, the shots that I am going to include for this story board are mainly close ups with some medium shots. Also when the character is glued to the tv programme, their will be close ups and also low angle shots to show empowerment of the characters within the scene. The editing that I am going to use is jump cuts and continuity editing. Also their will not be much dialogue apart from a few words that the protagonist will say to his victims. A movie which would link to this story board would be “Poltergeist” this is because it is a movie which uses a protagonist to communicate with an antagonist through a television. This is interesting and unique because it has not been done many times hence I had the idea of using this in my movie but instead of ghosts I would use a child friendly dinosaur that would try to brainwash a child.

Finally, the last story board shows how the murders are plotted and how they occur in detail with different shots such as close ups, medium shots and even long shots. The way that the shots are going to be are all different because each are going to show and represent different things. For example, the low angle with the close up, this will show that the character is in power or has right of something within the scene. Also the dialogue of the scene will be minimal as the characters are not really going to speak. Their will be different types of sound such as music which will add to the scene however, it will also make the audience feel more into the movie since the mood is further emphasised. Lastly, the editing for this clip is undecided however, I am certain that their will be lots of jump cuts and match on action editing. I will also include editing that I have not mentioned but need to do further research and trial and error to visualise what is going to fit in my movie. A movie which I am inspired by is “Halloween 1978”, this is because the murder that occurs during the beginning of the movie is completely based on the POV shot which shows a first person view of how murders occur. This makes the experience more horrific and lethal because everyone in the audience is able to visualise and experience the murder as if they done it themselves, this makes the audience able to sympathise and empathise for the characters much more, it also sways their opinion on what they think was the reason behind the murder.



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2009 – ORPHAN (Jaume Collet-Serra)

1978 – Halloween (John Carpenter)

2013 – Wolf Of Wall Street (Martin Scorsese)

1982 – Poltergeist (Tobe Hooper)