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Above is the link to the final piece of my movie opening which has been complete. The reason why it is the final piece is because I have completed all of my corrections and have successfully done everything. This includes me adding my extended part of the credits where I mention the director and producers of the film. This has drastically added an improvement to my overall piece of work because it has made it seem more professional and higher in quality. Also, the corrections did not take long and were in my favour because they only required me to type a few words which were listed at the bottom of the clip. This was a simple correction yet effective and crucial to the final outcome of my work. The only struggle that I faced was that when I was searching for the specific font that I wanted to fit in, it was difficult to find a font that had some correlation with the horror genre. All together, I managed to successfully find a font called “Kozuka Gothic Pro EL”. Movies such as “Batman: The Dark Knight” and “Harry Potter The Half Blood Prince” utilise their own fonts which have helped to make the movies such a great success and also even based on books.


Furthermore, the addition of sound effects and the audio that I managed to add into the final piece worked in my favour because they made the horror genre/atmosphere more alive and scary for the audience. The type of sound that I added was a nursery theme sound called “Es Scary Nursery Theme Jack”. This created a creepy and intense atmosphere which held the scene together because it keeps the tension within the scene at peak and adds to the awkwardness of the scene because the audience are expecting a fright or a jump scare to appear. Also since the child in the movie is abused, I used a sound effect of slapping and included that into the scene because it made the physical abuse seem more brutal, this would effect the audience because it would cause them to feel sympathy towards the child since she is put into a bad situation with an abusive family. An example of famous sound effects which completely changed the effect of the movie is in the film called “Scream”. This is because although the murders do not seem scary, the sound effects is what gets people and makes them feel weak and scared, this is the effect of high pitched noises which I have made sure to add.


Consequently, the addition of my film poster added life into my movie final piece because it resembles a dinosaur claw that is tearing into the screen, this is positioned below the title which is written in red blood font “The Unseen”. The purpose of this font provides a sense of reality to the movie because throughout the movie we are communicating with a dinosaur and the fact that their is a claw makes it seem as if the dinosaur has actually come out of the screen, again this emphasises the hideousness/danger of dinosaurs and their capabilities as well as the emphasis of the horror genre. It also has connotations to horror fears which we think are their but we cannot see, in our case the dinosaur claw is visible but we cannot see the dinosaur which builds an atmosphere of panic and devastation. An example of a great and fascinating movie poster is the one from the movie called “Back To The Future”. This was a movie that used a poster to change how the audience perceived the movie. From the poster their was many connotations such as disaster, success and speed from the fire, high key lighting and very aggressive looking car which seems to look futuristic for its time. This is what I tried to do to my movie poster in order to make the film welcoming for a greater audience.


To conclude, some of the issues that we faced was that age rating logo and the writing font for the movie age rating was slightly fuzzy compared to the font that I had wrote the movie in because the font which I had wrote in, it was slightly more clear and whiter which made the age rating seem odd however, this would have consumed up to an hour of time which is a loss of crucial lesson time. Although it only shows for 3 seconds, I feel that it should have been perfected because it might be difficult for some of my viewers to read, especially if they have eye conditions. Since I have ran out of time, I feel that I have had a remarkable attempt at the film opening final and have utilised my skills effectively. If  I had more time, I would have sorted these issue however, they are not major and do not really affect the final piece of the movie.


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